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Secrets of people who always get what they want

Secrets of people who always get what they want

To attain what he wants may not always be a dictator, an influential politician, a billionaire or a skilled manipulator. Just when you learn to control some persuasion strategies that will help to positively influence the people around you.

On the ability to positively influence the people around them mostly depends what you reach in life.

Because right on the ability to positively affect the people around them mostly depends what you reach in life. Check with us on the most popular persuasion of the best lawyers, businessmen and experts in communication, which affects everyone around to follow their example.

1. Clearly, specifically and comprehensively

Before you start with the people act, we need to inspire confidence and to set clear and specific goals. People are often so self-absorbed that the needs of others toss sidelined. The more you are therefore in its dealings beat around the bush and not specific and direct, the more you succeed.

It is always better to first write down a few points from what others are asking you when communicating with them needlessly run away from the subject and from the start they have made it clear what you want them to. The better you understand everything, the easier it will do what you ask them.

Be a hard negotiator simply pays and the more you practice verify this fact, the more you people act naturally.

2. For your ideas to be able to motivate others

Important information is sometimes better to dispense in part, after which it is always necessary to open the debate. This strategy requires more time, but if you need others to sell something really important and big, it's worth it.

"If you tell someone your a new idea, the initial reaction may be totally defensive and dismissive. But if the slow release of information and discussions, people will think that idea came together with you, then their attitude is quite the opposite. Suddenly basically want the same thing as you and the task will involve much more intensive, "explains the Yourtango Dave Kerpen, author of The Art of People.

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Phrases like "What do you think about that?" or "What solution do you propose?" Get a better idea of ​​thinking and opinions of others. Much easier can then lead a discussion of their plan to get answers to the original question: "I've been thinking about this particular idea, what do you think?"

"There is no need to publish his solution for the best idea, it is important to obtain from the other positive feedback style, I think it's a good solution. ' The moment you reach your completely natural way and others will be much more receptive to the adoption of your ideas, "says Kerpen.

3. Watch what you say

For many people, it is very difficult to keep in communication with the topic, and his speech and not to prolong unnecessarily. The more individuals while talking, the more in others usually lose attention.

"Verbal and non-verbal communication is important in every interview. But if you want to push through their proposals, you have to avoid anything that could get you into a defensive role. Then it is less likely that others will not you agree, "explains psychologist Emma Seppäläová.

More effective communication is properly formulate his speech not to extend unnecessarily and not try to evaluate things. Simply describe the situation, nothing more.

Instead of the phrase "For you and your inability to have a delay in the project" Next time you better tell "Because the project must surrender tomorrow will be better if you redistribute the work and try to finish it in time."

4. Learn to listen to people

According to the latest survey within eight hours to forget about a third of what we heard. And after two months we will lose up to 75% of such information.

"Many people are convinced they are listening, but really they are just waiting for the moment when they turn to talk. If you do not listen properly but are unable to even properly evaluate your ideas, and thus do not help you, nor with their realization, "said Kerpen.

Good listening is like meditation, during which it is necessary to concentrate on a single thing from his mind to expel all other thoughts. This can be achieved only by distraction from all distractions, such as smart phones and other electronics, and then moments after summarizes the conclusions of previous communications, thereby convince themselves of their attention.

5th Do not be afraid to ask for help

Although many people claim that they have no problem to say other assistance, the reality is more prosaic. In people constantly feeling remains that if you say out loud for help and show their ignorance and incompetence.

"Such returns but in fact does not indicate at all that you are weak - on the contrary. Unlike lying and playing on someone you're not, you Negotiation hurt, "says Erin businesswoman Briedová.

6. Good relationships above all

For everyone should be self-evident good relations in the workplace. So if he wants his ideas supported by others, and had a chance to break anything.

"It's not a second to prove that you are the smartest and hardest-working man under the sun, but that will depend on its employees appreciate their work and have interest in them as human beings. His respect you then you will not have to enforce, "says coach of Lauren Zander and adds:

"People are more confident that they know on a deeper level. Then it does not really matter about how good an idea or proposal goes. "

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As I spent a month in a Buddhist monastery and found there way to happiness

ANDY MACK, a master TAIC

July 25, 2016

That offer was the name escapes into the forest. They advertised in her small dwelling in the jungle ideally situated, directly by the stream near a waterfall. Monthly cost is zero, meals included. "It sounds too good to be true!" Thought Andy Mack when he saw a memo drafted small print: reveille at four in the morning, one meal a day, the performance of daily duties, no sex, alcohol or other opiates, no music dancing. And no hair and eyebrows. This is the story of an Australian who settled in Prague a few years ago he decided to experience life in a Thai monastery.

Twelve years ago, I traveled home from the Gold Coast in Australia to Thailand to stay in a Buddhist monastery. At that time I tried to cram as much into life, what I can: I drove by several companies, I played on stage in several bands, I worked on my body faithfully every day in the gym, I trained martial arts to become invincible. I chased perfection and the money was very big part of this ideal. In the stock market I earned $ 40,000 per day and I'm just as fast incredible sums of money he lost.

All this for happiness. But why, when I no longer had to be all happy, I felt completely useless? Of course, I felt moments of happiness, but most of the time I felt a failure, as if everything were few.

I therefore wrote a list of things that I thought that bring me peace. Meditation was one of them, but the type of meditation that I practiced, I focused on achieving. More power, more health, money. And then it occurred to me that probably do not need to acquire more, but rather start dropping.

Then I met a teacher Sifu Adam Mizner, which I completely changed my life. I moved toward him, and I practiced tai-chi, qi gong and meditation twelve hours a day. And while I still had the idols people like Branson or Anthony Kiedis, from then on I wanted was for it to be like monks in Tibet or Thailand, whose liberation I heard every day. So I jumped on a plane to Thailand and this is the story of my first day in the place of my dreams.

Night before going into the woods he overcame the fear of starvation that threatened. The idea of ​​a single meal a day was in stark contrast to the lifestyle of a professional athlete, so before I gave up the hair, I sped on a scooter in the city for goodies at what I could only remember. I was so stuffed.

Early in the morning, suffering from serious monkey food, I took the rusty Honda. Morning procession of monks collecting their alms brought me new excitement. Then you, as I approached the monastery, thick with forest and heat. They welcomed me with two statues of the animal form of the monastery to protect against evil spirits. Note that this is where I will live for another month, I strummed on the prettiest string.

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Until this moment, my meditation training consisted of walking and sitting. I could translate into a pretzel legs and sit as an hour or more. But nobody told me that I have to kneel on his knees on the bare ground for an hour, completely motionless. The pain was excruciating, as I knelt on the hot plate.

It took forever to monks stopped to pray. Finally. Everything seemed fine when he rang a gong ... followed by another hour of meditation pretzel. How to survive another day? These were the only two hours and the next day is expected the same, but five hours. But now it's time to sleep on a bamboo mat on the ground.

It seemed to me that it took only twenty minutes when the frightening sound interrupted my dreams. It was a gong morning, at four o'clock in the morning. Just so I joined the half-awakened monks and novices who headed into the main hall on the second round of prayer and meditation.

Perhaps it was lack of sleep or the fact that the nerve endings in the legs withered, the second round was much easier. I sniffed victory. Except for the sound that came out of my stomach. Only then I realized that I was hungry. I have not eaten in 36 hours and all those grown muscles, which I was so proud to be lost. A couple of hours after we went to the village to beg for food.

I marveled at the hospitality and diversity of Thai delicacies. Mothers hold their children's hands, and they give food to the monks' bowls. Wonderful experience in the morning mist. The monastery shared the meal and after another prayer and meditation, the monks came to breakfast. Breakfast which there was connected with lunch and dinner.

Now get to work. Daily duties, I hailed a pleasant break from sedentary meditation. The working groups were given tasks: to build new homes, install water pipes, clean toilets and sweep obviously fallen leaves from trees. I got enormous broom and a true guy I had my part in a minute clear. But the disappointment, the whole surface almost immediately covered the new layer.

Now I'm in a monastery nearly 24 hours and live.

In the following years I was in this and other monasteries returning to the clock's dose of relaxation and seclusion. Stays in the monastery man learns many things about myself and I highly recommend it to everyone. The main thing I learned was that to become a monk not the answer to all my worries. Learning to relax the tension that life brings, and not run away into the forest, it is the right recipe for happiness.



Employees repaid business owners that they dramatically increased wages

The owner of the American Society of Gravity Payments Dan Price a year ago and something became famous. His name go around the world, after the company raised the minimum wage to $ 70,000 annually. Employees with him now for this deed repaid gift.

Friday, July 22, 2016, 8:34

Price raised his salary last year, when he seemed to read a scientific study that said that people earning less than $ 70,000 a year may be happier just because they earn more money.

All those who in the company for not achieving the target of this, the wages rose just at $ 70,000. A total of 120 employees seventies this decision to increase the salary and thirty of them doubled. Himself then pay reduced from one million dollars a year also 70,000.

Price was admired by the public and the company that handles payment card transactions, the decision brought a lot of publicity, but also problems. No one, including himself was not prepared for the sudden huge interest in Gravity Payments. Additionally, two of its most valuable employees leave because they came among other unfair that newly hired people waited to see the doubling of wages, while long-time employees rose even by a few percent or not at all, said the site for the New York Times.

In the year since the introduction of changes that the company had to endure a lot - from worrying whether the company can handle the increased financial burden after Price's brother lawsuit concerning a dispute on remuneration for Dana. Price among others, began renting their house through the portal Airbnb to have a little přilepšil.

contributed each

Now the situation has somewhat stabilized, as evidenced by, inter alia gift Price received from its employees. Together they passed and gave him his dream car - Tesla Model S.

"I'm shocked. I can not believe it. I did not think this would be possible. Employees Gravity past six months conserve and bought me my dream car, "said Price in a Facebook post.

Company spokesman Seattle Times Web site said the gift devised employee Alyssa O'Neil, who was one of those most affected wage increases. Almost everyone from the current 135 employees contributed in some way.

Fittingly starting price of the car Tesla Model S at 70 thousand dollars.

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The magical power of hair and hairstyles

Today at 11:18 | Development of consciousness beings

Hair is an indicator of life, physical and mental powers of man, the symbol of vitality, sexuality and fertility, carry records of stamina, mental awareness represent me. Their hair is like a magical symbol of many meanings. They show, for example, whether a person perceives the world through ourselves, our higher self, or through the conditions of the tent company into which he was born. The human body constantly emits energy, the energy is concentrated in the hair, and in his hands, it is not coincidence that our human nature to pat a small child or loved one just hair. Long and healthy (undyed, natural) hair are often considered a symbol of ritual, since ancient times referring to the magical power of man. Think of fairies and mermaids, their beautiful long hair is not just for show, are a symbol of mental strength. As if the ancient culture long suspected what science knows until today: analysis of the DNA of a human hair reveals about human essential information about their health and lifestyle. Human hair also symbolize the cycle of natural cycles (crops / harvest), whereas the hair (painless) haircut grow again.

Short or shaved hair often symbolize deep devotion to religious faith and boundless allegiance to divine entities

The priests of ancient Egypt paid tribute to the divine rulers that have kept her self shaved head. Buddhist monks have also heads until smooth shaven, both themselves that voluntarily renounce the material world, reject worldly matters (including sex), and indulge in senior management. In contrast, for example, the Hindu god Shiva is portrayed sitting in meditation posture with legs crossed and with long flowing hair to him as a symbol of strength and power to fall freely over her shoulders. This meditation posture reflects a conscious linking peace of mind with the ferocity of nature and natural forces.

Similarly express strength associated with long hair and a connection with nature, as well as other ethnic groups. For example, the Celts their hair braided into energy hubs, twisted braids. Copy the entanglement of three strands, and as we know, number three Celts considered not only as magical. The same motives to long hair braided into pigtails based Indians. Braided hair, unlike flowing and freely dissolved symbolize arranged thoughts. Hair braiding featured, among others, magical ritual to protect against power of evil demons. Not only Celtic warriors, but also Greek and Trojan soldiers had long hair, a symbol of power, strength and militancy. Even the Greek gods such as Zeus or Poseidon known with long hair, as well as mythical heroes, such as the one Achilles.

Admirable are a variety of ethnic styles, for example, in African tribes, whose purpose is often a ritual, or the hairstyle that distinguishes the natives by age. Hairstyles African natives are very laborious, hair is great care, even though we may be, for example, dreadlocks or hair smeared with dirt seem strange and tasteless, everything is tribal, spiritual and ritual significance. In some African tribes are long and thick hair, a sign of strength and health, and women mainly a sign of fertility. Also, African Bedouins once had long hair braided into thin braids.

Some native peoples are hair associated with transition rituals, or the ritual sacrifice of hair

These rituals are called "Cutting", this is one of the forms of rituals associated with hair, which is done by shaving rite of passage, for example, from childhood to adulthood. Today also you can ever meet the man who will have her hair cut short, and only on one side of the head will have a long thin strand of hair braided ponytail. This hairstyle called Horus curl, has its origins in ancient Egypt, expresses a rite of passage for young boys into adulthood. Thus tangled strand of hair, worn in childhood, the boys in ancient Egypt in ritualistically cut off entirely when they reach the age of transition from childhood to adulthood.

Beyond all the rest of the hair too erotic and sex symbol, allow known and perceived attractiveness are the subject of desire and seduction. Women who refuse to own body, and also reject sexuality, often letting her hair cut very short (which is obviously not the case). Sometimes, even the hair is used to (painless), self-harm, which happens mainly children that if from nowhere, spontaneously and secretly cut off the hair, but it happens and adults. Also, violent haircuts another person is seen as an act of punishment or humiliation, which is usually the person on the mental level very strongly affected, since it is an intrusion into personal and intellectual energy field man. This, however, to some extent always apply, whether it's cutting voluntary or forced. Not to mention how many tears and cause unnecessary disputes hair and hairstyles among teenagers and their parents.

The long hair, according to ancient legends and myths hidden a mysterious force

Even some famous athletes believe in the magical power of long hair. While men in ordinary society, who are distinguished by wearing long hair, they are often under fire jibes and scorn. Why? Because some people to determine how should he look like, what it is and what is not proper to different standards? I still carry around in their subconscious, they decide for us by others, and subconsciously do not want to deviate from the majority? If we go back far into history, so it can be found in the New Testament passage where it says that long hair in men are shameful. In doing so, the Bible also known story of Samson, whose strength unceasing just lingered in his never nestříhaných hair. Not to mention the long hair of Jesus of Nazareth.

Witnesses also know very well how many boys during the onset of the army, after the mandatory (forced) haircuts could not hold their emotions and feelings and crying like little boys. At that moment, one is degrading manner removes the ability to express their views, opinion, belief or disagreement in any other way than verbal, when the group is forced to resemble (uniform) one another. In this involuntary act as if human beings were removed not only freedom, dignity but also a part of his soul (energy). Crew cut or shaved hair shaved soldiers symbolize obedience, and driveability, also subordination and devotion "senior management". And separation from family, from their own personal habits and rituals. The same applies to convicts, and the slaves in earlier times, the monastery of monks, even with more people into concentration camps.

Hair also serves as a means of visibility, highlighting their own individuality, extravagance expressed, for example, or as a means of expressing revolt against social obedience, as a conscious rejection, disregard social status, or dictation only modes. Hairstyles also served in the past, particularly for young people as a form of self-expression (separation from the majority of the crowd), or the crystallization of form against the political system. For example, expression of young people, not only in the form of hair between hippies, as a rebellion against the cultural norm, or hairstyle on 'a manic "under communism, a different era hairstyles type punk skinhead like. In the eastern states were long hair for men considered hazardous promotion ideology "unworthy" of the west. Here the question arises why they are so concerned some regimes have long hair? It has actually hidden power, meaning at least symbolically, when reference is made to the true potential of life force / energy hidden inside man? With her hair really is not just so, and certainly not by chance, the hair, hairstyles, different blankets heads and religion also applies, for example, forced to conceal women's hair under burqas, hidden hair and uniformity nuns shaved wheel loss in men in the Jewish faith, and so similarly.

Combing hair itself is essentially a kind of everyday magic act, whether personal or relating to social, cultural, political and religious environment. With so marginally related to the energy potential hidden in their hair ruined by the use of dyes and other chemical products. Hairstyles are often filled nonverbal form of self-expression, whether directed to nature through the natural perception express the strength of body and spirit, or in the form for looking at idol, fashion dictations of the material world. For example, women often feel that they have in their lives to make a fundamental change, it often ends up only with a radical change in style or color of hair. It may be a mere crutch sort of unconscious self-defense, but it can really help on the mental level of painlessly man to break up with unwanted past.

In ancient times hairdo strictly controlled by social status in society, class division, in this respect, history remembers, for example, wear wigs often overly bizarre aristocratic nobility and beautiful people in the seventeenth century. Certainly I vividly recall, for example, the composer Mozart and his high wig. Socially conditioned, and often forced hairdo hiding since ancient times also some (system) control person associated with the understated expedient dictates of his privacy. Today, this fact is hidden in a subtle fashion diktat that creates uniformity, and then the people themselves show how easy it is to control a man who can only think that it is a separate individuality, and that he was acting in free will. People will learn to evaluate each other whichever one is wearing, or head over whichever one has in mind. In today's society we are expected in advance what you wear, or the head, although less frequently than in different historical epochs, but in a way it is still valid.

But let's go back to the beginning, to DNA. The depth of more than one ancient wisdom, in connection with the development of a human life, it can be revealed for example in the context of the importance spiral as hermetic symbol. Spiral in nature appears everywhere, from the cells through a magical hurricanes, to the galaxies. Hair cells and contained therein collagen and keratin have spiral structure. DNA also has a spiral structure, and we now know that the hair actually store information about a person, how about his physical condition and energy essence. As is well known, in the context of ritual magic (such as African voodoo) since ancient times, said that strand of hair will be used for magical purposes. Whether it's negative or positive action at a distance for a man who owned a lock of hair. In folk magic snipping hair often serves as a libation to the gods. It's hair hidden spiritual power of man to know people from time immemorial. Again, we are confirming that everything is connected to everything. And it is still true that human society is controlled in different details, and that quite subtly (advertising, media, celebrity life, fashion, etc.), So you often do not notice it.

Currently dominated society, including adults, as far as deleting drain from maintaining obedience (who plays naughty), to divert attention from important things Pokemon.



Tai Chi Master advises how to be happier. Stop fighting with yourself

3 minutes of reading to be better DOMINICA BÁRTOVÁ, editor of Forbes

DOMINICA BÁRTOVÁ, editor of Forbes

13 JULY 2016

You had to get up early, you missed breakfast, you missed the train to work and do it all you boss did not salute. Today may really not your best day, but it does not matter. It is important to know how to deal with it and wasted too anxious. Because negative thoughts bring tension and anxiety created by a variety of illnesses. At least it says Andy Mack, a master of martial arts Tai Chi, who spent the last 26 years training the mind.

"Everyone is trying to cope with stressful situations on their own. We go to a psychologist, to the gym, to an astrologer, with a friend at the bar. In short, anywhere, with the sole aim to help us this question. While only one who can help us, we ourselves, "he explains Australian Andy Mack seminar Dissolve therapy in Prague.

Andy besides their own schools Tai Chi in Melbourne also worked for the Australian and Thai government as an adviser on matters related to socially disadvantaged groups. For example, prisoners helped to convince force is in the muscles, but in releasing tension.

He Mack dedicated to learning Dissolve therapy, Tai Chi, personal coaching and panel and long-term personal therapy. Conducts seminars around the world and with many years of experience in Vipassana meditation (intuitive understanding of the three characteristics of existence - impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and impersonality) has become a popular yoga teacher trainer.

To Prague a few days ago he moved with his wife Adele Slovak, who assists him. We believe that in our country has a large space for setting up schools and medical centers. According to him, the Czechs are increasingly experimenting with new techniques, while opportunities for us still are not on the same level as in the world, such as in Thailand, where he lived and trained for five years. Ten years he is visiting various monasteries, where he lived as a monk. Eight hours a day meditating and practicing for one purpose - to overcome your body and mind.

Before his teacher Sifu Adam Mizner familiar with Tai Chi, Mack handled stress by practicing hard - lifting heavy weights, ran ten kilometers every day and wrestled. This will increase the tension and his health deteriorated. He was allergic to many foods and nothing had worked. He was saved through an intense workout relaxation, which changed his life from scratch.

He spent years practicing traditional Buddhist Vipassana relaxation techniques, qigong, neigongu and devised special training, which he called Dissolve therapies. This thesis thinks humans should learn to relax fascia (fibrous packing muscle), internal organs, nervous system, tendons and muscles in the body. Dissolve known in translation dissolve, therefore let through therapy to dissolve everything.

Australian Dvaačtyřicetiletý believe that we do not need no books to us to learn to work with your body and mind. All you need is to learn to relax in the moment, which is uncomfortable for us and let everything go wrong. In short, do not hold it in myself and not run from trouble using all sorts of activities that make us even more freaking out. Important according to Mack work at the moment, stay calm, even if it rains.

Exactly according to this scale can grow our anxiety. It's getting bad thoughts, feelings, we are going to need a psychologist. That we prescribe antidepressants.

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