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sobota 11. února 2017

12 erogenous zones, which certainly does not sound EVERYONE. Can you name them?

12 erogenous zones, which certainly does not sound EVERYONE. Can you name them?

Pusa, breasts, crotch ... So that's probably the maximum of what many consider erogenous zones. You need a compass to have a lot more? Test yourself if you have no idea where to look for excitement!
20. 11. 2016 LUCIE Maixnerová
erotica | erogenous zone | ears | neckline | neck | lips

Approaching the end of the year, which usually is in the spirit of various recapitulation, summary, reports, charts and reminders. It is interesting that people usually remember mainly scandals, but what about midnight enumerate 12 basic erogenous zones? Really know them all?

first Ears

Yes, it really is among the ears of sensitive sites. And Irish sex coach Sean Jameson of them even say they play an important role in the foreplay. "They need to be licking and nibbling. And do not forget the fingers. Gently pull the earlobes or prohmatávejte cartilage, "says on his blog, which focuses advice to all women, not only in trouble.

2nd Cleavage

It is no surprise that women's cleavage among the erogenous zone due to the amount of nerve endings. Kissing and massage the area from the neck to the cleft between her breasts is very sensual and relaxing. Oh ...

third Neck

"Nape, a rear side of the neck, is also very sensitive. Contact with feathers or ice cube can deliver very pleasant sensation, "further describing sex coach. Forgetting her

4th lips

Most people are aware that the lips play an important role in arousal, especially when lovers come to the boil. Then all that love biting and kissing oždibování. According to the coach said, if you want to keep things interesting, it must be sweet and passionate kisses ignored.
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5th Hands

Here is another unexpected erogenous zone. The palm is very sensitive to the touch and need a wrist, a place where others affected very rarely welcomes any attempt to sexually stimulating. "Add the massage oil, have pampered palms and backs of hands, and ask your partner, let slips between your fingers. You will be fierce even before you take your clothes, "suggests Sean Jameson.
hands | lower back | inner thighs

Sixth lower back

Lower back pain is not only a good place for a tattoo. If someone pays after a long day at work, achieving partner's release and most playful tune. From hands can travel to the south, that is the bottom.

7. Internal thighs

According to coach both men and women experience pleasure when stimulated inner thighs. This is a very sensitive, delicate and tickling area suitable for kissing, licking or lighter touches. He deserves it!
Woman's thighs are a powerful weapon, and one of the most sensitive erogenous zones

8th clitoris and penis

Without direct stimulation of the clitoris or penis, people are not able to reach orgasm - at least in most cases. These places so clearly one of the main hot zones, however, a number should come up last. The path in this case is the target ...
vagina | buttocks and anus | Nadra | brain | bellybutton

9th Vagina

"The most sensitive part of the vagina is located at a distance of a few inches from the first entrance, which is why you do not have an extra-developed partner. Your G spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, but also other sensitive places worth mentioning. On the front of the vault resides point A. Some tools and toys they can find it, like the fingers of your partner, "cites sex coach.

10th buttocks and anus

Buttocks are richly supplied with sensitive nerve endings. Their fondling, kissing, patting and kneading so easily evokes pleasant feelings. Similarly, the anus.

11th breasts

The nipples of men and women who are biting, licking and Sanyo, mad with delight - and with them the rest of the body. Is it because they are full of sensual nerve endings, which links lead directly to the centers of emotion and pleasure in the brain. Everything relates to everything.
ribs | popliteal | toes | dam - perineum

"It's something that many do not understand. A mind that is cool, he wants sex much more likely than those stressed. When the brain tunes, tunes and body. Therefore, it is mental foreplay so crucial, "says sex coach that this is only a basic list of sexy zones. Any area of the body can react to the touch extremely receptive. 12th brain

Try the need to stimulate the navel, ribs, popliteal holes, toes, perineum (perineum) ... Just look. As he says sexologist Zlatko Pastor: "Browse all the valleys, mountains and look beautiful experiences is a great adventure." And it does not matter if it is warm outside or frost.
And what is your favorite erotic zone?
And what is your favorite erotic zone? | Lucie Maixnerová

Language course: 6 tips to her oral sex shoot for the stars

Men love oral sex. But women too! Just sometimes too ashamed and tell you about it. However, if the man dominates the correct language grif has won with her. Woman handy Whisperer her clitoris never voluntarily surrender.

The catch is in the fact that the woman is never easy. And this also applies to oral sex. However, if a man learns a few tricks and is perceptive and patient, so it becomes a king to bed and then no matter how big or short it is.

But men are sometimes afraid to bury his head in her lap, because it simply does not know how to do it. So, gentlemen, if you've spent your payment for ice cream, which you were trying to lick different ways and you still come to the right, read!
Pomaliku, softly - not that scurries and head into her lap as Záborie ostrich in the sand. Woman needs a little time to relax and gaining confidence. It is not a fact sure enough scrubbed, scented and whether you will like it. Make it about her beauty and qualities and the neck, chest and abdomen dolíbejte up into her lap.
Rules rhythm - you love yourself, when a woman during oral sex maintained a regular rhythm and your excitement may escalate. Anyway it likes she! Be patient and endure.
Circular motion - every girl likes it a little differently. Try the classic motion as licking ice cream, circular, oscillating or such as a cat does when he drinks milk. Observe, in which a woman moaning most. At that persevere and regular movements do not stop. Do not stop ... do not stop!
Play - men clitoris sometimes confuse an adversary, to which they must use brute force to overpower him. That is not true! Conversely begin to softer pressure and the excitement stupňujím women gradually made more strict. Play around with it a bit! On the clitoris gently breathe, soaking him or after him cross the ice cube. But just one or two such diversification.
Help yourself - although you certainly agile and clever language, so be sure to use fingers. Gently drážtěte entrance to Golden Gate open, squeezing her tits and ass. You can reach beyond the vibrator.
Hark! - With her head buried in her lap can hardly watch her reaction and glassy eyes. Našpicujte therefore ears! According to her sighs and groans you know if mine are doing a good job. If there is silence as foam, a bit cramped and you feel better you should feel perhaps even your gynecologist, you'd better leave it.

The best thing a woman can indulge in bed? Squirting! I will never forget and you do not ...

Squirting, Squirt, wet orgasm, fountain - it is a phenomenon which during the life experiences roughly 30% of women. Some once, others regularly. Neither of them, however, and forget the men who were lucky enough to be there, not ...
squirting | female - orgasm
You might think that when you have problems in achieving "normal" orgasm, this can never work out. The opposite is true. Just need nezabřednout. Sex is like any other area, if you want to climb the peaks and innovate, you have a lifetime to learn. A wet orgasm is just one of these peaks. For both partners.
What it actually is, how it arises and how it can learn ?! When squirting woman he ejaculates like a man, and the only difference is the absence of sperm. The fluid is the product Skene glands, which are located near the mouth of the urethra. Ejaculate is always filled. Usually, however, there is no ejaculation. Women know this so that they feel a full bladder.
And the feeling that he wants the woman to pee is a good sign. However, it is also the moment when the females begin to dominate. Let's move on to practice. The first important thing: Women, do not operate SE! Now you know what's going on and do not be ashamed. Buy washable coating on the bed and you do not even think about the mess. Buy squirting cream that you even more releases, and improves blood circulation and start practicing.
Now comes the part you need to man: MASSAGE. With the classical intercourse to achieve orgasm wet harder. The simplest is to massage the fingers, respectively. whole hand (fisting). First, the partner should feel your fingers and point G on the front of your vagina with your fingers to go the length of the index finger to hit the spot when you feel little desire to go on. Then it's the best way. On the hand, fingers and apply a generous amount squrting cream or lubricating gel and start massaging.
I think it is not necessary to add that the entire action must be preceded by foreplay and arousal classic. Point G will be swollen and you will look better. Rozdivočelou partner famine across its surface. Rub and every time the woman a little more frees and enables muscles and vagina instead fill another finger. When her thumb you massage the clitoris with one hand and gently push the belly of the bladder, the effect appears in a moment.
When approaching orgasm, never loosen, and do not be satisfied. Classic orgasm can still tighten. It is to be noted that the first time you achieve a wet orgasm is unlikely. It takes training that leads to full relaxation woman - that is the key to achieve female ejaculation. And what can you expect? Woman on the strongest orgasm in her life, a man on a woman screaming, squirming under his arm, which will additionally destroy muscle contractions and flow of sperm, which proves that just became a god to bed!
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8 Second unconventional sexual climax. Have you experienced anything similar?

Multiple, prolonged, men without the "end game" ... Although some experts argue that the climax is only one, the others oppose. There are also lesser known variations! Would you dare think of a thought bomb?
19. 01. 2017 LUCIE Maixnerová
Multiple, prolonged, men without the "end game" ... Although some experts argue that the climax is only one, the others oppose. There are also lesser known variations! Would you dare think of a thought bomb?

Trying to describe the climax is like trying to describe the incredible sunsets, particularly impressive aurora borealis or the sweet feeling when after a few hours of physically demanding fall into their favorite and fragrant bed. It is simply impossible for such feelings into words. And maybe that's why many divided over how many species of climax that actually exists.
Among the most famous are clitoral and vaginal. Then there is also wet, anal, "breast" multiple and so forth. But what if there is so much more?
According to Cassandra Lorius, a British homeopath and sexologist specializing in couple therapy while tantra expert on Eastern spirituality, you spend less "ordinary" kind of orgasm. Which?

Orgasm "in the valley"

"This type of climax occurs when completely immersed in love and try not to tightening of muscles promote excitement. Are you married presence and letting the lead with delight, "says the expert said through his book Mystic sex.

Captivity whole body

Most people describe it as powerful waves of energy away from the genitals flooding the entire body. To download the muscles, which is typical for a normal orgasm, are avoided.Great!

ocean sex

Stanislav Grof, American psychiatrist of Czech origin and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, described this experience as a playful love the flow and exchange of energy. It reminds dance, which deteriorates beyond the body, and partners together blend in like waves in the ocean of bliss. It's incredible motivation for you? Not surprisingly, it sounds beautiful.

energy orgasm

Imagine the body as an energy field. During lovemaking, these fields intersect both partners. "Indian models work with the seven energy centers - chakras, while the Taoist master Mantak Chia states, three - the area of ​​the navel, heart and head," further describes Cassandra Lorius that once the energy begins to circulate related bodies and the individual is left with the flow of energy that flows through all three points, can achieve a fantastic orgasm.

Kundalini orgasm

Kundalini yoga is a type that is based on the assumption that power stems from the pan, wanders energy pathways inside the body and out through the top of the head, called vertex. Who experienced, probably understand.
In essence, that as soon as Kundalini energy flowing through your body, you start spontaneously, without any stimulation, experience feelings of bliss, which culminate to involuntary cosmic orgasms that are many times more intense than the orgasm achieved erotica.

tantric orgasm

Genital connection is transcendental journey ended (overlapping) the union of male and female principle and experience bliss. Tantra essentially conceives the world as sexual.Normal "mortal" is to want to say it's a kind of "higher girls'.

intellectual orgasm

No physical stimulation, the decisive factor is the imagination that can help tightening the pelvic floor muscles and breathing.

That such a thing can not imagine? Maybe because she's imagination is short! The heart apparently orgasm occurs when the heart is full of love, which overflows in delight.
So, now you're stressed, it's something you kilometers away? Do not be cast. According to research, a sexologist Petr Weiss has many women achieving sexual arousal problems, and about eight percent of women remains a lifelong anorgastických. And we're talking "only" about the standard type. Who wants more, he might not get anything ...
And what is right for you "unusual"?
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