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sobota 11. února 2017

Mature women are passionate in bed

Mature women are passionate in bed

When is the best lovemaking? Around thirty years! At this time a female passion enchant even the greatest Puritan! Blame it on the biological clock? Or just mature women have their sex appeal on the rise? We asked the experts.
06. 03. 2012 LUCIE Maixnerová
"Today's young women have sex more open relationship, they are in bed fiercer and more active than their older colleagues, but they have higher demands," says Robert thirty-six, under which youth is a safe bet - at least as far as sparking a lover. But experts disagree with this statement, and they can prove it!

Gate to the realm of pleasure are thirtieth

Over the years, the women said they age, men mature like wine, says a little pejoratively to address more tender sex. But it is a whole little differently. Research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that the women are older, take on sexual qualities. Scientists are based on the testimonies of more than eight hundred women who give women information about their sexual frequency and satisfaction of desire.
It is from these data suggest that women over thirty years of age to better know their body and its reactions, can you say what they like, often reach orgasm more easily communicate with your love partner and can satisfy him, are more sympathetic toward male problems (see Did you know that as dysfunctional erection can his friends? ) and ultimately exude confidence, which leads to the satisfaction of a love life. This is in addition transmitted to men.
"If I compare sex with twenty girl and a woman over thirty, so I say the more mature lover, it is even more fun. Wannabe innocence, purity and naivety of some girls can not be compared with the expression of one who knows what's going on, "says Daniel twenty-seven, who openly admits to bed tasted both. In other words, not a mature woman commit.(For those women who turn to the bunnies, we note: not for them the bait! More here .)
PHOTO: Thinkstock Why mature women want more sex?
Mature women know very well what they and their partners like

Why mature women want more sex?

Already sexologist Alfred Kinsey in his book Sexual Behavior in Women 1953 proclaimed something to the effect that within thirty years the only woman learns sex, after this age, he has actually experienced. More research data and study just confirmed. For example, let us mention here published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, which reports that women from twenty-seven to thirty-five years stand plethora of bold sexual fantasies, they enjoy making love more often, have more orgasms and masturbation is not afraid to talk, let alone run.
In short, they can almost always because they are about thirty years of age, the most exciting. The reason is reportedly that reduces the ability to have children, so women are subconsciously trying at the last moment to "save" what we can. At least that's the authors describe research.

Infidelity: The dark side of passion

Cheering the singles men who seek sex for one night or other short term adventures as passionate thirty for them is a great choice. But if you are entering gentlemen sexuchtivou vášnivku home, they should be alert, because in life there is always something for something. Women over thirty are said to have a tendency to infidelity, mainly because they yearn for a better social status, alerts based on data from 48 countries David Smitt from Bradley University in Illinois. "This is exactly the point where the odds of conceiving start to decline at a larger scale, and it's also a point when it begins to increase the probability of conceiving a child with a genetic defect or a birth defect," said David Smitt New Scientist.
Mature women are passionate in bed PHOTO: Thinkstock
Women looking to enjoy and savor your sex life

Can for all time?

But as far as passion, motive is irrelevant, mature, and most experienced mistresses are at odds. Maybe they men recorded another fact. "Access to sex in today's postmodern time changes. Women are not engaged in sex only because men are not only sensitive and fragile beings fulfilling the wishes of his counterparts. More women who want to enjoy, enjoy sex, experience orgasm, "says sexologist Zlatko Pastor in his book Secrets of female sexuality. According to him, women become independent, emancipate and adopt traditional masculine principles, which translates into having sex. Anyways, men tremble when you are in your neighborhood mature woman. The bed will take your breath away!
And as you experience your love life you? How do you rate over time?
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