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How to conscious dreams

How to conscious dreams

November 4, 2015

Meanwhile highest level of conscious dreaming is a dream that can control his own image. This capability is achieved after a month of intensive training, rarely will succeed sooner ... 
. and to improve the psychosomatic connection equanimity can help us in finding an active dreaming Sleeping spend a third of your life and your dreams often do not even remember. It is therefore highly inefficient use of time. In doing so,

Begining: Common Dreams
  • Immediately after waking, try rozvzpomenout to dream and write it down. After some time you will find that you remember it more. If does not happen to remember a dream, try to focus on how you feel and what they might lead. This should help to rozvzpomenout.
  • During the day, imagine how the moment in which you are currently looking in your dream and what would have happened further ...
  • To help waking dreams and zen network technology of the moment: During the day, vigilantly aware of their current status and behavior. So be aware of who I am and what I'm doing.
Next level: attempts conscious dreams
  • Before going to bed, do autohypnózní meditation: breathe deeply, do not think of any images and command you, that when you're in a dream, realize it.
  • Before retiring from afar, imagine your body as doing anything other than lying in bed.
  • During the day, imagine oneself in a dream moment in which you realize that dream.
  • Imagine himself in a dream as you repeat who you are: Name, age, address, hobbies, etc.
  • Once you wake up from a conscious dream, remember how it happened that you realize it.
  • Late night and early morning is the best time conscious dreams.
Practical use of conscious dream
  • The origin of the dream did not know much, but there is a theory that serves especially the cubs, which after birth sleeps much time to prepare your brain for the future and trying so in a dream various situations.
  • In a conscious dream you can concentrate on your own healing or diagnose problems, different ways of conduct and practices and discover a much better option than what we would have chosen differently.
My attempt:
I performed the aforementioned techniques for about a month (irregularly). Over time, I've been remembering a dream every day. One time I was aware that I was in a dream, but that surprise I immediately woke up. What happened was that I went to a street and in a dream, I realized that I ever went down that street. I wondered where I know her and I realized that I had dreamed about her and then I then realized that dream.
Yesterday I had a lot of focus on those ideas about dreams and this morning I remember very many dreams. For example, I dreamed that I crashed on the bus, but because I firmly and flexibly held hostage seat has been minimal injuries. So in my dream I spent smash and next (in reality), I'll know how to do it.
Also, after so sleep more controlled feel more refreshed in the morning and often wake up wide awake. I think that conscious dreams are a form of meditation and how we learn to control your body psychosomatic, by avoiding necessary later onset of tumor growth or any disease.
Book Resources:
Vladimír Kvasnička (Gareth) - Conscious Dreams, active life in another dimension
Stephen LaBerge - Lucid Dreaming
Jan Vanek - Lucid dreaming as a coping mechanism

Symbol of power? In Japan
sleep as well as in public

Symbol of power?  In Japan, sleep and in public
In Japan, the public is allowed SLEEP ON | PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK
Rome is permitted to sleep in public? In Japan, it is possible that napping is considered a symbol of strength. According to research by the University of Michigan, Japan is the only country in the world where sleep is socially acceptable in public. "Rest" in public, there is a kind of institution, and the Japanese call him inemuri, writes the Italian daily Corriere della Sera.
Sleeping on public remains today in most western countries taboo. Here it is seen as a sign of weakness. In other countries where sleep necessity given the climate or as a rest after the strenuous working day, no shame in taking a nap in front of strangers. As an example siesta in Central and South America. This phenomenon observed by scientists from the University of Michigan have shown that the only country where sleep is acceptable to the public, is Japan.

"The Japanese, who are proud that they are great workhorses, and are ready to go to the limits of their forces to meet the boss, sleep longer considered a sign of weakness.However, is not ashamed to take a nap before the eyes of all, "says Dr. Brigitte Šteger 's University of Cambridge." Countries where they sleep the least in the world of mikrospánku amounted to a kind of public ritual called inemuri. This means that a person is present while simultaneously asleep, "the researchers said. The higher the responsibility of the Japanese, the more it has the right where he wants to take a nap, and as long as he wants, even in the workplace, at school, at a conference or public transport. It is sufficient to control the body so that question does not fall. It is quite common usage, probably because in Japan reigns intense rhythm of work and the person seeking rest as much as possible.
Japanese companies are aware of this problem, and therefore decided to take measures to maintain productivity and quality of work. Should prevent that their employees were getting tired and inefficient, they allow workers to relax at work half an hour. To do this, they create the conditions and reserve them for this special room. With this initiative first came Okuta company based in Tokyo. He wished the president of the company. The measures proved to be beneficial and has inspired other companies.
When you wear pajamas? A study published in early May in the journal Science Advances shows what are the habits associated with sleep in different countries of the world: what time to go to bed, how many hours you sleep at night, etc. For their research, the study authors used data application Entrain team Daniel Forger and Olivia Walchové University of Michigan, whose aim was to help people who are suffering from the effects of work stress. Most of the world sleeps Dutch (eight hours and 12 minutes), the smallest sleepers are residents of Singapore and Japan (seven hours and 24 minutes). Slightly above the average for the Swiss, who sleeps seven hours and 55 minutes.
"The differences between the number of hours of sleep between Japanese, Dutch and Italians seem small, but in fact are of great importance, considering that each half hour of sleep has a big influence on cognitive function in the long term ..

What position is
good sleep is ideal?

What position is ideal for a good night's sleep?
Paris like the position we sleep to take us to the best night's sleep? Sleeping on your back helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, the position of the fetus in the womb weakens chest, sleeping on the stomach is bad for the neck ... It is recommended to always sleeps in the same position. There is an ideal location, which helps us fall asleep and not harm our body? These questions are answered by several experts, quoted by French daily Le Figaro.
For some of us there is nothing more comfortable and releasing than sleeping face in a pillow and stomach. Even this position is not satisfactory for the body. According to osteopathic Celestino Serteleta can sleep on your stomach causing tensions in the swallowing muscles and pressure on the chest and can lead to breathing difficulties.
This position is not ideal for either neck. Kinezioterapeut Jérémie Feutry explains: "In practice, we observe that people who have the habit of sleep every night on his stomach suffering from neck pain more than those who sleep on the side or back. When you sleep on your stomach, your head turned to the side and it puts pressure on the spine. Moreover, the back side to bottling, the vertebrae are not in the plane. In this position, it is better to sleep on a hard mattress and flat pillows. "̈
What position is ideal for a good night's sleep?
Position skrčence or fetus in the womb is the most common, however, does not fit all. "The position of the fetus does not hold the spine's natural curve is rounded, and we twisted the chest does not have enough space. But for those who have back pain may be the bend way to relieve them. If you are in the habit of sleeping in this position, it is better to bend one leg and the other to stretch to loosen the pan, "says Jérémie Feutry.
To be the ideal body, take a pillow under your knees. "If one leg is stretched on a mattress, the other tends to droop, which puts pressure on the gluteal muscles and tension in the hip and pelvis," explains Sertelet. And as regards the impact on wrinkles? Expert urges caution: "Sleep on the same side can lead to wrinkling of the skin and muscle, because blood and oxygen can not penetrate well into the skin regeneration is less successful. Additionally it would be necessary to sleep through the night without movement, which becomes exceptionally "It is often said that sleeping on the back is great for our health. And for our appearance, because his face is creased eight hours on a pillow. But everything depends on what you have and what your morphology mattress. "If our backs more curved and protrudes forward, it is necessary to support multiple neck pads. Too hard mattress also causes pain because the muscles are squeezed, "said osteopath Sertelet. The position is not recommended for people who snore and sleep apnea.

One position all night?

If you feel good when you lie on your side and you have a hand under the pillow, higher than the shoulders compresses the blood vessels and nerves, and this can lead to stiffness or stiff hand. Additionally, the weight is concentrated on the shoulders. When you wake up, you will be hurt, explains Sertelet. Contrary to what is often called, sleeping on the right side does not contribute to heartburn, or sleeping on the left does not prevent liver problems. "This position makes sense in pregnant women. "If you want to improve this position, place a pillow between the knees to the thigh bone is in line with the pan," says Sertelet.
Osteopath is categorically opposed to sleeping all night in one position. It is better to change positions during the night, it was the next morning stiff and stupefied.
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Disease attacks through bad
sleep. How to sleep well?

Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, stroke, depression ... Wrong asleep? These and other serious diseases can threaten your life. Fully one-third of the population suffers from sleep disorders.
Experts point to a worldwide tendency to zkráceníspánku. However, this significantly increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, in which people are suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol levels, diabetes, or high levels triacelglycerolů. "The increased risk is cancer in women is affected breast cancer in men, prostate cancer, regardless of gender, people are at risk of malignant lymphoma of the intestine," says Professor Sonia Nevšímalová zneurologické clinic of the General University Hospital in Prague.

Link with brain illnesses

Relationship with sleep disorders research has found in recent years also in conjunction with an increased incidence of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. In layman's terms, one less plus sleeping well, is much more vulnerable than others. "For twenty years before the first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in the brain store beta-amyloid that cause this particular disease. A break down only in my sleep, "explains Professor Nevšímalová.
Deputy Director of the General Teaching Hospital John Birch points out the fact that the cease capacity sufficient workplace Sleep Medicine, "is an effort to expand sleep laboratory, but it is a costly affair."
"At risk are people working in shifts, and after a period of decades. The study was conducted among nurses, who went into service in twenty years. At fifty, after thirty years of shift work were obvious consequences of inadequate sleep, "explains Professor Nevšímalová.Nejdůležitějším for the quality of sleep is a sufficient length, ie 7-8 hours a sufficiently deep and uninterrupted sleep. Critical, according to experts and six fewer hours of sleep a day. Paradoxically, just as dangerous too long sleep. In the afternoon nap is beneficial only half an hour. Panic may not succumb to mothers whose children are in the first years of life wake up several times a night. Although it occurs in the leaching of stress hormones, but there is no fatal.

Falling asleep during the day reduces life

The most serious sleep disorders include narcolepsy, which for us are up to five thousand people. "People with narcolepsy fall asleep several times during the day, fatigue is not able to influence, making it rather handicaps in society," says the head of the Neurological Clinic of the General Teaching Hospital, Professor Karel Sonka. But what's interesting is that while most people with disabilities have problems in school and then in work and family life, are able to achieve the same goals as healthy individuals.
"They achieve the same education, Marriages have children. Patients, of course, require assistance in procuring a small child, "says Sonka. Restrictions disappearing retirement. "If you no longer work, they can sleep when they need, and lead a full life without limitations," says Sonka. But notes that the more patient falls into a daily sleep, the worse his physical fitness and performance of the heart.
Narcolepsy is apparent already in children, symptoms of the disease are increasing in the first years after the intensity of the disease remains approximately the same lifetime.According to expert estimates, up to half of such individuals are not diagnosed.

Sleep disorders plague and one third of children

Some of sleep disorders suffer even more than a third of the children. They occur most frequently in individuals with neurovývojovými disorders, namely in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.
Sleep in children with neurological clinic at the General Teaching Hospital specializes associate professor Iva Příhodová. Notes that the lack of long or poor sleep is associated with impaired attention, memory, mood changes, anxiety and depressive symptoms or with symptoms of hyperactivity.
"Insomnia is apparent already in infants and toddlers. Often it is because of bad habits from their parents. Since the third, fourth month of the child must learn to fall asleep alone.No suspend houpánímna hands fall asleep while breastfeeding, with a bottle in his mouth. It is appropriate to give a sleepy baby to bed and let him sleep, "appeals to parents Příhodová. When problems persist for longer than three months, advised to contact the child's doctor.
Some sleep problems in preschool and school children, fortunately, usually subside with age. These include sleepwalking, night terrors, nightmares and persistent bedwetting."When sleepwalking child's right to rest steer back to bed azabezpečit environment against the possibility of injury. Never nebudíme child violently, "warns Příhodová.
What position is ideal for a good night's sleep?

TEN COMMANDMENTS sleep hygiene

  • By late afternoon drink coffee, black or green tea or energy drinks.
  • In the evening, avoid heavy, sweet or very spicy food and hunger.The optimum is to eat the last three hours before bedtime.
  • To support a peaceful sleep dial evening relaxation exercises, walking. On the contrary, avoid kondičnímu exercise 3-4 hours before bedtime can disrupt sleep. 4. Limit your evening drinking alcohol.
  • At the time lying down does not solve the serious work or personal issues that prevent you from falling asleep. Before bedtime, avoid working on your computer, tablet, watching television or mobile phone. Electronic media are a source of blue light, which may reduce your need for sleep.
  • Do not smoke. Especially just before falling asleep or waking up during the night.
  • Enjoy bed and bedroom only for sleep and sexual activity. In a room designed to sleep restrict all other activities, such as watching TV, working on the computer, eating meals, reading.
  • Uléhejte and wake up every day at about the same time (plus or minus 30 minutes), including weekends.
  • The room sleeping minimize noise and light. Thoroughly zatemňujte windows. Provide a suitable temperature (preferably between 18-20 ° C). 10th Restrict stay in bed only for sleep. If you can not fall asleep within 30 minutes, get up and prefer to focus on another quiet activity, try to lie down again when feeling sleepy.
Where to find information about sleep disorders Web site for the public and professionals, the doctors here to answer questions, there is a database of treatment centers, sebediagnostické tests the quality of sleep.
Source: National Institute of Mental Health
Source: http: // C = A160404_093848_ln-zdravi_ape

Poor sleep harming the
the heart and arteries, but the whole body

PARIS The quality and quantity of sleep plays a crucial role in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, but also against the man "has not pursued a sweet tooth" and nepřibíral weight. Doctors, of course, say that you need to quit smoking and exercise instead of vice versa, drink in moderation while enjoying a balanced diet can protect your heart. But you know that the health of our arteries is very important that a lot of sleep and whether it is quality sleep?
Symptoms of cardiovascular diseases are more common in people who sleep little or badly. It pointed to a study recently published in the journal American Society of Cardiology, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.
The conclusions were clear: people who slept less than seven hours a day had stiffer arteries and a half times higher rate of calcium than those who slept more than seven hours a day. Similar results were also those who reported that their sleep is nekvalitní.Jihokorejští researchers examined the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries and měřiliarteriální stiffness by more than 47,000 young people and people of middle age. These persons also filled out a questionnaire in which they were responsible for questions relating to period and kvalityspánku.
These results but experts on sleep is not surprising, notes the French daily Le Figaro. "Today we have a whole literature that short and poor sleep increases cardiovascular risk," said Professor Jean-Louis Pépin from the University Hospital Center in Grenoble.

Yorkie? Maybe a little asleep

The negative implications of poor sleep not just the heart. "It's undermined the whole physiology of the human body: the immune system, hormone production, metabolism," says Dr. Karine Spiegelová of neurological research center in Lyon. For example, decreasing the production of leptin, a hormone affecting satiety, and conversely increasing the production of ghrelin. It is a hormone that increases hunger, so you have a greater desire for sweet and fatty.

Several nights of poor sleep or short but the man does not do cardiac or diabetic. Dangerous is a chronic lack of sleep. That is for each other. "There are many possibilities: the little sleeper, great sleepers, early risers and nightmares," she says Professor Pierre Escourrou.U man who sleeps four hours a day during the two days increases the sensation of hunger by 25 percent. "This leads to consumption of more calories, about 400 to 500 calories per day in addition. So can an adult who has a normal weight, but prevalent sedentary lifestyle gain for the year from 14 to 20 kg, "explains Professor Pierre Escourrou the sleep laboratory Antoine-Becla? Re. Lack of sleep may also increase the risk of diabetes of the second type, and irrespective of whether a scooping weight.
Someone is enough seven hours of sleep, others need nine hours. The best way is to know oneself. "Generally speaking, if you need an alarm clock to wake up or sleeping more on weekends, it means that you have a week of little sleep," explains Karine Spiegelová.
For many French nights are getting shorter. Job duties, social and family affairs, time spent in traffic and ever increasing use of computers and smart phones - the reasons are many.
"According to research by the National Institute for waking sleeping 35 percent of Frenchmen less than seven hours, and 25 percent less than six hours. The population is only 15 percent of small space, "says Professor Damien Léger. Can help a half-hour siesta during the day, which can balance the endocrine mechanisms of stress induced by sleep deprivation.
Source: http: // C = A151011_182725_ln-zdravi_ELE

How sleeps celebrity? Give yourself
Churchill siesta or sleep politicians

ROME Whether famous or less famous personalities, their length of sleep varies depending on what region they operate. Except in exceptional cases sleeping politicians and those who work in the media and in public relations, on average, more than those who manage businesses or high finance.
Above average prospaných hours are inventors and engineers, for example, even though Nikola Tesla, inventor and designer of electrical machinery, said he slept only two hours a day. American Donald Trump, who belongs to the group of tycoons dealing with finances, says that the night sleeping three to four hours. In its category, however, it is an exception.He writes about the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Light bulb inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) slept at night, four to five hours. Also, the inventor of the first usable telephone Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was a kind of sleep not just a necessity daily slept four to six hodin.Leonardo da Vinci only ever a moment nap. Winston Churchill slept four hours a day, US President Barack Obama sleeps six hours a day and seven hours Bill Gates. According to various studies that deal with the optimal number of hours of sleep, it is ideal daily sleep seven to nine hours.
Poor sleep harming the heart and arteries, but the whole body
Politicians generally sleep more: some claim that night NASP nine hours or more. However, Obama devoted only six hours of sleep and the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher was enough four hours to once again able to get to work. Also, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi does not need to rest more than two to four hours a day.
Some great inventors had to sleep in short time: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), for example every four hours for 20 to 30 minutes nap to rest and could work late into the night.Biphasic sleep method used by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: four and a half hours of sleep at night, and then after lunch indulged decent siesta, which lasted an hour and a half.

Confusion and instability

Apart from a short nap technique, practiced by Leonardo da Vinci, and sleep after lunch, who indulged Winston Churchill, are still at least two other methods, as well rested. It is called the Dymaxion polyphasic sleep when they sleep only 30 minutes, but every six hours, and Everymanova method when it sleeps up to three hours in the unit during the day and a person indulges three twenty-minute nap.
But sleep is essential for good brain function. His lack of a well-known consequences, including the decline of attention, confusion and emotional instability. In life it leads to mistakes by physicians, for example, car accidents and antisocial behavior.
Source: http: // C = A150504_160823_ln_veda_ape

Scientific Study: Sleep serve
Brain primarily to purify

ROME Why all animals without exception asleep? In sleep we did not defenseless against external dangers, but you can not survive without regular temporary "shutdown" of the brain. Studies in humans have shown that relaxation is used among other things to consolidating memory and improving learning, but there is something more important for our functioning, what is primary and necessary as eating or drinking.
The research says the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. The authors of the study published on the website of Science magazine explained that apparently the main objective is to allow the brain sleep "cleansing" in order to eliminate "waste" produced by brain cells. In other words, some of the neurological diseases may depend on how lack of "flushing out" of protein toxins during the night.
During the experiments, the researchers monitored the brain activity of mice that were awake, and mice that slept. They are concentrating primarily on the so-called glymfatický system that performs the function of cleansing the nervous system and diverts "metabolic waste" from the brain. That, even though it is one of the most important organs of the body, not the lymphatic system, which is used by the body to breakdown waste.
For neurons it is a vital function, but apparently not possible at the time when the brain is awake. "It seems that for pumping fluids into the brain and its cleaning is required a lot of energy, and it is manifestly incompatible with normal cognitive activities. These two activities can not be carried out simultaneously: as if the brain had to choose between two options," says the expert, and adds that confirm these results in humans is relatively easy, it will be just to implement the study of magnetic resonance imaging in volunteers sleep and waking. "we realized that glymfatický system is ten times more active when the mouse is sleeping," explains lead author of the study and director of the Laboratory for the study of glial diseases Rochester University Maiken Nedergaardová. "Some brain cells, probably glial, which serve to maintain the life of neurons during sleep shrinking. The space between these cells is increased by 60 percent and it allows the supply of large quantities of fluids to help divert and toxic waste," he explains.

The research may help in the treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

The benefit of this research is significant because it reduced ability to cleanse the brain caused by lack of sleep can contribute to the development of neurological diseases characterized by uncontrolled increase in the number of metabolic waste. In some diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's produced a lot of toxins and cleansing the brain mechanisms that do not work well, it may be the patient's condition continues to worsen. So far these are just assumptions, but open up new lines of research.
Usefulness of rest for the brain is confirmed by a study of the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. Resting brain by her doing important work because it stores data, which it considers necessary, and removes what he is not good. The problem lies in the fact that today we are constantly bombarded with information and that, according to expert Erik Fransen detrimental effect on our memory capacity. "When we communicate, we need short-term memory; it is the one that helps us to filter information and decide which ones to use for communication, but it is a limited resource that can hold at one time very little data," he explains.

The time spent sleeping is not lost

"When you are navigating on the Internet, přecpáváme short-term memory concepts and overwhelms our ability to sort through them and pick them what they need to save. So we start to make mistakes. In other words, if we try it in short-term memory to get the most, preparing the brain for time and the resources needed to cleanse and to ensure that translate into long-term memory what it deems important actually. a little rest from the internet is therefore beneficial, "says Erik Fransen.
Time spent resting or sleeping is therefore not lost. The brain at that time for us to diligently and zealously working. Little sleep and long hours spent in front of computers are apparently contrary path on how to get to the mental stress when we are unable to rational decisions.
Source: http: // C = A140511_172006_ln_veda_oka

Winter sleep Chandra, that unites us

Golden Palm, the highest award at the Cannes Festival, this year decorated frame pětapadesátiletého Turkish director Nuri Ceylan Bilgea winter sleep. In Czech cinemas comes this film influenced Russian literature just in time for its atmosphere, perfectly in harmony with the weather situation outside the theater.
It makes no sense to conceal it: this movie is not long enough. It takes three and a quarter hours and events so completely not plentiful (although ... there is in him and shooting).Unprepared viewer might be a little surprised. However, if you raised the topics least bit interested, then the initial stages (denial, anger, depression from the fact that even in the middle is not sure which of the women is a Nihal Necla that) comes the stage of reconciliation, and even enthusiasm. Ba wish that even after these 196 minutes is not over yet.
In this movie, you just have to be a time to got to grips with the characters and the environment has become a bit of a guest of a small hotel in the rocky town in central Anatolia, where the Winter spánekodehrává. Co-owner of the hotel, as well as other local real estate nobly graying intellectuals Aydin, a former actor, now a journalist and drama autodidact.Assets inherited from his father manages, together with his sister, recuperating from a recent divorce. The second, much younger woman in Aydinově home is his wife, his life in the province dedicated charity work. Aydin also has great flavor enhancing backward area amid inhospitable landscape: it does so mainly through the posts in the local periodical Voice of the steppe.
Contact with real locals, however, it brings rather embarrassing, especially when they discover that among them just does not enjoy great popularity. Family living in one of his houses bailiffs seized due to non-payment of rent television and washing machine, the head of the family on that occasion beating the police, it is not surprising that little son then throws naauto owner's stones. And all this plays out in painful, agonizing history, which plays an important role unbearably devout boy's uncle.

Everywhere wrong, the worst home

Advancing fatal disintegration Aydinova relation to the outside world is not only his pain. In their own home is doing, in fact, worse. What at the beginning seems almost idyllic coexistence of three noble beings discussing the philosophy of non-resistance to violence, in fact, prove to be a hell from which none of the participants can not escape. There are unambiguous culprits or victims, but unanchored, insecure beings who do not know how to help themselves or others, even if they wanted so much. A place to help mostly rather hurt.
Like the surrounding landscape undresses and prepares for the winter sleep, exposing even sores in relations, along with fog and sleet envelops the characters sadness, hopelessness ... well Chandra. Inspiration Russian literature is essential for the winter sleep in the Turkish rozumáři and owners of real estate Aydin materializes enlightened Russian landowner, funky backwardness surroundings and incapable of any truly useful act. In vygradované amazingly, the lengthy scene of quarrels with his sister Necla it themselves Aydin hear everything: a poser who do not belong. Believers despise the backwardness atheists to exit traditions, he hates the province and is an alien in the metropolis. His intellectually habitable world is so small that it will fit only he ... Like Aydin but wrecked his wife Nihal, which is a real feat that would lead to a correction of community relations, attempting.

Yet at Ceylanova image richly outweigh the positives. This is perhaps the most important contribution to a portrait of contemporary Turkey, the Western world is still somewhat unintelligible. That there could well settle our good friends, the unfortunate vitiated civilization Chandra us this foreign land lot closer. The study of relationships and the characters in the film Ceylanově honest and convincing, especially as regards intellectuals spřádající his lifeless ideas about the world. However, the narrative itself sometimes fall into exaggerated literariness, it is evident předevšímu scenes from socially dismal environment: the characters are rather construct filling author's intellectual task than the authentic, raw beings.

Source: http: // C = A141017_121326_ln_kultura_hep

Before midnight to bed?
Czechs do not have time to sleep

Sleep takes place in two distinct phases which are in the course of its rotation. The average Czech NASP daily, seven and a quarter hours. A hundred years ago it was almost two hours, fifty years ago, just about an hour. What's behind it? According to interviewed experts we are not willing to take your sleep time.
Sleep is a professional assassin of time, you need to beat him, "he says with exaggeration Lenka Dvorakova, a successful manager and student of the final year of high school.During the week sleeps only six hours a day, sometimes it is said to be enough for even four hours. He gets up every day to work at six o'clock, return home around five.
Before midnight, but usually do not get to bed. Leisure time devoted to studying and writing a thesis. Fulfillment of professional and academic ambitions but her life is not enough.He wants to have fun. A fun sometimes lasts almost until morning.
Poor sleep harming the heart and arteries, but the whole body

Stages of Sleep

  • For REM is characterized by the intensity of brain activity at about wakefulness, rapid eye movements (beneath closed eyelids), vivid dreams, and loss of muscle tone nearly all the muscles controlled by the will.
  • NREM phase manifests attenuation of brain activity. Reduces the activity of neurons, brain temperature decreases, slows down metabolism.This phase is divided into four stages according to the depth of sleep.
  • Now the meta make the most of the experience and a lot of work, the period of wakefulness. There was a so-called pandemic shortening sleep. 
Lenka is his negative attitude towards sleep no exception. Less than seven hours of sleep a quarter of Czechs. Reasonable sedmaž eight hours of sleep indulging 59 percent. Only 14 percent of sleepers dare to spend in bed nine hours or more.
Said figures emerged from a survey by ppm factum that it conducted among one thousand respondents aged 15 to 85 years.
The Czechs are not yet in shortening sleep no record holders. According to sleep experts, it is a global trend. Similar results reported by other European countries. Americans sleep according to the American Association for the Study of sleep an average of 6.9 hours, which is reportedly about two hours less sleep than their ancestors at the time of colonization.

Hens nope

The main reason for shortening the sleep period is the fact that they refuse to remove their bed on time, whether for fun or work obligations. "Now is the meta make the most of the experience and still a lot of work to earn money. The time of wakefulness. There was a so-called pandemic shortening of sleep, "says neurologist Karel Sonka, chairman of the Czech Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine. "If even in 1970 went to bed later than ten o'clock in the evening to seventy percent of people now fall asleep by now only a quarter," says Karel Sonka.
A little more sleep enjoyed by people in cities than in rural areas, the difference but not too strong: while obcíchaměstech five thousand people are sleeping an average of seven hours and ten minutes in the cities of over one hundred thousand inhabitants, it is seven hours and 26 minutes.
According to psychologist Michael Walter a bad sleep habits are building had children in primary and secondary schools. "Instead of sleep, play computer games. Lasts for them all night, unable to look away from them. In school, then poklimbávají. Get used to such a condition is normal and these habits can be transferred into adulthood, "he explains.

Sleep hormone of darkness and lack of sleep are not without consequences. Short-term insomnia will usually only uncomfortable moments at work when fighting the urge to sleep. But if we underestimate Sleep, sleep regularly omit or long sleep less than our real need, we will get sooner or later run into problems. Threatening, chronic insomnia, and possibly other neurological diseases.
Some of sleep disorders affecting according to expert estimates, up to forty percent of the population. A third of disorder is so severe that requires medical attention. "If you sleep less than seven and a half hours a day, lack of sleep is signed for our health," says Professor Šonka.
Lack of sleep leads him by, inter alia, to the deterioration of memory, frequent changes of mood and anxiety states. If someone is sleeping less than six hours and a half, living up to the lower věkuamá higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Its levels in the blood normally increase after the onset of darkness and peak in the middle of the night to encourage regeneration. In addition to the lamps or flickering television inhibits the secretion of melatonin, also permanent lighting in cities. If the presence of darkness permanently suppress, we will succeed to confuse your body so that it stops secreting a hormone important in sufficient measure. Then we can help you with melatonin tablets, a relatively new drug, which already but especially in the United States gained mass oblibu.Zatímco our ancestors obeyed the rhythm of nature and the waning light of autumn days lengthened also the time dedicated to the regeneration of sleep, the current generation dictation natural light and darkness displace. This makes it impossible for us to fully utilize the natural effects of melatonin - the hormone that supports sleep.

Sleep instead of dieting

Whether you sleep no matter how long it is certain that our organism needs the night inevitably regeneration. Besides psychological discomfort associated with its contraction the risk of obesity. Correlation gain weight and sleep duration studied, for example, researchers from Warwick Medical School in Coventry, England on a sample of 600,000 people. They found that obese people sleep much less time, and that lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity 1.5 times.
Professor Jean-Philippe Chaput University of Ottawa found that sleep affects the production of the hormone leptin. When leptin much, the body does not look for food, because he does not feel hungry. In sleep, the level is automatically increased to unnecessarily stir not possible starvation. If you sleep little, low leptin levels force us to ransack the fridge.

It can be extremely annoying lack of sleep, evidenced by the fact that sleep deprivation is used as one of the cruelest torture methods wartime enemies. Besides the fact that this seemingly peaceful way of Torture difficult to prove, changing quickly and significantly the psychological state of being tortured. It soon loses its ability to distinguish reality, disorientated and able to tell anything. Even what they never knew and know.
In addition to the complete absence of sleep he can tease his špatnákvalita. It is for the smooth functioning during the day more important than the actual length. In that context, our subjective feeling upon waking and throughout the day. If you regularly sleep only six hours a day and still feel fresh, there is no reason to visit a sleep clinic.
BAROBORA CIHELKOVÁ, the author's collaborators EDITOR
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The healthiest's seven-hour
sleep, they found American scientists

The healthiest is a seven-hour sleep; they found American scientists
WASHINGTON sleep more or less than seven hours a day increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of mortality in the United States. According to a study expert medical faculty of the University of West Virginia, which was published today in the journal Sleep (Standby).
If you sleep less than five hours a day, including Siesta, more than doubles the risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Probably the most surprising finding of the study is that even sleep more than nine hours increases the risk of such diseases, one and a half times compared with magic seven hours of sleep.
The most vulnerable group, according to US scientists are people under sixty years of age who sleep fewer than five hours a day. The risk that ill cardiovascular diseases is with them more than three times higher than those who sleep seven hours. Sleep six hours or eight hours increases the risk of heart attacks apparently only slightly.
Source: http: // C = A100801_105034_ln-zdravi_tsh

Excessive television viewing
and the Internet disrupts sleep

Excessive television viewing and Internet disrupts sleep
WATCHING TV (photo illustration) | PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK
PRAGUE Excessive television viewing and Internet disrupts sleep, according to scientists. The problem with falling asleep are especially people who are watching television or surfing the internet late into the night and ended just before bedtime. Break here should be about třičtvrtěhodinová to peacefully fall asleep.
Japanese study published in the journal Sleep and Biological Rhythms followed 5875 people who described the activities associated with the use of the Internet and television before bedtime, and their effects on sleep. Nearly half sleep problems connected with the use of electronic media prior to bedtime.
IDI who described the activities associated with the use of the Internet and television before bedtime, and their effects on sleep.Nearly half sleep problems connected with the use of electronic media prior to bedtime.

Third of your life asleep

Sleep is crucial for the regeneration of mental and physical forces. It depends on performance, comfort and quality of life.
It is also important for good memory and thinking. Man spends sleeping almost a third of life.
For those who watched more television and internet were also more likely to lack of sleep. Their sleep was shorter and less quality than people who have Internet and television before bedtime is not followed.
Sometimes insomnia affects 95 percent of adults suffer sleep disturbances up to 40 percent of people, often women and seniors. For half retreats problem alone, but by every tenth problems are long term and requires medical attention.
Doctors advise to good sleep to keep some principles - best to fall asleep with peace of mind, and so one should stop watching television and the Internet more than 45 minutes before bedtime. He should spend the night at the screen too much time.
The best quality sleep before midnight is therefore ideal for bed around 22:00. For people who care about the quality of sleep, should be the night watching television and surfing the web taboo.
Resist the temptation may be hard. Therefore, doctors advise to lay down rules and comply with them. If the TV interesting movie late at night, it pays to record it and watch it later in the day.
Source: http: // C = A100404_142721_ln-media_mev

Good sleep is not just,
improve a third of his life

Good sleep is not just so you improve your life and the third
Illustration photo | PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK
Over the past forty years, the average sleep time shortened by three quarters of an hour. And experts warn: The human body is a biological phenomenon that essentially can not cope. The frantic pace of life is not checked, but we can sleep a little fun. Just create good conditions.
Professional English in recent years has enriched the term "Drowsy driving". Indicates a scientifically proven factor causing a series of accidents - driving under the influence of sleep deprivation.
According to US government agencies to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is responsible for the safety of automobile traffic in the US, causes "Drowsy driving" at two local roads annually by more than 100,000 traffic accidents resulting die 1,550 people and another 40,000 will be detrimental to health.

Withholding sleep dulls the mind and weaken the joy of life

Lack of sleep a long time
působuje prolongation of reaction time and reduce our psychomotor performance. Put bluntly, the sleep deprivation dulls the brain.
And in addition also responsible for a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the incidence of depression, diabetes and obesity and ultimately increases mortality.
Withholding sleep dulls the mind and weaken the joy of life
"Modern scientific studies show that over the past forty years, the average sleep time of adult shortened by three quarters of an hour, a phenomenon with which our body is biologically not can not cope," explains this fact, Professor Karel Sonka, Head of the Neurological Clinic of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague.
And once again confirms the old and well-known fact that a good living and enjoying life simply need to sleep. The problem is that we often fail to establish good sleeping ideal conditions.

Without darkness is melatonin, melatonin is not without good sleep

Despite the endlessly repeated truth (or that would have made it became more like wishful thinking?) That the bed we spend a third of life, to sleep often build as something unnecessary, as did "wait". Proclamation of the "rich enough for me to sleep four hours" or "do not sleep when I want to catch so many interesting things," knows from his surroundings each.
Quality sleep quality as well as an environment that allows it to us, are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle that we have become accustomed to invoke so much - and the much more significant than the visit to the fitness or eating wheat germ.
How do we sleep, determined mainly by two factors: the proper equipment bedrooms and sleep hygiene. "Create a sleep good mental and physical condition is a comprehensive basis," stresses Professor Sonia Nevšímalová of the Neurological Clinic of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University.
"If possible, walk at the same hour sleep and wake up at the same hour, keep the bedroom recommended temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius and not to let the radio or television." Likewise, in the bedroom did not penetrate too much noise. We limit but we had mostly light.
If possible, walk at the same hour sleep and wake up at the same hour, keep the bedroom recommended temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius and not to let the radio or television
This makes it impossible secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for a good night's sleep. Melatonin is triggered on the basis of signals hidden photoreceptors in the retina of the eye - neurotic wife of American films therefore know very well why sleeping with blinders on.
According to some theories have on the quality of sleep also affects the colors used for the furniture in the bedroom and linen. Dr. Nevšímalová but is more skeptical: "It is namely that blue calms, but the specific colors in my experience of the sleep laboratory rather have no effect." The well-darkened bedroom is eventually perceive, so the more it depends on what colors to feel good in daylight.

Cheap mattress is not worth it

Correct parameters must also have a bed, a mattress and a shelf underneath. The mattress should be about twenty to twenty-five cm longer than our height, at least ninety centimeters wide, double bed at eighty.
Martina Jelínková from studies of healthy sleep JMP recommends choosing a mattress devote enough time for everything to try and do well, "oležet" choose carefully also grate - that according to the capacity of its settings.
"I would not recommend extremely cheap mattresses. They are made of substandard materials. So even if their price is about two or three thousand crowns too easy on the budget, represent too great a burden on our backs."
During selection of grates it is also important to let you explain in detail the correct settings to suit your spine straight sleepers.
During selection of grates It Is Also Important to let you explain in detail the correct settings to suit your spine straight sleepers.
As the most suitable material for bed recommended Jelínková solid wood. "When you need to save the frame, no problem to buy veneer or laminate. Totally inappropriate, however, are upholstered bed, where he holds a lot of dust mites."

Curfews place Nightmare

Suffer from sleep disorders according to experts, about forty percent of the population. Some are caused only by the fact that we are unwilling to your peaceful sleep care enough.Treatment of sleep disorders, although in this case the already serious, while standing up to thousands of dollars per month.
In the longer term as well as a home economist nejnešikovnější quickly calculates that it is much better to spend a lump sum of about fifteen thousand for a sleeper than paying treat insomniacs.
So what is the most important quality sleep? "Having good will do to him time," Dr. Nevšímalová advocates. "And to say that sleep does not matter, because it is exactly the opposite."
Tereza NEJEDLÁ, Lidove noviny
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Brain sleep at night,
repeats information of

Morning is wiser than evening, the old saying goes. A lie. What we grieve the evening, usually after nights of sleep at a time considerably easier. Our brain is not idle at night, but worked hard.
He repeated the operation difficult and adopted either a newly acquired information. Clear evidence that during sleep our brain is undergoing "a repetition", filed with attempts sleepwalker who made the French and Swiss scientists.

The brain at night the shift
Sleep is indispensable for the consolidation of ideas. Brain when it classifies new information on the necessary and unnecessary. Those that finds as significant as during the day which is the most worked hard, sleep strengthens. In experimental animals, about scientists can convince so as to introduce into the respective centers of the brain via the electrodes and their activity measured accurately selected neurons. Man can not undergo the necessary research so radical intervention into the brain. Still, many suggesting that even people at night during sleep, play what the day were deeply involved and what they need to be asked.

Click to enlarge image
Sleep is Indispensable for the consolidation of ideas.  Brain When It classifies new information on Necessary and Unnecessary

In experiments on volunteers, for example, it showed that some simple tasks focused on spatial orientation and quick response to manage people after the initial training much better when the advance of the test sleeps. Sleep reinforce skills learned vydatněji than any other method of relaxation. The musician, who was vainly struggling to practice difficult songs, so it is best to not fall despair and after intense exercise, go to sleep. When taking the next morning again an instrument in his hand, he finds that his performance has greatly improved.
Jaroslav Petr
Source: http: // C = A110404_194912_ln_veda_ter

Benefits of sleep on the left side

Already the ancient Indian science, Ayurveda suggested the benefits of sleeping on his left side. And recent studies show that there is something really will. Probably, this position is not only leads to better and better sleep, but it has many other important health benefits.
The traditional Indian healing system Ayurveda highlights the benefits of sleeping on his left side since time immemorial.
today, 7:19
The recommended "dose" of nocturnal sleep, according to some doctors around eight hours per night. Of course there are people who need less, and those who do without their regular osmihodinovky simply and well rested.
Recent studies suggest that important is not the number of hours prospaných, but also the position of how we eat. Highlighting the benefits of sleep mostly on the left side and put on a few explanations, he writes healthpositiveinfo.
improves digestion
Stomach is not placed exactly in the body In the middle, but is rather on the left side of the body. Sleeping on the left side, we can help facilitate the passage of waste material away from the stomach to the colon, and thus increase the likelihood of addiction stool in the morning.
There are many foods that can cause unpleasant heartburn, and whoever had this feeling sleep or woke him during the night, certainly knows how annoying it is. Experts therefore recommend to try sleeping on his left side, which can soothe the function of gastric juices and so you enjoy more restful sleep.
Promotes lymphatic system
Filling the lymphatic system from the body to drain waste products. Ayurveda says that sleep on the left half of the body enables easier absorption of excess fluids and their transport into the bloodstream. This, in particular, that the left side of the body is, as regards the lymph dominant.
stimulates the brain
Surveys have found that sleep on the left improves brain activity during waking and in the first few hours after.
Supports the function of the spleen
The spleen is part of the lymphatic system, which operates to filter the lymph and blood. A side on which the spleen? Yes, on the left. Vigil on the left side of the body, therefore, allows easier drainage of the function itself organ.
Plus Heart
I heart is on the left side, and here the law of gravity works. If you sleep on the left side, a lot of his main body reduce the work. It is also likely to improve its blood circulation and thus function.
Relieves Back Pain
People suffering from back pain often have no choice but to sleep either on one side or the other. Sleep on his stomach with his head twisted to the side of the spine is not exactly convenient location, moreover, often causing even more problems with back pain and neck. Sleeping on the left side of the spine relieves stress, but also the lower back and abdomen.
More suitable for pregnant women
For many years, doctors discourage pregnant women from sleeping on his right side. Conversely suggest the opposite side, and this for several reasons. One of the first is easier blood flow to the fetus, but also relieves back pain and ultimately pressure on the uterus and liver, and improves blood circulation throughout the body.
Although Western medicine is considered a theory about the positive effects of sleep on his left side for a very controversial topic, the ancient science Ayurveda positive effects on the body believed, and even has them scientific basis.
Points to the location of the various organs in our body, which proves that sleeping on the left side is the best position that the health aspect is concerned.
ema, News

Why do you wake up in the morning with a clear head? We recently brainwashed

The reasons why living organisms sleep is not entirely clear. One of the newer theory suggests that night occur in the brain significant cleanup. "I would compare it to the dishwasher," says study author leaching toxins during sleep in mice. Offering allegedly associated with Alzheimer's disease, which correlates with lack of sleep.

Sleep is a mystery to scientists. From an evolutionary perspective seemingly makes no sense to animal third of the day lay motionless and was issued at the mercy of the neighborhood. "Especially if you need a mouse is for you to sleep very dangerous, because you are in that moment, easy prey," says Dr. Maiken Nedergaardová from the University of Rochester.
It was conducted on mice Nedergaardová and her team study which výsledkypublikoval the prestigious scientific journal Science in October 2013. Scientists have brought a surprising finding: during sleep the brain cells in adult mice and reduces arise between them about 60% more space. This also causes a significantly higher flow of cerebrospinal fluid and intercellular.
"It's a very dramatic difference," says Nedergaardová. "It's almost as if you turn the faucet." He adds, too, that washes the brain apparently can not occur during normal operation.And at the same time fits into the known negative consequences of sleep deprivation - people who do not sleep long, lose focus and, in extreme cases, the lack of sleep and die.

Cleaning of the brain could explain some things

Comparison of "washings" brain during wakefulness and during sleep.
The result is a cleansing brain of amyloid-beta. "Restorative sleep function may lie in the fact that during sleep can remove potentially dangerous neurotoxins of the brain that are awake accumulate during the operation," the researchers speculate.
Speculation that's not unfounded, on the contrary, fits well with the findings. "It is interesting that Alzheimer's and other diseases associated with dementia are all linked to a lack of sleep?" Asks Nedergaardová. Rinsing of the brain, which can effectively occur just only during sleep, would explain how one of the reasons why the sleep, so this connection.
"The concentration of beta-amyloid in the brain grows during what we are awake," says Randall Batemen, a professor of neurology at Washington University in St. Luis said. "And we know that during sleep, the concentration decreases. This study showed a wonderful mechanism by which it could be explained. "He said it tempting to draw conclusions pointing to the possibility of better control of diseases like Alzheimer's.
But a study about the flushing of the brain not only carried out in mice and chimpanzees. The human brain, researchers are not so much "tinkering" - the ethics committee's universities do not like - and why the big conclusions soon. But the mechanism discovered by a team of professors Nedergaardové gave hope for a better understanding - and eventually perhaps even treat - disease with which doctors have yet wits.
And for everyone else, it's an important reminder: do not neglect sleep or you dirty mind. And when someone wakes up in the middle of the sleep cycle, you can dismiss him muttering: "Do not disturb, runs brainwashed."
Author: Pavel Kasík
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