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pátek 16. září 2016

We and extraterrestrials | the first live broadcast

We and extraterrestrials | the first live broadcast

The title is of course nonsense, because there is only one The existence. We as earthlings and extraterrestrials as well as we all Spacers, spring from the same power .. The title is conceived rather search for their algorithm frequently searched words ..

Dear, did you know that white dots moving slowly or too quickly to clear starry sky, the boats are Spacers, flashing -You are the earthly plane at no transport or vojenská.- At first I found these moving points on the night sky considered satellites, but they are not satellites. The satellites are at high altitude and incredible small, micro points. They can thus reflect light.

Incidentally, I once had a vision of how it will be the first live broadcast landing Spacer. It will be in Prague, unannounced, so the army and the police will not be ready, plus it takes a joke. The signal of the live stream assumes the rest of the world, including powers. These, however, react too late and will not be able to reverse everything in their favor ..

So - boats Spacer land in the center of Prague, where you take Locals and everyone of them will not be afraid. Groups of people break down the individual Spacers and pull them into the city center pubs and on the small side. Will discuss all sorts of things. Vesmířanky put to good fashion tips or differences in offspring bred there, they spent again share a special kind of sport or even alcoholic beverages in other parts of the universe ..

Exactly when the 'Mighty who hide' there that just passed the first several hours of live transmission, which mutely watched by more than 4 billion people live broadcast ends. extraordinary events in the center of Prague dumps. Everyone else, Locals singing in their homes, he spent an instant in space.

But the world has never be the same ..


So it seems that the dark vláda¨možná longer allowed to reveal extraterrestrials as reality. Humanity is on a long-planned | -startrek movies, Star Wars, etc. Man in Black. | -------
......... (Always makes me laugh that "temnáři" ordinary people like us tutláním extraterrestrials protect against panic, depression, kidnapping, etc., etc.) ......
............. How touching CARE OF MANKIND ......
(Unless of course was aimed, when he collaborated with the Greys and other civilizations ..

Next - quotes from the mainstream: ..

Telescope captured the repetitive signal from deep space

Astronomers from around the world are confused, analysis of data collected by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico showed that the Earth from the same place repeatedly got the same radio signal. So far, yet it seemed so. Short radio bursts come from a dying star, and thus can not be repeated.

Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico
Short bursts of radio

Short radio flashes lasting just milliseconds astronomical radio waves from another galaxy of unknown origin.

Until now it was assumed that come from the destruction of giant space object, probably a neutron star. It now but the team most likely excluded.

Thursday, March 3, 2016, 19:46 - Ottawa

With a potentially groundbreaking discovery came a graduate student Paul Scholz from Montreal. When analyzed information from the telescope, he could not believe his eyes - looked at the identical radio flash that year before it has documented a German researcher Laura Spitlerová.

Data analysis, carried out by Scholz, overseen by lead researcher Professor Victoria Kaspiová. She initially tempered enthusiasm and asked for more evidence. "Instantly I knew it from the same source, from the direction of the constellation Auriga. And it seems, moreover, that comes from the same distance, about three billion light-years, "said Scholz Canadian server CBS. Just imagine: the diameter of the Milky Way, our galaxy, therefore, amounts to 100,000 light-years.

When the team analyzed data collected by the Arecibo radio telescope in three months of 2015 and found nine identical radio bursts from the same place, it became clear that this was no coincidence can be.

"The signal comes from a great distance, originally it had to be very clear. It is only a few known physical resources that it can be transmitted, and mostly we assumed that these neutron stars in other galaxies, "said James Cordes of Cornell University in the US state of New York. This is apparently now excluded because the signals seem to originate from the same place.

The signal has a (logical) structure

Server British daily The indepedent in this respect that astonished scientists already last year admitted that some "radio beep" of the type described impression that they are transmitted in a structured and could therefore be the product of alien technology. Captured waves lasted several milliseconds.

Either way - scientists are now confident that the signal coming from the same source repeatedly. Six out of ten captured radio bursts was also deployed a range of several tens of minutes. This means that the source transmits only at certain intervals or it can be on earth catch only for a certain constellation stellar objects.


Extraterrestrials | call



Hi P.


..and thanks

the clear

..jinak beautiful day I wish you ...

I, too, thank you

You listen, you're not from Earth?

I have incarnated in this life like a second soul within the body after the first left in a car crash

I'm originally

It is interesting

Only zkoužka knowledge and awareness upadlího

and where are you from? Pleiades?


not that

I'm not sure but soon discover ... I am close to Arturiánům like my teachers .. lately I feel more intangible dimension of higher beings

Offer to me the peace and quiet, relax

though I stress

Arturiani are basic ..

I think that helped rozstřelit the meteor over ruskem..nebo it otherwise?

But some source tells me that I'm from a small asteroid where there is more sunlight is given us počet- reproduce, sniffing food we consume

and I certainly blue

it is mainly the Masters geneticists

The US government had offered technique

but the government is betrayed by the technique conceal

in front of people

the Arcturian

ended collaboration

and work


so what I'm about local ... in the past I was among pastoralists in the east ......

you got good information zmáknuté

did you read my website for live event?

is there more I wanted to know

I do not know

and thank you

we and extraterrestrials | the first live broadcast | Prague

Finally extraterrestrials among us | What will be the first live broadcast of the landing Spacer | Prague | center will witness a historic event for mankind

not read, do not go to people's pages unless he has reason

I will take a look

Thank you

I was a little bit ... but really relieve me this vision flew before his eyes

You have my second one here this week as part of the mountains

guardian mountains and forests


it's nice

it is a sign that the mountain Wake

all around the world in the mountains fix thine ancient Nephilim giants and waking zařínaj

Yup, I love the forest, the mountains too ..... in Beskydy man must love nature, there is gorgeous

I heard a guy denunciation of elite families who communicates with three gigantama who have woken

Giants like?

The planet is beautiful .... It's a laboratory of various possible forms of life .... on each type there is a planetary race

yes giants

My wife is a foreigner, from the Gobi. They called it 'em run out of the desert, the Mongolian call it simply - God

Gobi are under too



I see,

It is therefore the Gobi .. ,,


I was wrong with the Turkish point

.... so bright desert

desert between China and Mongolia

So it is clear....

They are under sand

you do not know anything about that?

There are the old town, the entire complex

I feel it


It is the best place to hide from humanity

That is a fact

em run if talířema some way directly beneath the sand, they breathe in the boat, but there gotta be hell technique down

There have always been

they created us

no right


certainly stargate and artifacts

Therefore, the war

all just to steal and conceal the fact

fight on portals so they can run us reptoše

you do not feel that Syria is hiding something? Look at the bustle around ........

but I think that those "good" watch over it all

the whole area there

There just started elite history

Pleiadians believe and I believe it is one I see in the face ...

there arose today's modern humankind product of genetics and there is evidence everywhere

It is well

Each race has its own specific characters, many state and racial differences and good and bad members

also among themselves maj strife

and above all about us about humanity

Unfortunately, our elite have sold out and this provincial as one of about 36 planets upadených to rebelství- prison planet

so humanity is manipulated and trapped in this system

Yeah, prison is ... mṛtyu lo, as she is called by Tibetans place of pain ...

But I believe that the elites it does not work ...

Maybe not now, if I'm really in 2012 jumped back into organic timeline

what is it?


Hopefully that's the last discharge of evil

Matrix is ​​the program in their artificial timeline

So that's why we all feel that time is running out faster ...

running ...

changing electromagnetic field accelerates the

thanks to higher energies that are here through the sun from the galaxy center

these energy allow awakening

and shift

Recently, my mom gave to hear that when she was little, time was different now .... as if one-tenth of a second rid ........


difficult for people to understand that everything is completely different than they had been since childhood vštípováno

It "completely different" scares me ..

yes, scary is the fact that we all concealed that lied to us and brought an entire civilization .... On the other hand, it is "completely different" to neskvělejší what might be, because it is not what they call them

it is nice....

mam dotaz..mohl this interview I put on my website? ..ale may be .....


and thank you, spend a nice day ...

..i I thank you for the nice writing

end chat

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