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Tantra-Yoga for Women: Life energy and kidneys track

Tantra-Yoga for Women: Life energy and kidneys track

October 18, 2011
kidney | Life energy and kidneys track
Recently I was at the acupuncturist. He scared me ... my kidneys track is apparently in bad shape ... and I studied the seven books of classical Chinese medicine and three other guides ... maybe you are also concerns ... so you need to read this article helps a little. .. there is also some practical advice.
What does our life energy pathway kidney? How is it related to how we feel, how we experience throughout the day, how are we?

The most common weakness of women is weakened kidneys track. Women feel cold in winter, have cold feet, as they say, women have poor circulation. But this is the first sign of weakening energy of the kidneys. Do you often feel exhausted, as if they lived on the edge of their forces, they lack the enthusiasm and passion for life. As if they ever lost energy.Behind these symptoms seek dwindling energy channel of kidneys.

In the body, we have fourteen main pathways that lead energy of the five major organs, can even store this energy and redistribute. These paths are called meridians, and they even work as organ clock, as is known from acupuncture. This means that every two hours government one meridian changing. For orientation to name all of the meridians, but today we mainly deal with the kidney meridian, because so much is related to the weakness of women. In the body, we have fourteen main meridians, namely: the liver meridian, heart meridian, meridian spleen-pancreas meridian lung, kidney meridian, meridian circulation - sex, meridian gallbladder, small intestine meridian, stomach meridian, meridian colon, bladder meridian, conception meridian, meridian governor and triple burner (endocrine system).

Meridians is a separate system of distribution of energy throughout the body, is completely independent of the lymphatic system and blood, but can they compare very well.Imagine that as our body flows the blood vessels and lymph, lymph vessels, and us in the body meridians energy is flowing. Meridians sometimes come up to just under the skin and rise to the surface of the body. At these points to them we can use acupuncture and acupressure work and at this point is even measurable using their energy (this unit is called a localizer points). Meridians have been scientifically proven and supported, regardless of the millennial knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and the system tao. Each meridian has a beginning and an end. Energy enters the meridian entry point, flows along the path of the meridian (feeds it and other adjacent organs) and after about two hours Meridian exit point leaves and passes to the next meridian. The system energy flow is a bit complicated because there are eight rescue meridians that hit whenever energy in a meridian accumulate.

But you can not get sick, if we rightly energy flows in meridians disease at meridians manifested much earlier than is clinically recognizable. No cancer, no degenerative disease suffered before was when a meridian many years chronically weakened. Only on the basis of meridian imbalance develops the disease.

We now return to the kidney meridian, which many associated with the weakening of women and their apparent weakness. Kidney belong to one of the most important organs of the body. They are a source of life, the kidneys are preserved for all the innate life force. Thanks to the energy of the kidneys were born and also begets offspring, which follows his energy to. Reproduction is controlled by the energy of the kidneys. Its quality decides the whole future life, on health status, age, length, vitality, both during the life of feeling.When you look at a mature man who is in old age vital, you can say that his sentence kidney is full. If you see a woman of about forty-tired, you can say with certainty that he was going to empty flashlights, energy channels of kidneys is weak, if not exhausted. If we have weak kidneys, then it often does not show directly on the kidneys, you retain your energy for themselves, but can be symptoms appear to affiliated bodies.

Look for these signs, look, if you do not occur also in gender, like a red thread in your family. You could inherit these symptoms so that was forwarded weak kidney energy:
  1. weakening of sexuality, infertility
  2. delayed development, premature aging
  3. a shortage of blood and blood disorders
  4. decreased immunity, frequent illness
  5. osteoporosis, weak, aching joints, poor joint lining
  6. carious teeth
  7. poor memory
  8. poor hair
  9. poor hearing
  10. weakening of the spleen - wilted breasts
  11. cancer of the female reproductive organs, discharge, inflammation
  12. psychoses, mood disorders, depression
In the body naturally, all cells age and die. For example, say your knees every day die a hundred cells. If we have enough energy meridian hundred cells to regenerate back. If we have a weakened energy pathway regenerates only seventy cells. If we have an empty track, we regenerate only fifty cells. And so progressively degenerative disease of the joints, knees begin to ache, problems begin, signs of age. This basic principle can be applied to all organs in the body.

Kidney associated with experiencing emotions, how we are able to adapt to the flow of life, as we are confident or insecure in relationships. Kidney also controls power relations.And not only to their partners and friends, but also relative to itself. Weakened kidneys often associated with loss of roots, inability to find and build their own roots - belonging to the tradition, family, occupation, nation. Furthermore, in the kidney we carry the energy of their ancestors, which is inexhaustible. But if we live long against his own convictions, against his life's mission, and then this energy will soon be exhausted. We have to seek their own talent, their own mission in life, life's purpose chosen incarnation. When you do not live your life's work, the kidneys are literally exploited. After some time, energy mechanism fails and causes a sudden failure: for example, you probably know someone who suddenly totally failed. Or quickly develop cancer weakened affiliated bodies, which are going to stop. Typical is ovarian cancer that arises very quickly, within a few months to half a year. It is due to the long-term exhaustion of energy. Furthermore, a very simple way to get rid of kidney energy is excessive sex life, a life subordinate land without a deeper emotional and spiritual satisfaction and connection with other beings. You've seen live on rock star dies in either the youth or the dope drug to ever work? It is a tax for rozmrhání life force, just two or three years of excessive behavior. Or maybe you will also find the typical image in your neighborhood.

Kidneys are very well balanced relations strengthened. Tune in to the universal love, discover and strengthen one another in unconditional love for all living things, nature, animals, our Earth, to all people and to all the people in your neighborhood. Meditate upon this love, let him transforms you. See where your neighborhood is a black hole, you hate or can not stand, who you hurt. Explore uncompromising all relationships. These harmonics, lift weights, thank God for them, do not take them for granted. Do something nice, surprising, pleasing to their loved ones. You may be surprised how long you let these relationships lie fallow, and how do you reward that bloom. For example, flowering hibiscus is a sign of great love and loving energy in households blooms only occasionally, often the only green. A thoroughly examine and relationships that you weigh, try to find a way to harmony or enter on neutral ground.

Kidney governed by love at first sight, friendships break up, but one suspects why spontaneous tune associates pleasure in cooperation, intuitive desire to work in a company, do some work, go to your goal. Kidney terminate relationships that do not meet our needs, they are not in line with our aim in life. (As well as filtered blood and filter our relationships). Maybe you know it, you broke up with someone, but you knew exactly why.

Council to strengthen the channels of kidneys:
  1. Replenish animal heat directly through the second and third chakra. The procedure is as follows. Find a nice outdoor stone or stone shaped like an egg, the nahřívejte in boiling water and then consider it directly over your belly button. So let them feel the heat for a long time (be careful, do not burn with). Heat penetrates directly into the kidney, and thus it is charging. We talked about organ lessons by acupuncture, do this procedure is always around six o'clock in the evening, when time is of the kidneys. So much energy goes into the channels of kidneys. Stone Cold about half an hour, you can go out with him, and if it is well secured, even dance !!! I use a small handbag on a string, I have the neck. I put a bag into hot stone at the height of the navel. Then the stone still outweigh scarf that clung tightly in the navel. This method is called pupíkování and helps maintain pregnancy, for example, even in a high stage, simply recharges our batteries. At a minimum, but the need to do this procedure three weeks !!!
  2. Or you can light bulb on the navel, so thoroughly lost at least 30-40 minutes. But you must make a screen to warming up the entire abdomen, but only bellybutton. Simply cut the paper into a hole about the size of five centimeters and cover your belly so that the navel intensively warmed by using bulbs and lamps. A similar method is used to activate the third eye, pituitary and hypothalamus, and is used successfully to remove winter depression. But then it was a different theme and a different circuit.
  3. Find a good acupuncturist in your area needles in this direction are doing wonders in three or four visits can feel significant improvement, you will return you a taste of life and vigor.
  4. You can practice asana fourth of Tantra-Yoga exercises Mohendžodáro, this asana is called yoni juicy and connects the energy centers of the first, second and third chakra. The charged renal pathway through the second chakra and supplies energy to the kidneys.
    Instructions for the fourth exercise asanas: as we have learned before, activate the pelvic floor and pelvic pump so that when you inhale the pelvis and retract on exhalation allows. Placing oneself in the position inhale bent so that the insert clasped hands between his thighs, lean forward at the shoulders, stick your elbows as much as possible from each other, straighten the spine and pull your head forward. We bent and activate the pelvic pump, inhale retract the pelvic floor and pushing his hands against each other, we allow you exhale. Once we have saved up a lot of energy, last depress hands against each other, then take a breath, strongly pull through the pelvic floor and arched his back and bent knees slowly straighten. We breathe out into the open palm, which will open at the third chakra in the gesture of giving. This asana also has options for advanced when the woman gradually grounding, breathing in the position through the heel into the ground, then out of the country through the foot to the knee, then through the heel into the pan, then from the frying pan into the heart and then only position opens in the gesture of giving. In this way rozmožená energy from the pan gets through the second and third chakra and charges all related bodies: ovaries, uterus, bladder, kidney and solar plexus.
  5. You can practice exercises on organ track and either completely or directly exercise the runway kidneys. The maximum activity time path kidney is 17-19 hours. Lane kidney begins on the sole of the foot and runs along the inner side of the foot, around the pubic bone, and after the front of the fuselage and ending below the collarbone, where it enters the lungs. Sit with your legs outstretched, we go into a deep crouch during exhalation and try to reach the center of the foot. We are pushing the chin to the chest and forehead hole we try to bring to the knees. The attention we give to the kidney area. We endure and relaxed breathing. Attention is on the kidneys. Then we sit down. We can roll the head and neck with practice and thus flexing his chin on his chest. This position helps the flow path of the kidney, it can exercise alone or in a series of exercises for organ pathways.
  6. You can give Reiki - the energy to relevant sites kidney, and on the feet, inner thighs, hips, pubic bone and chest below the collarbone.
  7. Wear red underwear, red skirt, blouse and red tape, get a stone related to the first chakra - ruby, red coral, hematite or red jasper, carnelian or orange.
  8. Excellent method is cupping around the spine, which supports the path of the bladder.
From the medical point of view the kidneys filter blood and produce urine and thus rid the body of waste products. Furthermore, they play a key role in regulating blood pressure, and manages water and salt. We do not have enough energy in the path of the kidneys, we can not produce offspring. Woman either did not get pregnant, or pregnancy terminates before the first menstruation, or a spontaneous abortion in the third month. Woman had already exhausted and depleted energy of the kidneys and can pass it to your baby.Similarly renal energy manifests male semen quality and to what age are unable to have children yet.

In the overall treatment we must also work with fear. This fear often results from what we have learned. Society, parents or our inner dictator dictates that we have to exercise a profession, have a particular partner live a certain lifestyle and goal without really meet with ourselves and live their lives.

Latest council concluded: harmonization and their relationships, find love and his mission in life, practice exercises to strengthen the kidney, and the first, second and third chakra, wear red and orange spotlights and replenish warmth through the navel. Energy you will return to your kidneys, harmoniously stir up the body, and you wonder how life is beautiful and colorful!

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Water element (see organ roses) includes the kidneys, bladder and sexual organs. Kidneys in the body performs several functions. The main function of the kidneys is the control and regulation of body fluids. When fluid intake is greater kidneys begin to excrete more urine. In the event of a loss of fluid (e.g. injury, diarrhea) or reception is inadequate, the kidneys begin to retain water.
Another function of the kidneys is balancing the acid-base balance. When changes alkalinity blood above a certain threshold, the kidneys and urine alkalinity change occurs again to equilibrium. Therefore, we can easily test the pH of urine to find out what happened to ours acidification is. Urine pH is 7, therefore, should be.
It has to be remembered one more important function of the kidneys, and elimination of pollutants and the rest of the disintegration of protein.
From a spiritual perspective is reflected in the kidney health of our relationships. If we do not make differences between people, if we are all happy and yet not panicked them, the basic functions will be absolutely flawless. Whenever it exceeds the bounds of harmony between us and the environment (eg. We care about something or someone worried, as superior over something or someone causes pain or hearing someone hurts us around) begin to run corrective mechanisms by impaired renal function. Of course, jealousy is one of the unmistakable signs of disharmony kidneys (and heart and liver). So whenever you begin to act corrective mechanisms, slow down and reflect. In the course of this chapter will bring a few more examples to slightly penetrate under the thin skin of spiritual causes so they can better deal with related issues.
The kidneys are two as partners. Right represents men and relationship problems in terms of "ON" and the left represents the woman and relationship problems in the sense of "she." Kidneys and problems with their functionality can help diagnose iris diagnosis of the left and right eye. In the right eye, right kidney, left kidney, left eye.
Poor drainage function is manifested swelling in various parts of the body, while bags under the eyes (obr.124).
In case of excessive and poor excretion of uric acid, we under-eye dark circles appear (sometimes up to blue-black). This character still visually inspect the perimeter of the iris, that there not be found. So called white tufts of wool (see the Constitution - Hydrogen).
In essence reflects this problem can be prone to gout and rheumatism. These two diseases are associated with mental contributory cause of such domination, regret, aggressiveness, implacability dominance (recall the "widow bones"), blaming others, blaming herself. Usually, people who already suffer from these diseases, initially complain of prochládání limbs or excessive sweating. Very good are recognizable because they constantly complain about the little things and have such a plaintive tone. In the event that their biggest problem is fear, then you know at the first handshake. Their hand is usually wet, cold and without grip.
Once women come (resp. Mostly women) to counseling and from afar is clearly visible blocked gallbladder, primarily checking the iris symbols bladder.
In the vast majority here there are signs of inflammation. The bladder inflammation occurs after experiencing extreme feelings of fear.
A slightly different situation is for people who carry this burden of the past existence. In the vast majority suffer from recurrent cystitis - it is possible that past being experienced with not a great deal of feeling and love that took the life of a connoisseur. I know a man who has big problems with the kidneys, bladder and digestive. We discussed at length with what life really is, and we could not find the key to his serious problems. His whole life was a big swing, where alternated achievements and experiences failures. His partner is a very strong personality, dominant, pragmatic, offensive, touchy etc. This connection certainly no coincidence. Then he explains everything: the man admitted that in the past did not have the best attitude to life and to women, to people at all. Women for him, in his own words, "no greater value than dog food". Thus emerged the key to his troubles and woes.His life only a mirror of his own past behavior. He must understand that every success, wealth and fame should be balanced feeling and love. We can have everything we want, what you can think of. That last word is quite important, because the idea has tremendous power. For clarity, I give an example: we go to a new job, a business meeting or offer their ideas, but before entering the room to think "Likewise, it does not work." Already there do not even have to go, because we are used to the idea that the universe has blocked our success. Be careful of your thoughts. Real masters know that more than anything in real time will be in our thoughts, words and deeds is long overdue decision. So in life, as well as partner (kidney), we make decisions about what and how he is going to happen and when it's harvest time and we have to reap the fruit of their thoughts and ideas, or even crimes, do not be angry and let's not worry your soul and body . Let's take what brings life as it comes. Plan your future consciously in the spirit of what you really want to have - love and happiness, without fear and without fear of the future. Include your behavior and actions into harmony with nature, people, animals and vegetation and we will have far fewer problems.
Another sign of bad kidney function is marble division whites. It is a sign of kidney failure, and these symptoms can be often seen in dialysis patients. Kidney failure indicates to us that it is already very strongly příčíme laws of nature and thus very hurt someone. Maybe you take a person who just your neighborhood uses, or reciprocates good by just taking advantage, and by the time it would take to support and return the love given, he turns his back and focuses instead pleasures of life (relationship mother-son) or leave at this time to other partners (male-female relationships). These people should realize that they are not just in the world and that each one will need help. If you do not notice the first signs and if unable to find themselves feeling of gratitude, corrective mechanisms are ultimately helping them to enable them to help the addicts (see dialysis). Also, long-term energy deficiency in the kidney area is very visible in the kidney area. The picture shows a picture of a woman of cool relations, which blames for all his surroundings and family. All for something they can and she is the unfortunate and misunderstood. Subsequently, however, we can diagnose weragutuv fold wrinkles under the eyes and disappointment in relationships. Eyebrows have neither order nor the strength nor the strength nor direction. Whenever we see so sparse eyebrows, while we see the low portion of the energy for life.
In men, it occurs more often than prostate diseases of the bladder. The prostate has two basic functions. It has both secrete secretions Moisturizing outlet urethra and also secrete mucus, which is part of the ejaculate. The most common problem is the swelling of the prostate, which is a consequence of the frequent urge to urinate without the possibility ruled out a full bladder. The first essential characteristic swollen prostate problems is that when the urination and withdrawal are not known. Pee "arc", but only if no pressure. Prostate in the body is also a reservoir of zinc for men. Moreover, it is shown that if we prostate problems, have very low levels of zinc. Zinc is a mineral whose presence is sufficient points to a man of high moral character. Maybe some politicians and high-ranking people like you could before taking office to prove blood count his presence and values ...
The prostate also from a spiritual point of view be considered part of the image of our ego. It is a reflection of our ability and purity of behavior toward women. If our ego elevates man to the lords of creation, using women only to his delight, zpohodlnění his life, or alternate if a partner for partner (regardless of the pain that his fickle way their partners causes and not only them), then corrective mechanisms begin hinder our actions to swollen prostate cancer. It depends on what stage we are at.
Additionally, in this image very well see two lines that extend from the corner of the eye towards the cheek. Now those are wrinkles disappointment from the relationship. Around the iris is also visible blue-gray arch that shows the poor condition of the vessels, the loss of elasticity. However, everything spinning around relationships. Prostate enlargement is seen on the swelling under the eye. Not always manifests. Sometimes it wrinkling, sometimes on the contrary, the deep circles under his eyes.
Rather widespread problem kidney, in both men and women, as kidney stones and renal sand. These ailments can be found in the circles under the eyes in the form of lumps or sclera in the form of black spots (and thus under the eyes). Other features that help us indicate the formation of stones are called. Folded cap).
In the upper region of the forehead we can diagnose stones using dark discoloration or stains. While allowing us the diagnostic element may indicate the formation of cysts or infection in the kidney. Infection or inflammation in the kidney or urinary tract discover in the same area, just the color is bright red. There may be red spots, which sometimes itch.Kidney stones and sand is considered the spiritual medicine for wounds that inflicts people around. They are like arrows that their thoughts (though they were angry) vstřelujeme back. Let us not therefore those shooters and kidneys will thank us that we will be spared the pain associated with the departure of stones and písku.Někdy also hear that someone stole my childhood. We hear about the abused persons. You know, when we arrive we are, we have a lot of dreams and plans. We have children and if nothing is in our plans assign.Clean up, take, carry them and our other inventions may still be okay, but what if you do not know peace. What if we take the children for cheap labor? Building a house and the oldest child gets the task becomes a parent. You have to watch, clean, cook, buy etc. Or you take the land and start a farm and the children. Do not be lazy and so is under pressure nažene the galleys, I'm sorry to the field. The children, but they want to play, they want to taste the world. It can also be abused physically and literally, and that's the real extremes.All these types of abuse can be seen in the so-called. Wrinkle "diversion" (fig. 128).
However, if this phenomenon deepens with the years, then you can create this wrinkle like a fat clot, which highlights not completely balanced state of family relationships and this can result in serious illness or genitals and female breasts. It is also then hit the lymphatic system.
Enuresis children is one of the chapters of specific disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract. I do not wish to talk about physical problems, birth defects or colds and infections, this category can be found for the problems described above in the section of the bladder. I would like to warn parents (rather just mothers) who struggle with the problem of his child at an age when the child is of school age. This is clearly mentally disturbed when the child feels that is home addition and a nuisance. When they come crumb with this problem in counseling their mothers to the question: "Are you divorced, single mother?" Most responsible "Yes". We are at the root of the problem. These children will subconsciously feel that at certain moments are extra. It's not that you did not love them, but that they are transferring momentary emotions. Take an example: call your friend to go with him to the movies tonight. First, fill you with joy, but then you remember that you have a child and what happens to him. So big deal, but for a while it gnaws at you that you can not. Or do you feel that you have found the right guy and you want to invite him home, but oops - there's a child and what your privacy? These examples may be thousands, perhaps you'll understand that it's not about nelásce. Most mothers who were with me, would your kids gave life, and yet these problems have their crumb. We have always found the same cause. Why do children act this way? Children long after her birth back in his dreams to his true home and a shed for a "way home" everything is for the day burden, and thus arises the problem of bedwetting. You must unify their thoughts and try to put together this little guy and partner. Anyway it goes, and then we do not have to worry that our life goes on, and that the child at certain stages constitutes an obstacle. It is not and you know it. Whether it is a functional disorder of the urinary tract or bladder also we find in the iris. We look for signs of inflammation or degeneration of the tissues directly.

weakened kidneys

Kidneys are very important body that people often underestimate and focus on them only when they have problems with them. The article discusses the importance of kidneys, symptoms of their illness on councils to strengthen the kidneys and to treat certain kidney diseases.


A lot of people do not realize the importance of certain organs, usually focus on them until he gets sick of them. Kidneys between such bodies certainly belongs. The kidneys are paired organ located in the abdominal cavity at approximately the level of the lumbar spine vertebrae místěčtrnáctého. Kidney beans in shape resemble the size of 10-12 cm. The kidney tissue has a streaky yellow grease, whose task is to protect it from shocks. A very important part of the glumeruly kidney, or renal ball, which are clusters of tiny blood vessels, which through its wall constantly filtered fluid. This filtered fluid is called primary urine and consists of water, minerals, amino acids, sugars, and other substances. This arises primary urine each day at around 200 liters. Primary urine then passes through the renal tubules, which is then reabsorbed into the body. During passage of urine thickens, thus producing final urine (about 2 liters). From the renal tubules, urine will flow through the collecting ducts, chalices and renal pelvis, ureter to the bladder. Now the channels may develop kidney stones because urine may be more concentrated.
The kidney is an important in the human body because the filter from the blood of harmful substances, which are subsequently discharged from the body in urine. This brings blood to the kidneys renal artery. Although the kidneys are not too large body and a into them supplied a quarter of blood which flows through the human body. To clean blood is important to have a sufficient blood flow, which ensures the function of the heart. Overall, the correlation between the kidneys and the heart very important if the person suffers from a disease of blood vessels and the heart, increases with it the risk of kidney disease, while it is also true vice versa, at risk of developing renal disease and blood vessels and heart. The role of the kidneys is also regulate the amount of water, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the body regulates whether or not blood pressure, removed from the body, urea, creatinine, uric acid, foreign and toxic substances (including medicine), creates the hormone erythropoietin, which participates in the formation of red blood cells, activated vitamin D (obtained from sunlight), degrades hormones and other substances (e.g. insulin). Kidney thus belongs to the excretory system. Among frequent kidney disease include kidney stones, sand and inflammation.
For kidneys need to realize that they can cause other diseases that are seemingly unrelated to them, for example, they include various joint diseases and eczema.
Although a lot of people underestimate the importance of kidney, kidney Chinese medicine is considered as one of the most important organs. The importance they attach to it because they believe that the kidneys keep the life force of man. This medicine believes that the kidneys are not hiding vital energy, but they are also indicators of life expectancy.
People who are convinced that the psychological state has an impact on the physical, believes that the state of the kidneys and affect relationships and feelings. Both kidneys so this should be a partnership. The left kidney shows a woman and a man right e. The kidneys then have the ability to filter everything from accepting other people, and if we fail with the attitudes of other people cope and accept their views and can cause kidney problems. If relations disturb, the energy from the kidneys cause of human insecurities, self-doubt and anxiety.
Symptoms of weakened kidneys
People usually all onemocněníspojují with feelings of pain, but most kidney disease does not begin with feelings of pain and even other more pronounced symptoms of the disease.
If you already have pain in the kidneys (the Latin name for kidney pain = nefralgie) can have various causes. Kidney pain is often associated with nephritis, acute renal hollow system expansion, bearing inflammations, tumors, renal colic. About Buchhändler disease is said that this is one of the worst pains.
Every person present pain differently, generally true that kidney pain may affect areas that are not related to the excretory system (such as sore knees). Kidney pain is usually based on the housing kidneys and is a constant dull pain that is associated precisely with inflammatory kidney disease. In the lumbar spine, from which one feels pain, usually can be felt pulled muscles. Pain can be well transferred, that is felt at a location remote from the formation.
Other symptoms of kidney disease are: frequent urination, painful urination, difficulty urinating, impotence, fertility problems and so on.
When the kidneys are not working as they should, they can cause many diseases: high blood pressure, headaches, varicose veins, calcification of the arteries, rheumatism, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, premature graying, hair loss, kidney stones, renal sand, swelling of eyelids, bags under the eyes, wet hands and legs, swollen ankles, hearing disorders, whistling and rustling in the ears, weakened bones. Not only kidney diseases may thus cause these physical problems, while they can also contribute to human psychiatric disorders, such as feelings of depression, fear of failure, fear, shyness. Even feelings of fatigue, lethargy, and infertility can cause kidney disease.
There are plenty of hints and tips, what can you do to avoid having to worry about kidney disease. Mostly true, he should avoid diet with plenty of salt and animal protein, refined sugars, you should pay attention to the lack of fluids and heavy metals. These diseases can also cause other infectious diseases, use of painkillers, stress, alcohol and coffee, mineral water, vitamin and last but not least, chill.

How to know nephritis

Nephritis otherwise also known as pyelonephritis, and is usually of bacterial origin. Inflammation of the kidneys can be either acute or chronic. Acute inflammation is pronounced symptoms is chronic and chronic symptoms are specific, sometimes there are no sick person and it takes a long time to find it is actually sick. Most often, inflammation of the kidneys arises infections of the urinary tract. If left untreated kidney inflammation or poorly treated, may cause kidney failure. If both kidneys are affected, this can lead to the need for dialysis.
As already mentioned, the most common cause of kidney disease is a bacterial infection which is given to the kidneys through the ureters and urethra. Occasionally it happens that the infection gets into the kidneys from the blood, it can happen if the extension is for other infections in the body.
Nephritis occurs in the event that the impaired outflow of urine, for example because of urinary stones, cancer of the prostate / bladder, etc. Greater likelihood of this disease in women than of men, is due to the anatomy of the urinary tract because women have a shorter the urethra, and thus the bacteria more easily get up to the kidneys. Another reason is that the urethra near the vagina and the anus, which is normally present a large number of bacteria. The problem may also occur during pregnancy because of fetal pressure on the bladder leads to stasis of urine.
Greater likelihood of kidney disease in humans suffering from vesicoureteral reflux (a disorder in which a portion of the urine back into the ureter) and people paralyzed in the lower half of the body (do not see signs of inflammation of the urinary tract), in people with HIV, oncology diseases, diabetes and people after transplantation because they all have a weakened immune system.
Even kidney disease can be prevented by adherence to preventive measures, such as: regular fluid intake, consumption of cranberry drinks and cranberry themselves, observance of personal hygiene (especially women), strengthen immunity, plenty of exercise and sleep, prevention, avoidance of hypothermia and in case of difficulties in urinating seek medical care.
Symptoms of kidney inflammation can also be found on the urinary tract, it is frequent urination, constant urge to urinate, pain during urination (cutting, burning), cloudy, smelly urine. Other symptoms may include: pressure in the abdomen, lower back pain, temperature, tremors, vomiting, confusion. Children may also be a sign of enuresis.
If it is a chronic inflammation of the kidney, can cause symptoms as flu, the consequences are much worse, threatened and kidney failure. Speaking to neléčenému kidney failure occurs, it occurs high blood pressure, anemia, osteoporosis, persistent itching, weight loss, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, recurrent infections, decreased immunity and prone to bleeding.
Treatment of kidney disease depends on the disease, with uncomplicated disease are the solution antibiotics and medication to alleviate accompanying difficulties important is fluid intake. In more severe cases have required hospitalization and antibiotics are administered intravenously.
Complications of kidney inflammation may be festering inflammation that can affect the entire body and can lead to kidney failure.

How to strengthen the kidneys

Several principles to maintain healthy kidney has already been said, but there are also tips on how one can enhance their kidneys, these include: hardening; no smoking;consultation with all medicines with a doctor; exercise (when feeling pressure in the kidney is suitable must be deep forward bend and stay in order to loosen the muscles);increasing intake of alkaline foods and decrease your intake of acid-forming foods; reduce salt intake; Drink clean and reasonably warm water; to protect against winter warm clothing; body soaking baths (at least the feet); Winter supplementing the diet of beans, buckwheat, rice, barley, millet, nuts, root vegetables; use ginger and cinnamon; use instead of coffee chicory root; fruit are ideal to consume cranberries, blueberries, berries (cranberries can be dried or in juice form); reduce protein consumption (suitable as turkey and rabbit meat, fish). To reinforce the kidney also help cucumbers which acts detoxicating, dilute acids and excreted from the body.
From a psychological point of view for cold winter days suitable dress in red and orange colors because it is the color, under which the kidneys fall, or carry stones: ruby, coral, hematite, onyx.
There are dietary supplements that are designed to promote kidney function, with appropriate nutritional supplement will advise the pharmacy because each of them has slightly different effects.
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