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sobota 11. února 2017

I am a mother, I weighted ..

I am a mother, I weighted ..

I am a mother, I weighted ..
I know that man without a woman is lost. But what about the woman? He is a free man, too lost or worthless? I asked the women - shaman, as it is ..
"A man and a woman. Man is lost without a woman. A woman without a man is worthless. It is not weighted. There are no reasons why men are men know well, why not take a woman and not weighted.
When a woman is born, he did not fall from the mine 'wet' race ', it is not a woman. Who did not come, it is dry - dry ass - not a woman, vile heart and knows what love is, because he does not know what they are labor pains. It's not a woman .. The more it hurts, the more love for the child.
Caesarean section - not a woman giving birth should be natural pain. Pain and patience - the weak can not suffer. Caesarean is this modern era, but fails to feel - WEIGHTED AM, I AM DIVINE MOTHER .. "
Author: Josef Boháč
..and something on the net:
I put a few women these questions:
A woman can live without a man?
Woman need the presence of man?
How far is a woman willing to go to keep a man?
What a man for a woman mean? Are all women the same?
What do you expect from a man woman?
I returned responses from six women, for which I thank them. They summarize their answers to such "miniseries" every day publish one piece. Each episode will be those 6 replies.
The answers I did not envisage any way, I just shuffled them, therefore it is not clear how that fit a woman, which is not important to me.
At the end of each part I will try to bring some sort of summary.
Part 1 - Can a woman live without a man?
It can not, as a man can not live without women - both would be sad.
Women can live without men, but then they are themselves, they lack contrast. The fact that one very effective method of learning is earthly in a relationship between two people, I think is a fact. I think that the souls they agree and work together (though it often does not look at the time) to pass and they realized their subject matter, worked on them and developed.
The woman is a flower without tending flower can not bloom, growing up, but does not flower.
Yes, a woman can live without a man, if he so chooses itself. Can, and I think very satisfactorily. I would say that it can live without a relationship with a man and having casual partners, but it can be really alone.
I dare say that yes, it can, and in certain situations it is able to obtain a proper use.
Woman in my opinion, can live without the man quite well and even in the long term. A woman is at the core of being very strong and able to take care if you trust and if he is physically capable of everything that has real tangible life. Nowadays, we can do even more often "hunt boar" than many a man.
In my judgment, a woman can live without a man, but it's not her nature, nor the majority (fortunately for you men), her wishes.
A woman is strong, yet very receptive and sensitive and a majority of at least intuitively and remotely aware that one of the men with whom a lifetime trying to create a relationship that would benefit both.
For myself I say that I live without a man could, but such a life would have seemed fiat.

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