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pondělí 3. října 2016

Grounding - Clinton Ober

Grounding - Clinton Ober

May 19, 2016 at 10:16 | elf

Book was published CPRESS Brno, 2016, and again - highly recommend, because it is a key issue.


and your energy and strength of the country

On Biostyl 2016 in Prague, I noticed a booth, which deals with options and tools for grounding. Conductive devices are connected to the ground, which is available at the outlet or extension tow is connected to the grounding pin, tucked directly into the ground, if one has a house and garden available.

Why do it? Because we lack a connection with the earth and her energy! And unless we can taste or take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass, clean nature, or are afraid of unexpected shards of dog and other surprises, conductive grounded tools to fully compensate.

The effect is known almost immediately, especially vulnerable people revel in the moment and are surprised by the influx of energies and vital forces, namely the negative electrons, because they have as a result of today's isolated lifestyle shortage. We live disconnected from the earth. We insulate the non-conductive soled shoes, home artificial flooring, socks, sleeping isolated from the ground on a raised bed - again from a non-conductive materials. We are permanently disconnected from the main power source, negative electrons and vitality and leads to many diseases.

How and why they connect - earthed? Easily and safely, even on the night? What will it bring? There are already about this study and the results based on specific impacts to our health?

Plain and long-forgotten fact: The ground beneath our feet has great healing energy and connecting with this energy provides us with immediate benefits and a distinct sense of overall health and well-being as a result of the grounding.

Grounding restores and preserves most natural electrical state of the human body, which further promotes optimal health and functioning in everyday life. Athletes are much faster recovering from their performances and injuries. Is to relieve pain and inflammation - the more successful, the more possibility of grounding - touch the body to the ground use.

Most of us will not affect the Earth, we live permanently disconnected from the earth. Life in contact with the natural surface charge however Country e.g. discharge naturally chronic inflammation in the body and prevent them. There is a rapid reduction of inflammation and chronic pain. Deepens the blood supply that feeds more body fluids and tissues of the vital oxygen and nutrients.

There is a reduction of stress, the increase in energy, better sleep and faster healing of injuries and wounds. Grounding one of the best and nejsnadnějšímu what we can do for your health.

Country can charge the body with energy, vitality. Maintaining contact with the ground will allow your body to receive the negatively charged electrons and charge them. It automatically reduce the electrical imbalance in the body, oxidation of free radicals, which are major participants in chronic inflammation and in many diseases.

Is - when the body is disconnected, it is fragile and prone to failure, diseases associated with inflammation and accelerated aging. As an analogy, imagine a light bulb with loose contact. Bulb only flickers or does not light at all. And so people are walking through life without a proper grounding flickering or poor health, disconnected from the main source - the earth.

The body is like the earth composed mostly of water and minerals. Both are doing well, electrons and therefore you yourselves and Country electrically conductive. Few people today know about the provincial treasury overflowing with energy free electrons. They can be as earth qi - prana.

Earth Qi to assimilate themselves just when walking barefoot. Connect with the Earth and to heal. Charge the high potential of the country for free and intensely, without any effort - just enough to take off. A limited conditions or adequately enough to use ground wires fed to the apartment, which is electrically connected to the conductive pad well. On that we have the legs while sitting in front of TV, computer, or the body during sleep.

Using conductive linen or floor mats, which are connected by wire to a pole stuck into the ground outside in front of your house or office, or to a wall outlet with a modern earth system.

In the world of electronics and circuitry are all kinds of furniture and appliances also they earth - connects earth to protect against shocks, short circuits and noise. For television but also audio or digital technology is a good shielding and grounding essential for proper operation of the device. Television cable system must be shielded from the surrounding interference and is therefore grounded to maintain the same electrical potential as the earth's surface. Pak is guaranteed a quality signal transmission. Otherwise there is interference and attenuation of the signal, grain or digital transmission errors and failures because the device then signals with a high error rate and zarušením nerozkóduje correctly. Similarly, our body works and individual organs and their cells, where they spread to the damaged confusing instructions, weakening our health and vitality.

It - If the ground is applied to humans, naturally protects the delicate circuitry bioelectrical body against external influences, static electric charges and interferences. More importantly, it facilitates the uptake of free electrons and stabilizing the electrical signals and the energy of the Earth.

Grounding heals electrical instability and lack of electrons, which you did not know that trouble you. It complements and recharges your body "power food" in the form of electrons. You can imagine this as taking the vitamin Country.

Grounding again raises the natural internal electrical stability and rhythms of the body. This will support the normal functioning of body systems including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and immune. Rectifies the lack of electrons, thereby showed a reduction in inflammation - common causes of disease. Nervous system switches from a regime dominated by stress, into a sleep mode and sleep better. Reconnecting allow your body to return to its normal electrical condition to be better able to regulate and heal himself alone with the hearty support of provincial prana and enough electrons and the required negative charge.

Current immune system is grossly overloaded. Genetics, poor diet, air pollution, obesity, physical inactivity, living in sterile homes, separated from the earth, and especially the lost connection with the natural flow of surface electric energy of our planet and the lack of electrons in our bodies which it arises.

The biological clock of the body must be constantly calibrated pulse Countries, which controls the circadian rhythms of all life on the planet. Without a connection to the earth and the contribution of smog surrounding whose unnatural frequencies with an aggressive course then dominate government bodies, there arrhythmias "from head to toe." Disturbed sleep and waking cycles, poorly synchronized production of hormones, generally disturbed regulation of the body and other serious health effects.

Plantar surface is abundantly covered with about two hundred nerve endings per square centimeter. Probably because of the depth of joints and contact with the ground. Strong charge feel when we consider the shoes, socks and walk barefoot on grass, sand, or immerse your feet in cold water. Intensified ground connection provides wet grass and earth - water leads - leadeth more.

Unless you live on clay, cement, marble or stone floor, no positive vibes and provincial energy you are likely to get.

Most floors, surfaces, concrete and asphalt roads are nonconductive and separates us from the healing of electrons earth. Similarly, synthetic soles of our shoes us from ground isolated.

Anthropologists have discovered the remains of earlier bed. In the soft sediment pits were dug and piled them into the grass, straw, hay or even fur. These natural materials in combination with sweating bodies provide for eons sufficient electron conductivity and nourish the earth prana during the whole night.

The author of the book proved in hundreds of cases that the grounding of the body leads to rapid and dramatic relief of pain - it's like to pour water on the fire. It found that the electric surface charge of the earth is always negative - full of free electrons, while the pain is somehow related to an excess of positive charge (electron-deficient). Therefore, people began to earth the first conductive patches, attached to a wire rod, bored into their land. He confirmed that the grounding leads to a reduction in pain and inflammation extinction. Grounding relieving from pain irrespective of the electrical properties of the environment. There was even a normalization of the stress hormone cortisol - reducing emotional stress, reduce anxiety, depression and irritability, along with falling asleep faster.

The principle of how a flurry provincial electron extinguishes inflammation:

Doctors know that the body is essentially electrical and that free radical molecules attract electrons and pluck them from other molecules, a process in the core of the entire inflammation, damage and destruction of tissue and diseases in general. When someone is in direct contact with the ground - is barefoot, or sleeping on a grounded conductive mat, free electrons flow into the conductive circuitry in the body and it zhášejí inflammatory processes. Inflammation causes pain. Specifically: The immune system protects us from pathogens and facilitates the recovery of tissues at sites of injury or surgery. When there is a problem somewhere, accumulates there white blood cells and other specialized cells to trigger the "shower" of the powerful free radicals (known as "oxidative dose"), that aid in the destruction of the invasion of microorganisms and damaged tissues. Under normal circumstances, free radicals obtained by electrons so that they are taken from pathogens and damaged tissues. When the action is completed, excess free radicals are neutralized with body antioxidants or free electrons. This reaction is triggered whenever you fall ill or injure. It is called "inflammatory response" and signs are: redness, swelling, heat and pain, reduced range of motion. Physicians outlines the basic disorder associated with chronic inflammation: allergy, asthma, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, anemia, arthritis, autism, normal bowel disease, pain, diabetes 1 and type 2, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular diseases, psoriasis and eczema, cancer, multiple sclerosis, renal failure, systemic lupus, pancreatitis. People with pain who are grounded, they feel less pain. The earth is in this sense a basic universal antioxidant.

People when grounding feel more refreshed and less exhaustion, have more energy during the day and gradually grounding perceive as a big life change. It was confirmed to increase the amount of melatonin to 16% relief of psoriasis. The preponderance of electrons cleanses the body from inflammatory free radicals - lack of electrons caused by lack of ground, ground contact will be removed. Are cases of e.g. patients with advanced rheumatoid arthritis. Hands and feet were grotesquely distorted and inflamed, was completely destroyed by pain and could barely move. After using the ground conductive surface to sleep for about a year, she recorded a significant improvement, he began to manage itself housework, wearing a fireplace out of wood and felt his body disease "disappeared".

Begin the ground - restore the connection to the earth

Upon contact with the ground to complement your tank electrons. The country has a negative charge. It has virtually inexhaustible supply of free electrons. Whenever there is contact two conductive objects such as bare feet and the surface, electrons will flow simply from the point where it is plentiful, to a place where there is a shortage. The electric potential is thus equalized and that is the principle grounding.

Reactive molecules covet electrons. The country provides huge rush of electrons body and in this way reduces or stops the inflammatory destruction which is attributed to an excess of free radicals. Great, negatively charged earth overwhelms small free radicals hungry for electrons.

Our body from head to toes, incorporates cellular network of conductive collagen and other proteins that are "hardwired" into the cell membranes. In this way it is provided for network-body antioxidant electrons permeating and nervous system and sensory receptors with all parts of every single cell. This distribution system then flows terrestrial electrons to quench oxidative and inflammatory processes. Typically there is a rapid decline in pain associated with inflammation. Acute headaches may disappear in a few minutes.

Ground studies were conducted on hundreds of patients (in detail it describes the mentioned book), with a variety of problems, including chronic pain syndrome myofascinálního, strained muscles, stretched ligaments, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammatory joint diseases, Lyme disease and chronic sinusitis. The result was a 80% improvement.

When touching the foot on the ground, or the Earth are connected with a wire, change your physiology. Begin the process of returning to normal. And closes with a sort of anti-inflammatory switch. People, wears inflammation because they do not associate with the Earth.

Grounding greatly reduces the voltage alternating current, naindukovaných electromagnetic fields from environment to areas of the body such as a large antenna. Malicious potential "electrosmog" is thus drained ground, and this is another very vital contribution.


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