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pátek 17. února 2017

Liver and liver disorders

Liver and liver disorders

Liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and is involved in at least 500 bodily functions.
Liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and is involved in at least 500 bodily functions. Today, the livers of all organs in the human body in the first place in terms of burdens and paradoxically often receive from us not the best care.
We will try to briefly describe how the liver works, what are some of the most common liver disease and how you can improve the activity of the liver.
Problems that are discussed in this article include general hepatotoxicity, acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), gallstones, parasites, eg. Liver fluke (Opisthorhis felineus), inflammation of the liver and biliary tract, impaired bile production and cancer liver.
Basic physiology of the liver
Liver cells contain absolutely amazing - hepatocytes, which carry out most of the hundreds of liver function. Hepatocytes are the most important type of liver cells. Other cells have a more supportive role.
Everything ingested via the digestive tract goes first to the liver for processing, before being processed into the main nutrients begins bloodstream. The task of the liver is carefully monitored and checked everything devour, hold everything for the human body nutritious and reject what is bad and ideally detoxify and eliminate all toxins from food, drug, alcohol and anything else harmful.
Especially today it is quite impressive and almost impossible to work with which the liver what to do. Food is often of poor quality, or is often used for its manufacture many synthetic additives such as preservatives, coloring, flavoring and hundreds of others that do not have any nutritional value. Just understand this basic fact gives us a pretty solid idea of ​​why today most people under the liver after constant pressure.
In addition, hundreds of toxins are all around us - we touch materials, air and water in our clothes, in pharmaceuticals, vaccines and everywhere else. Filter out all of our body is a big job.
The liver is able to metabolize or modify many toxins to be subsequently removed from the body. Some of them are pushed into the bloodstream and subsequently detoxified kidneys. Other advances to bile, which is a secretion of the liver. Bile flows into the gallbladder for storage, possibly a further transformation and thence flows through the bile into the small intestine. In the proper case, the toxins are excreted in the faeces. Although this is very brief, it helps us understand the basic structure and functional mechanism of liver settings.
Why so much depends on the liver
The liver performs at least 500 important bodily functions. Among them the detoxication function, protein breakdown and re-synthesis of proteins from amino acids, amino acid change from one type to another, processing of fat, carbohydrates, production of digestive enzymes such as lipases, cholesterol production - an important raw material, from which all sex hormones, steroid hormones or stress hormones formed. The entire list goes as follows below.
The liver is one of the main detoxifying organ of the body. Liver filters everything that comes into the intestines, as well as filter the blood. This is the unique feature that no other body can replace it.
As liver and blood filter material in the intestines well yet not able to describe, but is based on being able to distinguish the harmful delivery of vital nutrients, hormones, enzymes and other components. Many toxins varies liver to less toxic. This is for example what is happening in the liver with alcohol.
In many other cases, the drugs or harmful chemicals simply moved from the slide body into the bile duct and removed. We assume that the liver is able to distinguish right from wrong through complex biochemical reactions and even recognize and vibration-information value of the substance.
The liver function could be written a long book.
liver toxicity
Generally speaking, liver toxicity, a good place where we can start discussing hepatic dysfunction. Liver toxicity is also directly related to the cause of all other liver problems.
The causes of liver toxicity are particularly:
  • Too many food additives consumed on a daily basis.
  • Overuse of drugs. For example, regular use of Tylenol and other prescription drugs is a major cause of liver disease.
  • Drinking too much alcohol.
  • Environmental toxins, such as antiperspirants, dental amalgams, shampoos, hair dyes, disinfectants and other chemicals.
  • Fermentation and putrefaction of food in the digestive tract, which produce alcohol, acetaldehyde, and other toxins and fungi.
  • Infections that exclude endotoxins and exotoxins, which are very harmful to the liver.
  • Deficiencies of essential nutrients such as e.g. selenium, chromium, zinc, vitamin C and others that are needed for detoxification of the liver and other liver activities.
Symptoms of liver toxicity:
One does not exactly seem no outward signs of liver toxicity. However, some people suffer from constipation, bad breath, skin problems, pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, blood coagulation disorders, other digestive disorders such as flatulence, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease and other disorders. Many people also suffer from more serious illnesses that actually come from their toxic liver because they can no longer filter toxins or longer perform his hundreds of other important functions properly.
Identification general hepatotoxicity is difficult to standard medical techniques. Liver tests of blood serum are usually normal. Even liver biopsy may look normal. Parasitic tests may be negative. Testing for toxic chemicals is costly so is usually carried out only if there is a high suspicion for the presence of specific toxin.
Method recommends diagnosing liver toxicity using BIORESONANCE or hair analyzes usually reveal the presence of toxic metals that always accumulates to some extent in the liver. These include copper, cadmium, mercury and lead.
Even most children have a toxic liver since birth and their condition was worsened hereinafter vaccines, drugs, poor choice of food, antibiotic treatment and were also often exposed to many other toxins.
Treatment of liver toxicity is not particularly complex and involves proper adjustment of diet, living habits, as well as coffee enemas, as well as biologically active supplements and herbal medicine.
Healing must first and foremost be slow. Liver is not able to remove a large amount of toxins quickly. The more human liver detoxifies and helps its regeneration, the man is healthier and liver significantly enhances the ability to remove toxic substances.
Fatty liver = clogged and congested liver
Clogged and overloaded liver may not be detected on most blood tests or using classic laboratory-medical tests. In any case it is necessary to monitor outstanding values ​​of triglycerides and ratios of HDL and LDL.
For the analysis of bio-resonance method we work easier. For indicators in the analysis of hair is usually a low ratio of sodium and potassium (coefficients of less than 2), higher levels of toxic metals and low levels of zinc.
Clogged and overloaded liver are more common in people:
  • With slower digestion (in direct relation to the level of anti-oxidants in the body).
  • Adults rather than children, naturally with a few exceptions, since children are often infected by fluke, and that their livers weakened since childhood.
  • More emotional than those who do not so much express emotions.
  • Malnourished, a common factor that contributes to liver disease.
  • Those who frequently use allopathic drugs or recreational drugs users.
Hepatitis and other liver infections
Hepatitis are very common. Hepatitis is a viral disease and is divided into several strains that are designated as A, B, C, D, E, and others. All or almost all cases of hepatitis include opportunistic organisms. This means that if a person is healthy, not infect or if infection occurs, will have a mild and transient effects.
Today, unfortunately, most people are not healthy. Consequently, it is difficult, opportunistic strains of viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms completely system of holistic medicine can correct the body lost balance and even severe cases of Hepatitis C, which usually disappears within a maximum of one year or sooner.Hepatitis merely do not resolve but rather the overall condition of the body, strengthen the balance and homeostasis of the body to be able to successfully remove the infection, and therefore completely forever. Therefore, do not allopathic medicines and focus on holistic solutions to this problem.
Parasitic infection of liver
The liver is the most frequent parasitic infections. Of these, by far the most common are liver fluke (Opisthorhis felineus). Many people carry this parasite burden, but usually symptomatic signs of being addressed or are attributed to something completely different. Nevertheless, it is logical that parasites are dependent on the fact that we discover.They can also influence our thinking, to confuse us. Doing exactly liver fluke (Opisthorhis felineus) are among the most frequent causes of cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. In Asia goes up by 10% due to serious health problems, and we are talking only about the recorded cases. The real numbers are much higher.
Other parasites who can easily find their way to the liver and settle here include some species of amoebae (Entamoeba histolytica), flagellated protozoans (protozoidy like Lamblia intestinalis), a worm named trichina (Trichinella spiralis) Tapeworms (Taenia saginata) and many others . Livers are quite resistant to pests and have amazing regenerative ability, but the bodies are now so toxic and outside the homeostatic balance of the body, the parasites and other infections of the liver have literally opened the door.
A typical symptom of liver parasite burden insomnia at night (eg. You're very tired in 10-11 hours in the evening, but if you do not fall asleep right away, then to 2-3 am not fall asleep at all). Organ clock for gallbladder from 11 at night to 1 am, hepatic 1 to 3 am.
Emotions, lifestyle and liver
Some negative emotions, especially anger, irritate the liver. This is already known for many years and knew it already and Shakespeare (he believed that the liver is the seat of emotions). This is largely true, that in some sense. In the liver, they are stored some minerals, such as e.g. copper and iron. The liver is also the entry point etheric energy, and when blocked it leads to emotional outpourings and disharmony. This topic is definitely a bit more complex and deeper analysis. However, the liver is an important area of ​​intellectual and spiritual development, because it is one of the few places that makes advanced life energy, called. Etheric energy can enter the human body. When there is too much anger, liver energy is blocked and the above happens. This shortens and human life. That is why many wise people realize that one should in any case not angry. This information ultimately contain biblical commandments.
Effect on Liver emotions are reflected in reality in everyday language, in phrases like "It's bilious" or "Freeze someone bile".
When we speak of bile, it is appropriate to recall words such as. Choleric. This designation is derived from the Greek word chola "bile, anger, rage"; ancient doctors had believed that anger is caused by the spillage of bile in the body.
It is interesting that women often more toxic to the liver than men because women have more difficulty with anger. This may have something to do with their higher levels of copper, higher estrogen levels and other factors.

What are the appropriate additional foods for cleansing the liver?

Garlic contains sulfur compounds that serve as activators of hepatic enzymes responsible for the excretion of toxins from the body. Garlic also contains allicin and selenium, two important nutrients protect the liver from damage by toxins and help with detoxification.

Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, both purifies the liver. Like garlic, grapefruit contains compounds promoting the production of hepatic detoxification enzymes. also contains a flavonoid known as naringenin, that causes liver fat burned rather than stored.

Green tea
Green tea contains catechins, a type of plant antioxidants, which shown to remove fat from the liver and supports proper liver function. This powerful herbal beverage protects liver from an accumulation of toxins, which can damage them.

Leafy vegetables such as arugula, spinach, dandelion, mustard and chicory contains a large amount of cleaning ingredients that neutralize heavy metals harmful to the liver. Also removes pesticides and herbicides from the body and supports the creation and flow of bile.

Avocados are rich in glutathione-producing compound, and thus protects the liver, because it prevents flooding of their toxins and enhances the cleaning ability. Research has shown that avocado 1-2 week per month can repair liver damage.

Nuts contain lots of L-arginine, amino acids, glutathione and ω-3-fatty acids, which help clean the liver by hazardous ammonia. They are also good for better oxygenation of the blood, and their hulls are often made preparations for cleansing the liver.

Turmeric is one of the strongest natural means to maintain a healthy liver. It was shown that actively protects the liver against damage toxins and also promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells. Further, helps produce bile, crowded decreases hepatic ducts and improves the function of the gallbladder, an organ that also helps clean the body.

Other kinds of cleansing

Discussion on this topic is here

Liver cleansing bark

The liver is the most important organ for detoxification of the body and particularly in the spring is very familiar with the weakening of the liver and gallbladder. They have a direct impact on the number of health problems, including solid cancers, vascular issues and allergies. Toxic burden in the liver causes permanent fatigue and any toxins that impair the function of the liver, have an impact on overall health. The liver produces bile around 1-1.5 l per day and it is our perfect chemical factory, which gives us a huge amount of enzymes essential for digestion of food. In liver cells to form bile acids that influence digestion, especially fats. The liver is also a bank of B vitamins, is created in glycogen and cholesterol.Bile is therefore very complicated solution which consists mainly of bile acids and cholesterol. If you are due to poor diet bile is too concentrated, begin to form deposits, plugs and stones of varying composition. These deposits considerably deteriorate to prevent good digestion, as well as detoxifying liver function. Within these deposits can also live pathogenic microorganisms and various parasites. Deposits within the liver prevents proper metabolism of cholesterol and liver toxic load worth overwhelming majority of serious health problems. Poor liver function also has a direct effect on the peripheral nerves that control our motor and emotional function, and the liver also possess the adrenal cortex to produce stress hormones. Healthy functioning liver thus represent a high resistance to stress. Clogged liver cause aggression, so toxic deposits in the body changes people in a jealous, rigid, clenched and hate. No wonder it uses the phrase "is bilious man."
Fortunately, the liver is the body which can be easily regenerated and healthy functioning of the body's liver and bile ducts should be cleaned regularly. For those who are afraid, which is quite natural, I suggest you pre-arrange for sonography of the abdomen to make sure that they are in cleansing does not get stuck in the bile duct big rock and end up with pain in the hospital. Epsomská salt, while the bile ducts well numb and expands, so can undergo even a stone the size of plums, but better to be safe. When liver cleansing to rid the body of cholesterol mainly gooey mass of different stones and intestinal coprolite.
Before cleaning the liver, it is highly advisable to eat a lot of apples for a few days and spend two days bowels with enemas, it is because the content of the liver could easily leave the intestine. Because when you drink juice, oil, all the accumulated bile from the gallbladder and bile ducts of the liver literally shoots, he takes with him everything in her way and pushed it into the intestine.
What you need:
  • 60 ml Epsomské salts - Magnesium Sulfate heptahydrate - MgSO4 + 7H2O - you buy at the pharmacy
  • 120 ml olive oil - extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, generous !!!
  • 180 ml of fresh grapefruit or lemon juice, 1-2 grapefruit, or 2-4 lemons
  • 1 glass Valeriánských drops (to calm down and put to sleep) - not a requirement
  • 1 bottle of 500 ml with a closing lid - just PET bottle
  • 1 container 1 liter without lid and capable of be several hours in the refrigerator.
What and how:
To cure liver select the best night of Friday to Saturday to Saturday, or even Sunday can relax.
In our conditions it is therefore ideal following schedule.
Day before cure eat anything greasy and a lot of fruit, who stands only on the fruit, the better. Who does not let a meal that contains fat and milk. Eg: semolina or grouts paste of water and honey, bread with honey, baked potatoes, or potatoes and vegetables boiled in water only, but the best is just fruit. Drink lots of water, homemade juices of fruits or vegetables, or weak unsweetened tea. These foods allow Charged bile in the liver. Increased pressure accumulated bile pushes more stones.
Timing procedures - is very important! 
Drink only apple juice in any number, however at least one liter. It is good to use only home-pressed apple juice fresh.
From the second afternoon, eat or drink nothing but water, but the stingy, the more you drink, the better. If you eat after two o'clock in the afternoon, you can feel very sick and ill.
Prepare Epsomskou salt to dissolve. To a 1 liter container, pour 720 ml of water, add 60 ml Epsomské salt, stir and put the container in the refrigerator. After moments, about 30 minutes, agitating the brine solution in order to fully dissolve Epsomské salt. Keep container in the fridge because cold salt water is easier to drink, but not a requirement.
From the sixth stop in the afternoon to drink water even if it must necessarily need to rinse your mouth after drinking Epsomské salt, or any other reason, but in this case drink minimum.
Pour the melted Epsomské of salt they have in the fridge, 180 ml and drink it all at once. This is the first dose. It is advisable to drink it all at once, because it is quite bitter, and drink it through a straw, which you insert until after the end of the tongue, and will prevent unpleasant taste Epsomské salt. If this is not for you to taste good, it will help after drinking Epsomské salt to eat a spoonful of maple syrup to taste with salt Epsomské disappear.
Drink a second dose of 180 ml Epsomské salt. Expect laxative effect and move near the toilet.
Squeeze the juice of a grapefruit, or lemon juice, it is necessary to obtain 180 ml of fresh juice. On this amount of juice will be more than just a manual squeezer juice from lemon.
Pour into a 500 ml bottle with lid 120 ml of olive oil and add 180 ml of grapefruit juice or lemon. Close the lid and a few minutes strongly to furiously shake the bottle. Sense of things is that those two different liquids become fluid again. This will give you a gold-orange emulsion, relatively good taste.
Drink this mixture of oils and juices, while drinking, if possible, stand and drink a dose of no longer than 5 minutes, ideally at the same time. Immediately go to bed, if not lie down, disrupt the whole cleansing treatment. The sooner you lie down the more stones leaves your body. Put yourself under a piece of plastic and a towel, in the event that you do a little work out, or rather, that would make you a little something accidentally released. To eliminate the stones are two possible positions lying, so choose one because it is already in bed 20 minutes Do not move.
Varian 1:
Lie on the bed, his right side, his right leg at the knee bend down and pull to the liver, let's outstretched left, attach Thermoflask, electric blanket, or a PET bottle with hot water under the lower right rib to the liver. After laying down a move for 20 minutes and stay in absolute calm. Important!!! Try to fall asleep and sleep.
2 Varian:
Lie on your back with your head slightly raised on a pillow, legs together and stretched, attach Thermoflask, electric blanket, or a PET bottle with hot water under the lower right rib to the liver. After laying down a move for 20 minutes and stay in absolute calm. Important!!! Try to fall asleep and sleep.
Try to imagine how your liver get rid of stones and what is actually happening in your liver. Probably pretty good you'll feel gall stones as they move in the bile ducts, and based on your liver to the intestine. Thanks bitter salt that does not cause any pain and it's not uncomfortable in any way.
morning around 6:00
Drink 180 ml Epsomské third dose of salt. If you are not the best and you feel weak, you feel free to lie down again. Expect laxative effect and move near the toilet.
Drink a fourth dose is 180 ml Epsomské salt. Suitably, about 30 minutes after drinking Epsomské salt, drink plenty of water, for better flush stones and toxic wastes from the colon.Expect laxative effect and move near the toilet.
Start Start eating fresh fruit juices, home-crafted, not stores. Still move near the toilet. Half an hour later, you can eat fruits and for the next hour, you can eat normal, but a snack.For example, you can eat semolina or grouts paste of water and honey. In the afternoon, you can no longer eat normal, but a light meal. Around the dinner you will feel much better, almost normal, almost You no longer have to feel healthy again.
So how do you succeeded?
The morning course starts with diarrhea and feces, which is almost pure water, seek gallstones, which are pea-gray-green to pea green, which confirms that this is not just leftovers.Only bile has this color. Additionally, small remnants of feces usually sink to the bottom, but mostly stones float on the surface, they contain cholesterol. It is advisable to prepare a sieve into the toilet, then a larger gallstones are in the network, small and tiny swim in the toilet. Try to count them all as pea-gray-green, pea green and sand-colored. Counting reason is that with adult human liver completely clears the count at least 2000 stones and rocks. For a lot of clogged liver, this number may be considerably higher and there is no problem to count and 5,000 pieces of stones some of which may have a size of a hazelnut, possibly up to the size of plums. Sometimes the bile ducts containing only cholesterol crystals that had not stones and appear as brown fibrous trash, which also floats on the water surface in the toilet bowl. Removal of these crystals is every bit as important as removing stones.
Here you have access to my modest private collection of precious stones, which I made in one cathartic bark. It's nothing unique and total volume of stones is just about 2 teaspoons, but really clogged liver can eliminate hundreds of pieces on one procedure and the largest may be up to the size of plums.
It is necessary to regularly repeat !!!
This first treatment will help only for some time, but as with other stones will not excreted in the bile ducts gradually move forward, your symptoms, health problems will go back. It is very suitable bark repeated regularly and that it's probably worth it indicates the following information. If you clean the liver, blood is pure, then the pancreas is working hard and digestion also pšoukání and bloating is practically non-existent. Historically there is evidence around since 1800, that the people who cleaned the regular monthly liver, lived to age until over 100 years, which in those years was absolutely amazing. However, you realize that the average age at the time had been around for 40 years, or they managed to achieve 2.5 times and it is definitely worth a try, especially because this age lived to the full force of both mental and physical.
Hepatic cure therefore repeat maximum after 6 weeks, but the cleaning of the liver may be initially performed with dvojtýdenním interval, ie after 14 days. Otherwise, you can usually recommend the following frequency, however, goes a minimum frequency and higher frequency certainly does not hurt.
1st year at least 6 times, but still 12 times
2nd year at least 4x
3rd year at least 2x
Fourth and each subsequent year, at least 1x.
Do not bark if you're sick!
Once you have behind 4-5 cleansing, you can doses of substances from instruction in small krůčkách increase to 1.5 times the listed values. Thus Epsomskou salt per 90 ml oil, 180 ml and fresh juice 270 ml, otherwise timing is the same.

Cleansing the liver - the composition of rocks excluded.

It is not by chance about quackery?
For rock doubters will add a few more interesting information.
I'll try a little and perhaps even logical explanation, but at the very beginning quite frankly admit that the exact chemical, laboratory and scientific intended composition of these rocks still unknown. I have never never found a solid and comprehensive chemical analysis excluded these stones, nor any really credible explanation of their origin, and therefore I can not say exactly what is their composition. Moreover, the specific composition will probably be quite different for each client since leaving the stones are as different colors and structures. Presumably, nor is there any clearly definable product is clearly scientifically definable chemical composition. Overall detailed chemical analysis, unfortunately, is not a cheap affair and as seen nor opposition "scientists" do not have the money to spare, otherwise they would assume that analysis has long been drawn up, it would post it and the age-old dispute could be solved so easily.
That's interesting then, that on the Internet there are also scientifically-looking cells that do bark declare and explain as quackery. The authors of these "scientific" articles argue that the stones washed up in the cortex are hydrolyzed oil fatty acids, which the patient drank. Assertions based on the fact that the oil used with the digestive enzyme for fats - lipase breaks down into glycerol and fatty acids, which balances the present example, ions of magnesium Epsomské salt or potassium and sodium from fruit juice. They claimed that demonstrated by analysis of stones, wherein the given total ridiculous arguments that, unlike true stones do not have a crystalline structure and does not contain cholesterol, bilirubin and the like., But consist mainly of fatty acids and at 40 DEG C. Moreover dissolve at slough. That is true, but I've never been never found their "scientific" explanation of why the liver secrete the same stones, for example, after a well-made coffee enema, which employs only water with caffeine and of course it still applied to the rectum. What then, can there be saponified on the water with caffeine, which also never passes through the upper part of the digestive tract, it is still a mystery to me. Even more interesting and more inexplicable is that these stones are excreted almost always in a burden on the liver, like sometimes when you šankaprašaláně where they drink only water and salt, or during other procedures that will force the liver spurt.
In my opinion not so much aim of these people objectively inform the general public, but it is to them a principled questioning very good, centuries-proven and fully functional procedure that can help problems with the liver and gallbladder, moreover, even without a doctor and for free, which is nowadays really wear. Also, it is perhaps appropriate to look at who is behind the term charlatan. Wiktionary states, for example, a cheat, chatted, impostor, untrustworthy healer or doctor using unrecognized practices. If you think about it a little think about it, so therefore someone who deliberately gives gullible people into error, which led me here, unfortunately, under the circumstances, based on the detriment of those self-proclaimed Internet "scientists" who actually run in the truest sense of quackery and tries to turn him specifically accuse alternativce. As you can see, not easy to think it is not, but as a friend of mine says, "Whence MUDruj son." Let everyone do his best conclusion himself and ideally objective, based on the basis of this trial bark and their own results and experiences. It is always better than based on some dojmologie and unsubstantiated allegations, but certainly an interesting discussion on the composition of the liver stones definitely can read in advance.

liver cleansing

The largest internal organ
Detoxify the body play a vital role in the liver. Among the hundreds of liver function and perform the following roles: classifies nutrients, produce bile needed to digest, filter the blood, treat potentially toxic substances into harmless to the human body uses or eliminates them. Liver is actually the largest internal organ in the human body and are located in the right part of the abdomen.
Despite the fact that the liver play a crucial role in terms of our overall health and wellbeing, few people in everyday decisions about eating, drinking and lifestyle takes into account that authority. Unfortunately, however, damage the liver is much easier than we thought. Toxins into the human body get through the air we breathe, the food we eat, but also cosmetic products that is applied to your skin.
stress liver
Because the liver detoxification exercise a large part of the human body, making it truly a miraculous work! As a result, the liver perform such a demanding function is not unusual that over time the body itself becomes contaminated with toxins. If this happens, then the liver have a decreased ability to perform vital functions and become vulnerable.
To read more about this topic, please click on the topic: Cleansing the intestines | detoxification
Why cleansing the liver or so. Flush?
One of the ways to determine that the liver is in danger, blood tests. Liver enzymes contain thousands, and if during the blood test will enzyme increased, it indicates that the liver damage suffered. Some of the most common enzymes which are evaluated when determining the condition of the liver include alkaline phosphatase, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, lactate and others.
Liver Flush versus cleansing the liver
Fortunately, it is now possible to easily undergo liver cleansing, and there are several ways to achieve this. One of the most popular methods is called. "Liver flush", in which it is necessary to drink unnatural amount of olive oil and Epsomovy salts. This approach is clearly very difficult organism tolerated.
The second - a more natural way - it uses the innate ability to detox the body, which are supported by vitamins, herbs and other dietary supplements. It is cleansing the liver. Health strengthening effects on the liver demonstrated e.g. omega-3, an extract of Silybum marianum (also called silymarin) and the vitamins B6, C and E.
Healthy liver, healthy body
Completion of cleansing the liver or colon can be a positive and rejuvenating experience. If you promote and improve the condition of his liver, effectively increases the body's ability to secrete toxic products of metabolism, leading to increased comfort. Dr. Bruce Fife is the author of well-known publication The Detox Book (Book of cleansing), in which he wrote that the cleansing of the liver can lead to a number of positive results.
Briefly: we live in a toxic world and our liver has to bear huge demands on detoxification. It is therefore necessary to find the proper use of ingredients for cleansing the liver and the procedure, which is an important step to achieve and maintain optimal health. If you're searching for products that will help cleanse the liver, making sure that they are completely natural, harmonious for the organism, and enhancing natural cleansing and detoxifying your body systems.
Cleansing the liver using the product ToxiClean
Supplement with a detoxifying effect ToxiClean has been set up to ensure perfect cleansing the liver detoxify the blood and other organs.
ToxiClean contains amino acids that help to bind and remove heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals are the liver is one of the greatest threats. These are substances that are not available in everyday life can not be avoided.
ToxiClean contains special antioxidants that after cleansing the liver help to improve their work, so the liver can function properly again. It is also important for the reason that regeneration is equally important to this vital organ proved wholly fulfill its role.
ToxiClean has been developed to allow the processes of detoxification and recovery fully support.
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