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pondělí 24. října 2016

Nine ways to develop the third eye

Nine ways to develop the third eye

We will talk about the pineal brain or the pineal gland. Now as a result of its actions in the altered conditions, in short, a change of wave frequency, the man opens the spiritual vision or, as they say in the Orient, the third eye.

Man not only changes internally; He opens a real fountain of knowledge.

The pineal gland hiding information matrix, a kind holograms containing all the information that is given individual concerns, including his previous lives.

It is the deepest memory safe. Everything you see in the course of life, feeling, experiencing, all your internal and external perception is precisely fixed in the pineal gland.

From a scientific point of view it is not yet functional significance for the human pineal sufficiently explored.

The endocrine gland produces the hormone melatonin is synthesized from serotonin. It is involved in the synchronization of circadian rhythms (biorhythms "dream-waking").

Scientists believe that the aging process begins in the pineal gland, reducing the production of melatonin. The hormone itself acts as an antioxidant involved in the fight free radicals. They are the cause of aging.

Before we get down to energy practices, we must at the pineal achieve continuous frequency capability of 40 hertz and above. The resonant frequency of the pineal reach for most people nothing more than 7 hertz.

Simply physically unable to resonate at a frequency of 40 Hz, if the "device", in this case, your pineal gland, it will be ready in a biological sense.

Nine steps to develop epiphysis and increase melatonin production.

Step One: Observe the daily rhythms.

Research shows that those who go to bed early, around 22 o'clock, and get up with the dawn, they produce during the night, the largest amount of melatonin and feel the next day more energetic and able to work. However, sleep in the dark part of the day is only half the task. The second consists in trying to get as much light in the bright of day. Get a job at a large window and a portion of the bright daytime behold spend under the open sky.

Step Two: Eat foods rich in melatonin.

The richest sources include oats, corn, rice, barley, tomatoes and bananas. Carbohydrates help the body produce melatonin for help amino acid tryptophan. It must adhere to a vegetarian diet, because protein foods, especially meat, saturated with the blood of large quantities of amino acids that compete with tryptophan entering the brain.

Food rich in carbohydrates, or more modern - on carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes, pasta, provokes "injection" of insulin to its competitors extruded.

Some vitamins stimulate melatonin production - for example, B3 and B6 (lack of vitamin B6 trpívají older people). Many vitamin B3 is contained in dried apricots, sunflower seeds, whole grain products from wheat and barley. A good source of B6 carrots, peanuts, soybeans and lentils.

Step Three: Protect your melatonin.

Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine - each of these substances is able to affect the process of the normal melatonin production. They have the same effect as some drugs. If you are taking a long-term preparation, try to determine whether affect melatonin production.

Step Four: Get electromagnetic pollution.

Electromagnetic fields affect the activity of the pineal gland significantly. They can completely stop production of melatonin. The main sources of their computers, televisions, power lines, poorly insulated piping systems, heated floors and no doubt mobile phones. Electromagnetic fields reduce the anticancer effect of melatonin on zero. Try to limit their possibilities by his daily contact with them.

Step Five: Protect SVOP pineal gland.

Over time, this gland is subject to calcification process, and its production decreases. To avert these changes follow a plant diet rich in antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals. Avoid fatty foods and never smoke.

Step Six: Practice yoga asanas.

Asanas soften our body and consciousness, depriving him of gross mental models. Yoga helps increase the production of melatonin. It gives the peace of mind, improves memory and concentration ability.

Step seven: Shiva hours

The release of melatonin begins at sunset and reaches its peak around midnight, when the body and mind most introspective. Thousands of years yogis taught that the best time for meditation is the time between midnight and 3 am. The time clock is called Shiva. At this time you can experience total immersion into understanding themselves, their inner peace, and deep meditation. If at that time you do not sleep, have a specialty of this clock in mind.

Step Eight: New Moon.

Once a month during the new moon, the pineal gland releases a relatively large amount of melatonin. If adheres to the inner purity and focuses your mind spiritually, a person experiencing feelings of bliss and inner joy. In this period, melatonin is flooding all the glands, soothes the mind and turns it inside. However, if the mind focused on the gross or external objects of thought, melatonin simply burn and you will not feel that soothing effect, which otherwise has all the endocrine glands and to reason. Many yogis therefore this day abstain from food and water, and perform many spiritual practices.

Step Nine: meditate regularly.

It was found that daily meditation practice directly affects the pineal gland, the pituitary and the hypothalamus and balances the energy flow between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. The production of melatonin, as well as other hormones brain under its influence increases, which results in a perfect emotional control.



Unlocking chakras - Practice - 3 gates

                              practice chakras

Old-New Synagogue (currently very intense) theme breathariánství led me to reflect on its importance for the evolution of humanity (and especially for my own) and to search for tools to learn how to work with their own energies and especially how to clean up their energy pathways to them could peacefully nourishing flow of energy. Blocked chakras and meridians are in my view not appropriate for anyone, let alone for breatharian-theorist, and especially for a man who breathariánství considers an evolutionary leap and the need for their further spiritual development. Therefore, it is necessary to seek and find their emotional blocks and those with their own melt. But how to work with energy, if I have the energy channels are blocked? It's logical excreted. Therefore, I am pleased to welcome the following article, which brknul me in the nose, describing physical exercises and massage with specific powers on the chakras and the resulting physical problems. To find out, or at least about familiarize yourself with what you find on a subconscious level troubling, please read the following article, which was awakening published previously but its importance and necessity is good to be remembered (I recommend to study before reading further) since quite perfectly and accurately identifies bad behaviors acquired in childhood and their negative influence on chakras and energy flow in them. However, we still show the evolution! LF:

1.brána - Contraction of the first chakra

Free to exhale and then try to download as much power inside the abdomen to the bottom of the pan. First we push the anal and buttock muscles together and draws it inside the body, as if to prevent defecation. Then, in a similar manner as possible will be drawn genitals. Finally, we will try to even lower abdomen in the navel drawn as much to the spine. This last step exercise promotes both previous contraction since the anus and the genitals are so drawn simultaneously backwards and upwards.

Now we have reached a state of maximum contraction of the abdomen and try to keep him for a few seconds before again using the release and return to starting position. After a few moments of calm carry out this exercise in its three successive steps over and over again we keep downloading the entire pelvic area after a few seconds, then release again.

Then the whole exercise we perform for the third time. Then we indulge in a few minutes of rest, during which continuing down to our knowledge in areas previous contraction. This exercise relieves blockages especially in the first and second chakra and encourages the power of Kundalini. The resultant feeling of power or heat is desirable and normal.

2.brána - Contraction of the diaphragm

We continue to persist in our relaxed state of inner calm and peace. Breath is calm and steady. With exhale now we try to draw the diaphragm up toward your chest. However they are also organs of the upper abdomen pushed back towards the spine. Also this powerful download will try to keep a few seconds. Then a few seconds, release and repeat this exercise twice. In the next moment, still we are continuing down again our attention yet in this area. Usually we feel mild to severe itching or "pins and needles". Someone feels too warm or even hot. This reaction produces energizes the chakras solar - plexus. Part of the energy released rises while the fourth chakra, which is also activated by exercise. Spread a feeling of deep inner satisfaction. We will remain completely relaxed and we are merely witnessing the events.

After a few minutes of rest to reach the next exercise.

3.brána - Contraction neck

During this exercise, we breathe in through your nose and try our relaxed position or draw. simultaneously compress the neck and chin toward your body. While pushing up arms so that the neck is reduced. This voltage hold for a few seconds while we concentrate on our neck. Then again completely release. After a few seconds, we repeat the whole exercise and relaxation twice.

The third exercise releases energy retained in the throat chakra and purifies this important channel connecting the head and the heart. When passing the energy flowing again, we feel strong "glow" in the rear and top of the shoulders, accompanied by a sense of inner strength, straightness and confidence. The forces of yin and yang harmonize this exercise and coping.

After the gradual implementation of the three described exercises will instantly feel much better. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to overdo exercise. Twice a day, morning and evening, is the first fully sufficient.

Who already has more experience, they can practice these exercises in the same order several times. However, it is necessary to constantly monitor your feelings. We should never exceed your natural internal boundaries that clearly show us where we have to stop.

For many people, these exercises have become a fixed part of their life, because just a few minutes and get a surprisingly large. But it is not knowledge of exercise that gets us away, but his daily practice.

Part of the story from:


Belly is a second brain, says neurologists. ..neboli solar plexus

Belly never been that interested in the public or scientists, that institution fascinated psychologists and scientific circles. What kind of relationship we have with his belly in a society that invokes both excessive consumption and detoxification? To never pinch bowels when he had to speak in public? Unlike the heart, lungs or brain can not find alexandrin or sonnet, which celebrated belly. Although it ignores the literature, it happened a few years one of the main topics of scientific papers.

For example, in 2003, associate professor of surgery at the University of Quebec Sherbroocké digestive problems psychogenealogií with that as problems with the stomach reveal about our past and how it affects mental state.

Also, celebrities deal with their belly, whether in terms of therapeutic fasting or detoxification. Maybe Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston prefer therapeutic fasting. Others prefer odvarům a laxative effect and detoxifying teas. All means are good to be cleansed entrails. Perhaps going through feelings of physical and mental well-being throughout our belly?

The Chinese and Indian mythology abdomen considered the seat of the soul. In it he is also spawning a new life. Even in the Bible is largely symbolic role of the abdomen. As Jonah was three days in the belly of the whale prisoner before God forgave him? In our time, the company does not consider the body and the individual as a single unit. The body undergoes a thousand stringent requirements and has made him a source of pride, shame, or vice versa.

The main complex of the French is nothing more than the belly. According to a study institute Ipsos Santé in 2011, has its own belly like every other person. This unlove is much greater than the other parts of the body. Even 66 percent of those surveyed concluded that "the welfare of the abdomen is comfort in mind." How to explain it?


"Unlike the brain, which is in the body of the highest authority, the belly bottom of the body portion that connects with our animality and reproduction. In a materialistic society that body considers a kind of business which is to be controlled, the abdomen is conquering our will, "says sociologist David Le Breton, the French weekly quoted L'Express.

Because we have no control of your life, we try to be in control of your body. However, this control is often beyond the abdomen. Therefore as the successful oriental and alternative methods of dealing with the body in its entirety. Le Breton says that our obsession with belly and the result of the constant presence of nutrition in the media. "That kitchen was regaining its importance, that people are interested in what they eat gives them the need to nurture the body and eliminate taboos," he says.

It tummy second brain?

Pioneered a new science called neurogastroenterologie Professor Michael Gershon of Columbia University in New York. The nervous system of our digestive tract, according to him, a kind of brain activity and intelligence. Hence the nickname and abdomen - second brain.

Professor Gershon showed that 90 percent of the happiness hormone serotonin is produced and stored in the intestines. Intestinal brain is the place where fear, anxiety and phobias. Born there intuition, understanding for others, the desire for control and obsession. "Instead of trying to control your belly, we would do better if he learned to listen," says Gershon. The imbalance in spending is often the result of psychological and emotional problems, but these problems may also cause these problems.

"We live in a society that favors brain activity. It is not certainly is that we would like to deny, rather strive for balance and allowing the circulation of energy in the belly," says an expert on Japanese massage respiratory Thibault Marlin. Whether it is hypnosis, massage, exercise, meditation, belly full awareness of healthy nutrition and acupuncture, everyone can have their methods.

převzato- ČTK.


Exercise can fill the chakras regard to the internal clock of our bodies ...)



Surely you've noticed that in any hour of the day you work better, well you concentrate and feel full of energy, while at other times you groggy and tired. Functioning of the human body is governed by the. Circadian rhythm - one of biorhythms, which is closely linked with the internal clock.

The term "internal clock" may sound like an interesting metaphor, but in the brain really is an area which is in charge of supervising precisely on time. Internal clock consists of a group of cells from the unique genes. These cells transmit various parts of the body time information and instructions on what to do.

Until recently doctors thought the whole organism is subject to the main clock in the brain. Then, however, researchers from Harvard Medical School demonstrated that individual institutions have their own clocks that function independently. Also, according to traditional Chinese medicine led authorities completely independent "life." For example, the Tao School considers the human body as a universe in which dwell different kinds of life.

shift operation

Just come from Chinese medicine, "organ clock" showing the stage where the work of individual organs. The system is based on the principle of cyclic ebb and flow of energy in the body. Within 24 hours of energy between authorities in the two-hour intervals. The cycle ends around 3 o'clock at night, when completed liver detoxify the body and prepared it so the next day. From 3 hours working bodies that are in charge of daily activity, digestion and excretion: lung, colon, stomach, pancreas, heart, small intestine.

Afternoon and evening come the authorities for Reconstruction and "maintenance" of the body that move fluid and heat, filter and clean: bladder, kidney, pericardium, the liver and the three heaters (triple control center of the organism, which, according to traditional Chinese medicine controls the flow of energy ).

When one is working body to the maximum, then the one that is for organ lessons opposite thereto (the maximum comes up to 12 hours) exerts a minimum activity. For example, between 1 and 3 hours working liver to cleanse the body, while the small intestine, the body responsible for the absorption of key nutrients, resting. As a result, it is quite clear - this time we should not eat, because the body is not designed for it. If we sit long after midnight on TV and stuff, small intestine or liver is not working properly.

It makes sense, like well-known fact that the best body fights infection when it is at rest and energy do not pay for anything else.


The function of individual organs throughout the day can simply expand upon these two-hour cycles. The whole series starts around 3 o'clock, which completes its work, the liver and the body is preparing for a new day cleaning the airways, lungs and sinuses (3 to 5 hours). Therefore, smokers, asthmatics and people are sick of the bronchi by now sleeping poorly. From 5 to 7 hours working colon, making it ideal to walk on the throne after awakening (before definitely hurts a glass of water).

After 7 o'clock comes the stomach, and therefore the best time of the day to digest. Do not worry because a hearty breakfast, ideally with proteins and vitamins. Around the ninth hour working flat pancreas and spleen, doctors recommend avoiding alcohol, consuming fruit, and if you have a sweet tooth, now spends most his body. Around noon the active heart, try to avoid stressful situations, exercise and heat. Often comes a slight fatigue and body should not burden the large quantities of food.

Approximately 13 to 15 hours working small intestine, which spends lunch. If you suffer from indigestion, probably appear just at this time. After the 15th hour of work culminates in the bladder, it is therefore appropriate to drink heavily (ideally tea). The organism is active, accelerated blood circulation and it is time for sports or sauna.

From 17 to 19 hours working at maximum kidneys, thus avoiding anything that harms them: alcohol, coffee, sugar, fats and stress and cold. Then in the activities of the pericardium and also comes on top of an intellectual - well perceive and remember, this is an ideal time for learning, intensive reading, concerts, theater, or chat with friends.

After 21 hour work three heaters and slowly comes attenuation body. Do not smoke or eat too much, the body prepares for sleep. From 23rd to 1st clock is active gallbladder. If you are angry, then by now probably Budi. Gallbladder seizures often take place just after midnight. Around 1 o'clock again "starts to work," the liver, the body operates in setback mode.

Listen to your clock

The more you know about your body, the better you understand how it works, and you can take care of your health. Pay attention to the tiny ticking clock of their bodies.

Learn to listen to them and follow their pace because on proper functioning of the institutions depends on the overall quality of our lives.

When authorities work and rest

3 to 5 PM: They work lungs, resting bladder.
5 to 7 PM: Works colon, kidney rest.
7 to 9 PM: It works stomach, resting vessels.
9 to 11 PM: Does the spleen and pancreas, resting three heaters.
11 to 13 PM: It works the heart, resting gallbladder.
13 to 15 PM: Does the small intestine, liver a rest.
15 to 17 PM: Works bladder, lung rest.
17 to 19 PM: kidney is working, resting the colon.
19 to 21 PM: Does the pericardium and the vessels, resting stomach.
21 to 23 PM: work three heaters, resting the pancreas and spleen.
23 to 1 PM: Works gallbladder, resting heart.
1 to 3 PM: liver is working, resting small intestine.

three heaters

(Triple heater or even three emitters) is the control center of the organism, which, according to traditional Chinese medicine takes care of the flow of energy (not the specific authorities within the meaning of the "western" medicine). Creates a kind of interconnected circuitry of the thorax, abdomen and urogenital (genitourinary) system. Further subdivided into three parts - the upper, middle and lower.

Upper heater is stored in the thorax between the key and the sternum. It is responsible for controlling breathing. Central heater is around the stomach, draws energy from food derived raw materials used to build body tissues. Bottom heater, which is located in the small intestine and urinary bladder, controls excretion.


Kryon - heal your chakras

Do not underestimate the power of its energy wheels!
Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of those suggested by their energy. You're made up of energy and interconnection of your chakra energy system it is necessary for your survival on earth.
But you rozhoduješ what quality you lead your life on earth. Those aid and help, this may just be an imbalance in Your energy fields. They are much wider than you suppose. You can know far more than from books. Their harmonious connection brings you to the stars. Their glow tells of Thy virtues, about your destination. Their imbalance speaks of Thy reserves. The topics that you live that you understand them led to greater inner harmony. Your chakras are the easiest way to run both forward and return to your inner peace without somersaults and downs. When shalt bring your chakras into harmony will return harmony to your life. You will not dream about it, but you live there.

With love Kryon.

Channeling Kryon adopted Marketa Selinijana for April 18, 2016 -

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