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The new system of chakras

The new system of chakras

22 February 2010 15:16

The new system of chakras - chakras transformation from 7 to 13

At the time of transformation, as well as the transformation of our energy centers so as to allow their use in the coming time. The transformation of the chakras may cause transient sensations zrdravotních trouble, pressure or pain in the body.
1st chakra 
This energy center allows Mother Earth to attune your life force vibrations to hers. In effect, Mother Earth depends upon the resonance of her physical Angels to maintain maximum efficiency of her magnetic and gravitational fields.
2nd chakra 
It is tied to the first chakra. Its primary purpose is to help revitalize the body through special sexual practices or disciplines such as high-cialist rituals, fully-conscious tantra. This process permits the vibrating energy (internal sexual tuning crystal) to tune the entire body and, especially, the first chakra. 
3rd chakra (solar plexus center) 
Located just above your belly button and is home to the second connecting point for your full self. Life energy enters through the crown chakra at the top of the head (the golden cord) and through the solar plexus (the silver cord) or seat of your choice. The heart center regulates this energy. 
Fourth chakra (diaphragm center) 
The newly formed heart chakra, found at the bottom of the abdominal cavity, is now a center for storing emotions. In the near future will be able to alleviate stress and empower Will energies stored in the solar plexus center. This chakra is the center of a rejuvenated 'prana (breath energy). Revitalizes and purifies the body. 
5th chakra 
Situated in the heart. It is a vital link to the Angelic energies of pure thought and hallow-APPLICABLE energies full of love, devoid of all possession, sentimentality, etc. This complete or pure love enables your body to operate at peak efficiency. 
Sixth chakra (thymus center) 
Also newly formed, is where the thymus gland. In your coming reality, the body is pure thought form. His immune system is incredibly strong and durable. In the transformed human, the thymus retains its initial size, which is about a third the size of an adult heart. This means that the thymus center remains sound throughout your lifetime. The human body easily attains the ability to transform any potential illness. 
7th chakra 
It located in the throat and helps to collect prana energy that invigorates and cleanses the body. It also acts as a communicator for your consciousness and coordinates the energies of the body with regulatory consciousness energies of the head. 
Eighth chakra (Well of Dreams' center) 
The other new chakra is located in the occipital lobe (at the back, at the bottom of the head) directly above the neck. Individuals, particularly with psychic abilities, commonly get information, which creates problems in this area are experiencing headaches. This chakra's inactivity reflects the state as a dormant, limited beings. In the state-ing reality, humans with expanded psychic abilities can use connections to mentally control others. It's important to surround this center with great spiritual protection. In the new fully conscious system, this particular center, regulating psychic energies and preventing you from ever being controlled, becomes very important. 
Ninth chakra (pituitary) 
Newly located in the pituitary gland. Near the center of your head and allowing your body to respond to Light and radiation and utilizing this response, eventually your body recover. The new body, sixth, eighth, and ninth centers interact quite extensively with the others, allowing you to immediately use any vital, inter-dimensional information-energy. 
10th chakra (pineal center) 
Located in the middle of the forehead above the nose and near the pineal gland. It brings in higher Light frequencies and is known as the vision center, the center of intuition, or "third eye". Together, the eighth and tenth chakras permit you to receive and interpret visions and other key messages from higher vibratory states. 
11th chakra (crown center) 
Located in the back half of the top of your head. It is here that the Full Self energies from the universal source and the two new etheric chakras connect into the head. 
12th chakra (Universal Female) 
Located just above the head. It controls the left side of your body and regulates your many creative gifts and talents. It is also the place where the desire for internal self-love and for external love or compassion. It is the source and reservoir of feminine energy. 
13th chakra (Universal Male) 
Located above the head and regulates the right side of the body. It also has authority over your perceptions of reality and your ability to carry out a designated plan. This chakra is the source of your desire for inner and outer harmony. It is the source and repository of masculine energy.

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The eighth, thirteenth chakra ..

The eighth chakra (the paintings of saints drawn like a halo)
It is outside the physical body (chakras and all over it as well). It is in your activity. It hovers around 30-50 cm above your head. Most people kept the eighth chakra close to the physical body. This chakra collects chi energy from the sun and the light and transforms it into vibrations necessary to keep the system being in operation at that stage of development where they are currently located. 
It's good every day with closed eyes 10-15 minutes trying to absorb solar energy and use it to open this chakra and from then convert inventory into the fourth chakra, which is used to nourish the body forms. The saturation open the eighth chakra chi energy is sufficient twenty-minute daily exposure to the sun. In ancient times, our ancestors did not eat as much as we eat. Getting power through such practices in solar temples.
The eighth chakra is the energy center of divine love, spiritual humility and spiritual selflessness. It is also the chakra that contains your residual karma - the energy patterns, which you have more than one life after kept. When the eighth center begins to open and expand, begin to shape a new spiritual consciousness. The individual begins to feel part of a wider community of people.
This chakra is the gateway to new ideas, concepts and skills. This center allows vzestupujícímu achieve spiritual perception, for example, extracorporeal projections, or spiritual wisdom. In this sense, the spiritual means that affects things beyond the personal level and the individual level over the planet and formulates the relationship to the universe and everything in it.
The eighth chakra is the last energy center, which in itself holds anything human. Therefore, it becomes a temple of human cleaning and releasing designs that are several lifetimes old and worn. These patterns are the last thing keeps you in constant rebirth and your humanity and help prevent unification with higher forces, beings and thoughts. When this center opens, not only begin to acquire awareness of the wider community energy, but you start to get rid of those designs that you maintain entrenched on the planet. This discarding is a natural process, and once this center is awakened, the individual is ready to let go of their humanity and to seize something bigger, much more beautiful and infinitely divine.
As a result of this strong karmic connection when the center opens, it is not without stress. How much friction it causes depends on what the individual must let go. They say that once you open the way for the spirit, you are changed forever and can not be undone. Our new mental and spiritual abilities and awareness can cause you to feel after some time alienated and unearthed on the planet until the natural ground in the lower chakra opens again neukotví individuals. For this reason it is recommended to continue the intensive cleaning of the lower, in particular first and second chakras.
Even eighth chakra has a color associated with it, and it's the color that you could consider as ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, people are not able to see how it looks ultraviolet light (at least not your usual senses). However, for an idea of ​​how to perceive ultraviolet light in the earthly sense, it can be thought of as a very deep violet light, which is laced with spiraling spiraling volumes.
Twin eighth chakra with an odd number is seven. It is the seventh chakra, which houses the programs used eighth. The seventh center is traditionally chakra that connects you to the higher self and divinity. In a sense, it is true that the seventh chakra contains a guide to what you need to do to connect with these higher energies and evolve. But this does not occur until the eighth chakra begins to open up and becomes active when the individual may be guided by these programs and the ability to ascend. Until then remain dormant programs and the individual will feel some sort of connection with the divine through the seventh chakra, but the reality is at best seen as vague. This vague perception of divinity is the reason why the person finally opens the divine center, comes the true perception of divinity. The reality of what was once a vague idea now becomes a fully developed - often equally true, as she was a natural. Often followed by confusion, because the reality of the individual is now much broader. What was now fiction is true, and the physical world seems a little smaller.
It would not be a good idea for a person with closed eighth chakra, to try and open this chakra with another individual. If even succeeded, there would be adverse consequences. It can be assumed, however, that anyone who has healing powers, and clairvoyance., Is likely to open the eighth chakra and will be able to work on this chakra to perform.
When the eighth chakra is open, as well as open spiritual abilities. How many of these capabilities and to what extent, will vary from individual to individual. Clairvoyance of-body travel, the advanced capabilities of recalling dreams, the gift of healing, telepathy, even empathy are all skills for which this center is responsible for activation. Naturally, the programs of these things sitting in seventh center, so if there's a problem with any of these abilities, but not the other, then the cause can look into the seventh chakra. However, remember that when the eighth chakra man begins to open, can only see glimpses of these capabilities. May not fully develop until open the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, even chakra. In other words, when the eighth chakra awakens individuals, these abilities only experiences, but not over them have more control and their discovery can be sporadic at best. For example, when you open the eighth chakra, the person may experience-of-body travel, and even be able to drive. However, the advanced capabilities mimotělesného traveling, as traveling outside the solar system, traveling back or forward in time 200 years, will not take effect until it starts to open 12 chakra.
It is important here to tell individuals that crazy, but that was just beginning to open latent abilities. Consult them to take on these new donations looked at as a kind and a great game to play with them easily. Clean fear of the eighth chakra individuals may well help this person if these abilities to cause any more stress.
ninth chakra
The ninth chakra is also close, a few feet from the body. It is a connecting link. Manages small chakras that exist throughout the grid etheric body. As soon as one ascends, she is in charge of opening new meridians and chakras and re-energized. In the physical body is the key body in this chakra adrenal glands, which are in constant contact with the brain and sweetbreads in an effort to make sure it is in the body represented the right chemistry that could seamlessly continue the process of bodily ascension.
The ninth chakra is interesting that a chakra, where is Christ's latent abilities and awaiting the release and use of outer and inner world. The focus is at this time of Christ's power and ability that are connected with it. For this reason, it is now into physical reality sent a great deal of work and energy that individuals can open and expand this energy center.
The ninth chakra sits above his head at a distance of up to 120 cm. Its twin fluidized's tenth chakra. When the chakra starts to open, it emits radiant energy that looks like a spinning rainbow. Depending on what capabilities the person currently this depot skills for use in the outer world is contracted, it will be determined by the predominant color, which comes from this chakra. So assigning a particular color to this chakra seems pointless. This chakra contains karmic incarnation of an individual plan. There are deposited the skills and abilities learned over all lifetimes. This chakra also contains the key to the fate of the soul. Evolving human soul can be divided into three main types or plans: creator, healer and teacher. Any person can be assigned to one or more of these categories soul. The predominant category determines where the soul seeks after being terminated human condition.It also determines the direction of lives lived the individual and the type of skills that are stored in the ninth chakra. For example, a healer plan will differ from the plan of the Creator. In the plan, the healer spends more individual lives within some kind of healing, and skills stored there will reflect this area of ​​expertise. While in the Creator's plan to spend many more lives in the creation of things like artwork, woodwork, organization, family etc., and in this case there will be saved this type of information.
Finding that this chakra can be one of these types, it is appropriate, because you can avoid the trap where you think this chakra is not working because its energy output seems to be variable. In every plan there are subtle energy differences. And after you've done with this chakra more treatment, you are aware of each type of energy. For example, you will find that the plan teachers is most intense when these individuals are destined for direct work with the human community. Therefore, these individuals there have saved an enormous number of lives and skills. Every time I feel very strong and full ninth chakra, you can speculate that this individual has a plan for teachers.
Plans creator and healer are much less intense and the low number of lives that you need to spend for the development of this plan. However, keep in mind that I'm talking in general. The essence is to bring you the intensity of this chakra seduced to believe that something is wrong, especially if the first few people you work with, the plan teachers.
The ninth chakra is the base of knowledge of the soul. It contains all the life skills and experiences that are part of the individual. An individual enters into this chakra, when he appeared at his past skills that are needed now. These previous skills become very important when an individual begins to awaken spirituality and opens the higher chakras. Many of the past lessons and skills must be combined within a synthesis that securely connects all the lessons (human and spiritual), which passed the soul. Soul then learns the true meaning of what has been achieved for the entire period of human existence and then eventually started spiritual wisdom.
Everything is with this chakra well and good, until these lessons are stored are properly completed. However, what occasionally occurs is that one or two of these lessons are properly learned and put it into perspective, and then there is adequate involvement of the entire chakra. When a person is going to get access to the specific knowledge required, either he gets it incompletely or not at all. That person then can not connect with lessons from these experiences. Without a proper bond between all influences will prevent individuals ascend. It may be necessary to heal this chakra to properly combine the various aspects of the individual, freeing the individual from the constraints caused by faulty wiring. Once the fiber is connected properly, the person will have access to this knowledge and can move up freely and easily.
For example, a person with a plan teachers will at some point need to acquire knowledge of healing to be able to teach other healers. If the fiber is connected incorrectly, due to some trauma under any of healing lives, this person will not be able to gain access to these skills, and therefore will not be able to learn the value of healing for yourself and others.This inability may treat this person from getting any further. Simple cure ninth chakra is all that is needed to make the person freed from these constraints.
Clean trauma in the ninth chakra does not necessarily link the particular skill. The linking of skills in the ninth chakra occurs naturally when a person reaches a moment when knowledge of a particular skill turns to wisdom. However, if for some reason the person is unable to complete the transformation of knowledge into wisdom, due to some trauma in the life, the thread will not pass. This trauma can then be cured in the next life but in the life of the person that particular skill does not have to deal with. Here in this example, trauma cleared, but the thread remains connected incorrectly, consequently, that a given skill is not applied when there is a wiser. The healing of this chakra most likely to fix this problem because all what has to happen is to put this thread to its proper place. (The fibers are actually threads chakras)
The tenth chakra
In the tenth chakra can be found a master library of spiritual knowledge, sometimes also "mistakenly" referred to as Akasha. At these times, the brain sometimes significantly capped form having more knowledge stored in the non-physical brain than in physical form. Yet through channeling it has access to and can speak with him. The tenth chakra is a complex energy flow that includes up to 1000 chakras that connect the Bodhisattva (ascending) source and liaise through the ongoing shift of energy. Insiders often feel disconnected and it is not uncommon when the chakras above the head killed in a karmic exchange. The system restores the night during the new filling due to karmic encounters to allow further increases.
The eleventh chakra
Located in the back half of the top of your head, this is where the Full Self energies from the universal source and the two new etheric chakras connect into the head.
The twelfth chakra (Universal Female)
Located just above the head. It controls the left side of your body and regulates your many creative gifts and talents. It is also a place where the desire for internal self-love and for external love or compassion.
The thirteenth chakra (Universal Male)
It is located above the head and regulates the right side of the body. It also has authority over your perceptions of reality and your ability to carry out a designated plan. This chakra is the source of your desire for inner and outer harmony.
new chakra system

The new system of chakras

There are seven major chakras having relation to our personality. They are located directly in front of the spine and are spaced from the coccyx to the crown of the head. Their location is related to the major glands of the endocrine system. These glands secrete large gland hormones and affect a large number of physical and emotional reactions.
The chakras are subtle energy point of mediation biofield, our total well-being is directly related to the free flow of both physical and subtle energy. By understanding how the chakras work, we ourselves recognize obstacles in the flow of energy. So we get the strength to penetrate beyond the symptoms of disease to their cause.
The activity of the lower three chakras are focused on ourselves. Their emphasis is on basic physical and emotional needs of our body and needs associated with ensuring bezpečnosti- ensure our survival. In čtvrté- heart chakra begin to open and sympathize with the outside world. At the level of the fifth chakra we begin to advertise themselves by themselves. Use the sixth chakra realize where we got and what path we take, to align their skills with higher goals. The crown chakra allows an overall view of our own self and its relationships with others.
The fact that we chose birth as male or female, that we've also chosen as different manifestations of the energy of the chakras. Male embodies particular manifestation of male or also jangového principle that energy is directed outward, is active explosive. Woman ženský- generally embodies the yin principle, which is energy focused inward, is passive and implosive. Both sexes also reflects the principle of children, which is energy neutral, but it all stems from creativity.
The polarity of the chakras is changing. For a man expresses 1st, 3rd, 5th 7.čakra and yang principle and their activity is directed outwards. Men are therefore generally manifested externally yang safety needs associated with the root chakra, the desire to express the power and intention mediated chakra, the solar plexus, communications throat chakras intellect and mind. Chakras 2nd, 4th and 6 men expressed the principle of yin and their activity is directed inward. Thus the radiation energy of the chakras are naturally turning inward.
In women, the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7.čakra exhibit estranged manner. Yin polarity root chakra, solar, neck and crown means that issues related with safety, power, communications and intellect are naturally focused introvertněji. Chakras 2, 4, and 6 are focused manner yang, which allows women to outwardly express inner feelings, empathy and intuitive insight.
The ubiquitous children's energy exists in all of us as a kind of creative channel leading mixed complementary opposites of yin and yang. As a consequence, our expansion of consciousness in this manner allows us to achieve balance and harmony. It is not a mere attempt to homogenize manifestations of sex, but to offer a much richer experience and spiritual symphony reinforcements.
From imbalance toward equilibrium
Imbalances in the chakras can take many different forms, although ultimately all revolves around whether manifests authentic and whether we are true to ourselves. If so, then we are sailing in the river of life, and we are in tune with the universe, whether anything happening around us. We stand upright, nenakláníme did not advance (pulled by a desire to prove what we are pimps) or backward (fearful to express and share their unique gifts with the world).
The first three chakras - root, sacral and solar plexus - mostly relate to us as individuals. The root chakra is related to the "status on its own feet," cross towards achieving pleasure and solar plexus is related to the manifestation of power, purpose and creativity.
root chakra
Her consciousness is instinctive, and its goal is to survive. Responsible only for themselves and for ensuring the material needs of food and shelter. At the level I is the root that connects us to the Earth. We have trees alike. If our roots on the surface, life storms knock us; But if you are strong and go deep, we will not miss us support and nutrition. To be at this level feel balanced, we have to physically be at the point where we need to be.
If we want to be sure that we meet the needs of the root chakra, we must together be as honest. If you decide to be in place, which we know it's right, almost certainly we will have to some degree or another face your inner fears. Fear is a healthy emotion if warns us of danger. But if you chronically raises any hint of change or uncertainty, fear becomes a way of life, and in this form is certainly not healthy. We need to understand what the fear stems and reasonably respect it. It is necessary to remember that at a certain stage of spiritual development of our inner journey takes into obscurity. In such a case, and in fact whenever we feel insecure, it is best to listen to the voice of the heart.
If it is not satisfied our need for security, it is unlikely that we are in life could really concentrate on something else. To harmonize the root chakra energy is essential to understand what makes us feel safe. This is especially true if you suffer from constant feeling of scarcity, even though we have enough resources to meet their needs. Developing roots in places where we need to be, the way we need to be gradual understanding and valuing the interconnectedness of all living things is a further important steps towards freedom from habitual fears of imbalance root chakra. If we can not, our consciousness will mostly remain at the root chakra. On an emotional level, it will prevail feeling of isolation and the center of our attention will become material gain.
Sacral chakra
It focuses primarily on the achievement of pleasure and is the basis of physical relationship to the world. It also affects what we, or are we willing to do to achieve bliss. If we can appreciate the experience at the moment and will let pervade the pleasure that it gives, instead, we tried to detain him, we will be able to face the danger that the pursuit of such an experience becomes a pleasure in itself.
If there is an imbalance at this level is reduced, may lead to the need for larger and larger doses of anything, what we depend on. We try to overcome feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction. This spiral can lead to a huge fear of losing benefits. In interpersonal relationships can cause obsessive behavior, jealousy and need no longer be satisfied. If we are not in this plane's energy balance, we usually prone to constant comparisons with others, which leads to suffering zaviněnému other feelings of inadequacy.
The first step towards harmonization of the Sacral Chakra is to see life as a joyous and full, and not as empty and stingy. Do not worry, we do not; Let us rejoice in what we have.Such happiness has nothing to do with complacency. The willingness to see the abundance of life in true form to us on the basis of the universal principle of resonance attracts abundance even greater extent. To chakra to achieve a balance must be balanced and chakra that lies beneath. Stability of the upper floors depends on the stability of lower floors.If, therefore, be the perfect harmony of the Sacral Chakra, we have to solve all issues related to the root chakra.
Solar plexus
It is the center of physical strength and provides related energy will, intention and creativity. The energy of this chakra basically helps to tell the outside world what we are.Insufficient use of this chakra may lead to inability to show up when it's appropriate, or to feel guilty if we do so. In contrast, overuse leads to attempts to impose its will, instead radiate natural strength. If we want a balanced show the way they really are, we need to define some limitations. Discernment is to gradually build the necessary self-control.
gaining strength
At the elementary level lower three chakras are connected with safety, sex and power. Energy is always preceded by events - there is no other way. Focusing on our plan and the level of awareness goals can either lead to the emergence of selfish power, or the forces of the higher power expressed by other people. Such power allows us to resolve conflicts through compassion, jealousy change in cooperation straitjacket and control to replace freedom of co-creation.
Energy and consciousness of our lower chakras are ready to take responsibility for our conscious choices and their consequences. During the awakening of the heart and the higher chakras we are increasingly opening the consciousness of our higher self and merge with it in one.
Our willingness to such a merger is called surrender. And indeed the surrender is because we stop relying on your conscious, and I would like to lead us further God. But it is not the sacrifice of who we think we are - it's a remembrance of who we really are.
heart chakra
It lies in the amount of heart. It was here, in the central chakra of our personal energy field, halfway between Heaven and Earth, begins the process of integration of spiritual awareness and physical experience. While the task of the conscious mind is expressing individuality through apparent separateness, the task is to lead a heart deep repentance.That's why, if we close our hearts, we end up in jail, which we had built ourselves.
That we have a heart awakened and balanced, we know by the ability to freely and joyfully give and receive. The heart can often be awakened, and yet it is not its energy balance. In this case, we may find that they like to give to others, but it is difficult for us to receive something in return. If we realize, however, that the second deprive us of the joy of giving, we politely thank accept their gifts of love and restore your inner balance.
Living in the heart also requires us to love the man, and what is not like that, what we would like to have or what we think of him we can do, whether he likes it or not. If we lovingly support his intention and effort to be who she wants to be, we must also understand that it is his way, not ours - have to go after him, not us.
True love our connection with people and events through awakening and harmonious heart chakra unswervingly serve the ultimate goal of ourselves and the ultimate goal of these people and events.
Throat chakra
Its energy can be awakened by finding the true voice and express their own creativity in any way, respecting our uniqueness. Expressing such a spiritually-based creativity is not limited to speech, but rather utilizes all personal means of expression. To be able to connect with it, we will lose in the current, which we can only succeed if we live fully the present moment. It acts as a communicator for your consciousness and coordinates the energies of the body with regulatory consciousness energies of the head.
Chakra does not need to be balanced, if not in the energies of the lower chakras. In this case, we its "truth" if non-express anger, frustration and many other ways, which will reflect the imbalance in the lower levels. However, if our speech stems from the wake and harmonious hearts, our voice will always be true and everything you say and do It will be loving the truth, which is able to reach second.
Third Eye Chakra
The third eye gives us the ability to view inside and is associated with intuition. A Again, that any energy imbalance lower chakras reappear wake up if a third eye. Our conscious mind to understand emerging insights as mere imagination and doubt us try to pull back to the materialist worldview, where only the physical is "true". Intuition coming from the heart is but wiser, and when they start to actively listen and let the her lead, takes the helm and we will always safer to drive forward.
If on the other hand during the third eye awakening council intuition ignore, we condemn with the experience to be a result of our omissions and whose hardness is directly proportional to the degree of awakening. If we approach the intuition, and we will actively respond only opens before us the magical world of synchronicity. We begin to realistically aware of the fact that nothing happens by chance and that everything has a purpose. Third Eye view is there to us through the miracle of human life allowed to express who we really are. Does not facilitate us to dodge and escape from obstacles and challenges.
Crown chakra
After waking up the crown chakra we perceive the universe as an interconnected whole and aware of our own, then as a microcosm.
Balanced opening the crown chakra we crossed the threshold between being lonely and being who is able to perceive that everything in the universe is a unity. If you exceed this threshold, we begin to experience taking direct manifestation of the One through diversity diversity. We start to realize that in fact we are just a drop in the cosmic ocean.
Rear side Chakra
The old doctrine talks about the third eye and crown chakra as something that brings us to separate the inner and outer view of the world. Fewer people know that a high level insiders were able to combine these views and realize that both internal and external perception is a mirror reflection of each other. Abilities connection with such transcendental realities insiders achieved using the next chakra, which lies at the crossing of the cervical spine and skull and is called minor chakra rear.
When the expansion of individual and collective consciousness gains this chakra is crucial for the energy work. If we succeed, we had to gain access to energy side rear chakras and harmonize it with the energy of heart chakra and solar plexus, can raise your vibrations, which leads to an awareness of the universal heart chakra eighth and activate it.
Individuals, particularly with psychic abilities, commonly get information, which creates problems in this area are experiencing headaches. This chakra's inactivity reflects the state as a dormant, limited beings. In the present reality, humans with expanded psychic abilities can use connections to mentally control others. It's important to surround this center with great spiritual protection. In the new fully conscious system, this particular center, regulating psychic energies and preventing you from ever being controlled, becomes very important.
transpersonal chakras
Above a set of seven chakras personality stands five chakras transper-sonálních. In the increasingly higher levels of vibration holographic perception of these chakras generate twelve-energy field, which culminated in the thirteenth stage of full unity consciousness.
The eighth chakra
Eighth Chakra - Universal Heart is located between the heart and throat chakra. Entry into the universal heart overcome the limitations of personal consciousness and realize that we are truly multidimensional beings. We are also beginning to understand the mission of his soul.
At the level of energy can be seen as the eighth chakra, chakra, which connects the trio energies of mind, heart and will, expressed through the rear chakra, the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Triune nature of the universal heart basically consists of an energy portal that gives our consciousness to a state of equilibrium and elevates it to the transpersonal levels.
The fundamental role of the mind in the structure of the conscious self is creating the impression that we are each separate individual, and reinforce the illusion of polarity physical world. In contrast, the heart has to secure that we completely forget that in reality we are all connected, and ultimately we make unity.
The eighth chakra completes the octave of perception, which is a consciousness based on personal self. Each of the seven chakras includes the personal energy of men, women and children. Whether we were born as men or women, the nature of our feelings is a feminine or passive nature of ideas masculine or active, and our will is manifested through the creative energy cosmic 'baby'. When these principles are balanced, we enter the energy field of the eighth chakras.
However, if a male or female energy begins to dominate, their creative expression through the will of dissonant. Over the past two millennia characterized our collective psyche gradual dominance of mind. Correcting this imbalance is a condition without whose fulfillment can not open the gate eighth chakra universal heart.
When we enter into the consciousness of the eighth chakra, we see archetypal patterns, in which we are involved. Without fear and condemnation we can realize their substance (including moments that are triggered in our lives, and causes in another life).
ninth chakra
The ninth chakra is about handspan underfoot. Energy Star-called ground provides a much stronger connection to the Earth than the root chakra energy. Use the links with the living earth chakra through natural stars are increasingly able to communicate with its dévickými and elemental realms.
The tenth chakra
Energy tenth chakra energy can locate roughly the width of palms overhead. It connects us with the growth medium of the soul group that forms the consciousness of the entire solar system.
Through the experience of this chakra people begin to heal the traumas of his spiritual journey and remember the identity of his soul on earth, and the underworld in the clouds.
The eleventh chakra
The eleventh chakra is about twenty-eight cm above the top of the head and unites us in the galactic plane of consciousness.
If you are expanding your perception, to align them with the knowledge of the transpersonal chakras, we gain access to the wisdom and advice of multidimensional areas of the Universe, together with their own higher consciousness and intuitive wisdom.
In the current global crisis, we can provide this higher wisdom key to future world where we live in conscious harmony with the universe, and we are ready to take the reins of their individual and collective destinies.
Twelfth chakra
The twelfth chakra is three feet above his head. It connects us with the knowledge of unity of the entire Universe and brings the full remembrance of who we really are.
Twelve together become transforming thirteen and realized the unity of the One who overcomes itself and gives rise to all the relativity of consciousness.
Compiled by: Eighth čakra- Jude Currivanová
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05/21/2010 20:23
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