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Phase 4, 4 archetypes - Virgin, Mother, sorceress, Baba

Phase 4, 4 archetypes - Virgin, Mother, sorceress, Baba


Four phases of cyclical women

  • 1 to 6 day: the menstrual phase: peace, relaxation, insight, wisdom, insight, cleansing, physical decline, ending things, seeing nature, sense of higher purpose
  • 7 to 13 Day: dynamic phase: action, power, speed, confidence, logic, impatience, new projects, work tasks
  • 14 to 20 day: ovulatory phase: sex and love, caring, listening, beauty, femininity, teamwork, optimism
  • 21 to 28 day: premenstrual phase: intuition, ideas, creativity, system and structure, finishing things, energy loss, fears and concerns, sensitivity, criticality, tearfulness
13. 5. 2012
Phase 4, 4 archetypes - Virgin, Mother, sorceress, Baba
Miranda Gray connects every part of the menstrual cycle with female archetypes - pre-ovulatory phase characterized aspect of the Virgin, Mother of ovulation represents the archetype, premenstrual phase is the phase Sorceress (Sorceress) and menstruation in woman manifested as Baba (Oracle).

Virgo (Spring)

pre-ovulatory phase
- Dynamic, and radiant energy (woman focuses more on itself)
- Woman is confident, independent, sociable, determined, ambitious, focused and energetic
- Time to start new projects focus on new targets
- Periods of joy, enthusiasm and fun, excitement outer life
- Is a woman full of energy, physically powerful, slender, does not require much sleep
- Sexuality, women's open, playful, flirty, youthful, frivolous
- The woman has a clear analytical thinking, has the ability to analyze, organize and prioritize
- If the energy of women prevails, it may be overly ambitious and focused on career and if you can not express contrary, may have difficulty in relationships

Mother (Summer)

ovulatory phase
- Radiating energy that are focusing more on the other (giving of yourself, love others abilities)
- Caring, devotion, tenderness, consistency, tenderness
- Sexuality manifests a sense of profound love and sharing, providing pleasure (care partner)
- Woman taking responsibility, taking care of existing projects and ideas, encourages others
- People asking for her help and support
- Creative energy, vivid dreams, full of anticipation
- Harmony with life and nature, force majeure
- If the phase of the Mother of dominating, m-that woman to be passive and without ambition, and if it is, on the contrary, they may not be aware of the importance of mutual help and understanding. A woman at that stage dominated Mother, may become passive and without ambition.

Sorceress - witch priestess (Fall)

Premenstrual phase.

- Energy Inward
- Awareness inside pages, connecting with nature
- Physical strength and performance slowly weaken, impairs the ability to concentrate, decreases the willingness to deal with everyday issues
- Improves intuition, increases the ability of dreaming, insight, inspiration
- Increased need for sleep, but the mind is so restless that it is not possible full-fledged rest
- Creative period necessary activity, but without real directions
- Female sexual becomes very intense, sensual, passionate, erotic, controlled soil, the woman realizes the power of sexual energy, seduces, is aimed at its own satisfaction,
- Women like to do or learn to do something spiritual or intuitive.
- The energy created at this stage can have an enormous dimension and its release could be creative or destructive, depending on how a woman learns to control this energy

Baba - Oracle - old woman - Wise Woman (Winter)

phase menstruation
- Internalization, but has no desire manifesting outwardly, introspection, self-awareness
- Woman in this period gradually found a balance between internal manifestations of intuitive energy and external manifestations of intellect
- The period when disappearing boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious
- Listen to your inner self and your body
- The need to move away, dream, sleep, slow down, to withdraw into himself
- Loss of body energy, the body is swollen and sore
- The sense of connection with nature
- Search for answers to the problems of the past and accepting the uncertainty of the future, opening the primal instincts
- Increased empathy because of the emotions that come to the surface
- Everything becomes conscious demanding - the ability to focus on details and daily needs is very low.
- Sexual energy that awakens at this stage may lead to profound spiritual experience and the experience of love, there is a need to express deep feelings of love and infatuation and also experience these symptoms from the partner
- If the woman is dominated by energy Baby - Good Fairies, may appear at her tendency to live in their own world, to daydreaming and fantasizing

Keep the natural cycle and keep a monthly calendar

These energies can a woman feel if the natural cycle (not taken antikocepci). Adoption of menstruation as a natural phenomenon and its understanding is possible to get rid of some negative symptoms such as premenstrual pain. If a woman takes responsibility for themselves and examine their monthly cycle can cause an understanding of how her life manifested feminine archetypes.

Establish your monthly calendar and watch your menstrual cycle. Jot down into it different manifestations at the physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual.

And because it is cyclical phase, it is best to express it in the ring, which has so many pieces, how much has your menstrual cycle.
Source: baba.html

Four Faces of Women

The menstrual cycle affects not only the psyche of women, but indirectly also her relationships.
Perhaps from his surroundings familiar examples of how different social and loving mom or friend turns into a repulsive hag. You may have noticed that women are unpredictable: sometimes more tired, sometimes moody and sometimes bursting with ideas and lots of energy.
But perhaps you do not know that these conditions cyclically. Within a month, you can meet with a very young girl, full of energy, with a mature mother, melancholy, but a creative woman or babou requiring law and order.
Although this article focuses on a woman's cycle and is addressed mainly to women, the benefits they can have the men. For women this reflection can bring a greater understanding of themselves, then the men of insight into how women work, and a "guide" how to approach them if they want to take advantage of the strengths of the various phases of the female cycle. Both together it could improve mutual relations.

A woman's cycle and Slavic goddess

For a better understanding of women's cyclicality and symptoms of the different stages we can take advantage of the divine archetypes. Ur-types or archetypes are part of us all, comes from what. Collective unconscious and appear in our life stories. If the archetypes of us know, we can better understand themselves, to better understand their behavior - how and why we decide what patterns we use, why we feel the way we feel.
Every woman goes through every month to its small spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Every woman encompasses all aspects of the goddesses of the world. At every stage of life and in every phase of the menstrual cycle can, however, some of these goddesses prevail, and therefore it is good to know not only the goddess, but also from time to time to see "who has power over us."
Goddesses that are closest to us, but also the least known, the Slavic goddess. The main Slavic goddess bind the seasons - the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thanks to a monthly cycle, we meet with them every month. After all, every woman goes through every month to its small spring, summer ...
Regularly as we women come into contact with Vesna, life, Chorsu and moraines. Moreover, if phase of the cycle we connect with the goddesses, better we remember and imagine what is happening to us. Throughout the cycle, then we can imagine how at our goddess turns.
How, then, it looks like a woman's cycle from the perspective of Slavic goddesses or women?

Menstruation: the winter season, the government goddess Morena

At the beginning of our cycle, the menstrual period, we are depressed, we need more peace and we often have a tendency to succumb to feelings that are failing, we are powerful, as is expected of us (as we think we should be), and we have "unjustly" tired. However, if we connect with Moreno in us and indulge in a bit of calm that guards the Morena, you can, thanks to this winter goddess gain insight, recognize what is already in your life do not need, and get rid of all dysfunctional.
Encourage Moreno to help to tidy up the papers, folders, drawers ...
Morena is an old, barren goddess of death, but also the guardian of law and order. Let us therefore with her help during menstruation more space to relax, but also to sort out things in all areas of our lives. Like nature, we need to gather strength for the spring and make room for everything new and fresh. Use wise perspective to evaluate what you are doing and ask Moreno to help to tidy up the papers, folders, drawers, cupboards, projects ...
Keep on hand a few questions that will help you to stop and see where you are and where you're going. Are you satisfied with your life? What in your life is working and what needs to change?
  • Tip for men: In this period his wife give as much comfort, recreation and space for herself. Treat her long sleep, pick up the kids from kindergarten and offer that you go to buy or cook.

After menstruation periods: spring, government goddess Vesna

If you indulge in the luxury and allow yourself during menstruation and more lazy to care for themselves, to be more withdrawn to itself and get rid of useless, you have more energy, until the word gets Morena sister Vesna, goddess of spring. It's a young, rozlétaná smiling goddess with a lot of energy to start new projects, execution of backlog and has enough power to manage several things at once. This recency may also be a disadvantage.
It's good to have a list of tasks that will help you become more anchored in what you're doing and what you still need to do.
Under the rule of the goddess you can start with new resolutions, new projects and can increase the physical and psychological burden. At this time, you can reduce slow and sedentary activity that fits the period when you have less energy. Thanks to the abundance of mental and physical energy can boldly venture into larger tasks or things that relegate long. It is easy to handle and you will have of myself feel good.
Due to the fickleness Vesna, however, it is good to have a list of tasks that will help you become more anchored in what you're doing and what you still need to do. Task list can help Morena or live, which can be systematic, reliable and able to go after the successful completion (for harvest). Since Vesna is very unstable, you may have a problem at this time of tightening things. Even that will help the very next week Ziva, the goddess of summer.
  • Tip for men: Do not be afraid to flirt a little with his wife, take her to a romantic dinner or a dance evening and let her know that you are an attractive homecoming queen. If you need to plan your future, now is a good time.

Ovulation: the summer period, the government Goddess Alive

Under the domination alive you become a mother: awakens in you need to take care of his family and neighborhood and turning you empathetic woman with plenty of power, but with the necessary calmness to the careful work. At this time, around the time of ovulation, it is appropriate to nurture relationships in your area.
Ziva would be distributed to the other and may have trouble keeping their borders.
Ziva as a prototype mothers and carers help in caring not only for the family but also for clients, work colleagues or friends. What must organize a party for their surroundings and to strengthen relations? But be careful not to overdo it. Ziva would be handed out to others and may have trouble keeping their borders. For those you need to hide the very next year, when the government will take introverted goddess Chorsu with Moreno.
  • Tip for men: Take your wife into society, plan a trip with your family or dinner with friends. Let us nurture, but do not expect that this condition will be permanent.

Premenstrual phase: Autumn Period, the government goddess Chorsu

Premenstrual phase (sometimes referred to as premenstrual syndrome) is in most women little popular because they come under the domination of melancholy, subtle and introverted Chorsu which is almost invisible and tends to tearful moods. Although the Chorsu unhappily in love and can fall prey to fits of "failure in all roles," when it seems that everything in her life wrong, it is a very creative and inventive.
Let the woman rest knit or write poems. Avoid anything that could be emotionally overloaded. He needs your protection.
Although at this time we are decreasing physical strength, we can create (suitable as handicraft, creative writing, family background, building, painting pictures ...). In this season come new ideas, unusual solutions and culminates in our creativity. Although we were told in school that we can not write, draw or sing, this time is suitable for writing poems, tales and essays, drawing, painting or creating jewelry, reconstruction planning (drawing of plans).
At this time, however, prefer to avoid anything that you might be thrown off mental balance. Create a space for himself and his work. Gradually pull out of social activities and prepare for a period of calm under the rule of pickling.
  • Tip for men: Let your wife to withdraw into herself, and support her in anything creative. Children in rank and post it on a creative course, leave it to knit or write poems. Avoid anything that could be emotionally overloaded. He needs your protection.
Different periods may be of variable length and may not take as long each cycle. Also, it is likely that one of the goddesses we will close and its domination, then we will experience as intense and enjoyable. If you want your life to harmonize and get in touch with his feminine, it is appropriate in your life to take all these phases of the cycle. It is good to notice how during cycle changes our physical and mental capacity, sexuality, communication skills and creativity.
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