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úterý 25. října 2016

completion | Chakras - Kidney

completion | Chakras - Kidney

If no one sufficiently open and stable, can not handle the responsibility for the spiritual adept venue and it was bad.

Slightly I walked around the theme of the mind, which also falls within the jurisdiction 6.čakry. I have made so deliberately, because this is a topic for another article. At least I can say that the functions of the mind conscious and subconscious, enables us in connection with active 6.čakrou, materialize the idea. So mind controlled substance. Here again, the need for true connection with the matter - that 1.čakrou.

Consciousness is in front of the sixth chakra, the subconscious is the neck. Therefore, when kinesiology hold the head on both sides!

Now I really would like oputit topic, and hopefully soon get closer to the subject somewhere else :-)

The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, therefore, connects us with the cosmos. Through it we can reach all the necessary energy (frequency vibrations, light) that we need. This should be mainly their own shamans, for which the cosmos single unit, in which he brilliantly move like a spider over its network.

This channel is often stimulating - opens - for initiation into Reiki. With each step, the channel wider and more colorful. It begins in purple and its highest vibration (when wearing a summer teacher works) already bears only purple, but white. Attention, size does not correspond to a specific degree. Size and color determines its own spiritual development and work !!!

The seventh chakra we are actually on a higher spiritual principle, everyone connected with everyone, so we feel to be at home everywhere and we accept his earthly destiny with humility - if simultaneously open first chakra. If it is limited to the "operation" then instead of humility appears fanaticism (often considered to be the bearer of humility) :-)

Here, in this "place" we can connect with the value system of the cosmos - the whole cosmology, gods, spirits, entities - and, of course, with them we can communicate and collaborate.

Who has developed 7.čakru lot, mostly hate headphones are, for the place of the skull is very sensitive to touch, pressure. Touching even the lightest headphones can cause pain, literally.

Is the principle that it does not extend to 7.čakry. Totally disagree, for example when initiating necessary, it also confirms that simply attaching a foreign hand to open the seventh chakra may cause a change in consciousness, a state of relaxation of the body, the state seizure etc. So, if possible, or allow nearby (partner) to within the framework of comfort, putting off his hand in your crown. And even assuming that you wanted to just "drbkat" at gunpoint. Often they forget to push your hand and trouble may be the world :-)

I realize that the article is not coherent. I purposely left out some rear chakras, deliberately does not mention the minor chakras etc. It was not the purpose of the article. I just wanted to add, say beginners, some interesting information and entice them to self and make them more questions. Who asks who learns :-)

Article certainly did not encompass the whole issue, as it was rather write books.

And be of benefit to you, if only in a single information or idea.

Respectfully Tai



J. Sedláček: Kidney Liver x x hormonal system - a way to balance the mental and physical body

Known American psychic Edgar Cayce talked about the necessary interplay between liver and kidneys, and stressed that we would pair of organs in the body forms a kind of battery, which consists of the liver and kidneys plus minus pole. It occurs to me the idea of ​​the link between energy body (which play an important role is played by the kidneys and liver) and hormonal system. It leads me to draw information from Eastern medicine that says: "Once long term energy decreases in kidney (x liver), it has a significant impact on the hormonal system is functioning correctly." What it all depends on the proper functioning of the hormone system and how to actually running (can occur) flourish or decline of our mental and physical health?

     Hormonal system - the endocrine glands (endocrine system): the pineal gland (7) - pituitary (6) - thyroid - parathyroid gland (5) - thymus (4) - pancreas (3) - gonads (2) - adrenal (1 ). The individual glands of internal secretion thus belong to each chakra, they govern the different systems - physical, reproductive, digestive, vascular, hormonal, nervous - which includes various organs of the physical body.

     Let's build everything into context the principle of "As above so below, and vice versa, as below, so above." There is a clear correlation chakras 1 x 7, 2 x 6, 3 x 5 middle chakra system 4 (see. Jewish candlestick Menora) .It is known that the endocrine system is responsible for pituitary (hypothalamus - upper floor 6 chakra) . It controls (settling) harmonic progression of their responses, and hormonal glands will respond directly to the energy body, on her condition. It affects the energy that comes from above the seventh chakra (which turns the energy of the chakras - subtle effects on material) and also the energy that comes from below, from 1 chakra - the adrenal glands, from 2 chakras - the kidneys, from 3 chakras - the liver, (internal energy physical body, flow of energy in the material body).

     It is apparent that if the lower levels, the physical plane (kidney liver x) does not increase the energy optimally to the upper floors, will be more or less disturbed equilibrium, and this always means after a period of disease. I believe that energy imbalance in the lower floors (x kidneys liver) is particularly due to the wrong spiritual attitude, namely: = kidneys relationship with the people (see. Bible: ".. and I examine your heart and guts"), liver = tolerance and respect for the environment, again relationship with people. It is actually distorted - lack of energy signals from the bottom to the upper floors - the overall balance of the body, despite the hormonal system (see. Relationship with each individual glands. Chakras). Management or control of the hormonal system - hypothalamus - includes energy balance, if it does not (lack of opening the seventh chakra - insufficient transfer and flow of energy in the material body / kidney x liver /) reacts differently than optimal and the entire endocrine system then accordingly excludes their hormones directly into the blood, and also suboptimal, ie so that it can cause significant disruption of the organism. For example. Stress (ie. In fact a lack of confidence in senior management / 7 chakra /), it is a negative-acting hormone cortisone - adrenal gland / chakra 1 / which disrupts the biological and physical constitution of man. The human body is then observed, for example. Precisely as a result of stress, a huge loss of vitamin C and others. Undesirable changes. I believe that particular importance here will be, in relation to the hormonal system (the pituitary - 6 chakra), our own spiritual awareness and direction of human life, its causal - a karmic compensation and its continuous balancing karma, respectively. with the pressures and influences from the environment.

     From a spiritual perspective, viz. Abdrushin: "... the purity of blood gives space for the influence of the spirit here on earth ..." From the foregoing: To be raised clean internal environment, it is imperative to be in the spiritual attitude of positivity - love. If not, power can not browse to the upper floors optimally, in the process preventing it from non-spiritual approach to life, a person's attitude and the crystallization of the definition, attitude without love. We can imagine the sieve that is either entirely clear and passable, or is more or less clogged. Attitude of positivity - love, keeps its purity and throughput, without love attitude is the attitude of unprotected screen is gradually clogs and energy flows through it only in this life to a sufficient degree. And so we more or less (ie. Lack of), according to the quality of our inner attitudes, opens the room for maneuver of spiritual energy through us here on earth for our own spiritual development, to our knowledge (and for the realization of an earthly paradise that there has actually it is only the man himself sees it, he lives outside of it). Because we are inherently spiritual beings, we accordingly and also to act (is given to us in every incarnation at a time lows. Development), how we act in any given situation, then it decides on our mental and physical health. The task of man is to find a balance in all bodies (chakras) of the spiritual, mental and physical body. It is possible, if we go every day more to the essence of evolution spoken of Jesus Christ.
     The balance that you enter into relationships with people (kidney liver x), it will return again in relationships. Thus we find more space for the fullness of life here on earth, we begin to learn more about the spiritual dimension of existence, we find a permanent attitude of positivity and happiness in life. This will then be even heavier in just moments to spare. In the Bible we read: "... I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me" - that way is, in my perception, no purpose, ie. A spiritual love. It gives full health to our physical and mental body and so allow us to identify (find) the spiritual dimension of life. Bring us even further the required knowledge. That also means understanding what Jesus says, to understand who she really is. Consider therefore deeply over his true relationship to its surroundings close and distant. At any one time it is up to us what attitude we go life, ie. if we become deep calm, with regard to God, liberal masters of their life, ie. we go consciously for the good, or it will be different "problems and life difficulties" which more or less subject to which we will tote lives on and on, ie. more down and down into bigger and bigger problems. There is then finally a man wakes up in the desire to find a better end of their actions and come turn upward.


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